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Laser Radar Technology and Applications II
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman
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Volume Number: 3065
Date Published: 6 August 1997
Softcover: 41 papers (446) pages
ISBN: 9780819424808

Table of Contents
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U.S. Air Force Ballistic Winds program
Author(s): Richard D. Richmond; Dan Jewell; John Carr; James P. Root
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Aircraft exhaust particle measurement with multiple ground-based lidar systems
Author(s): Robert J. DeCoursey; Lamont R. Poole; Chris A. Hostetler; Geoffrey S. Kent; Gary M. Hansen
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Compact multichannel receiver using InGaAs APDs for single-pulse eye-safe laser radar imagery
Author(s): Hoyt N. Burns; Steven Tae Yun; Kenneth M. Dinndorf; David R. Hayden
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Hand-held imaging laser radar
Author(s): Douglas W. Ricks; H. Wayne Willhite
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Real-time image generation with a pulsed coherent laser radar
Author(s): Francis J. Corbett; Michael Groden; Gordon L. Dryden; Mark A. Kovacs; George Pfeiffer
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Active imaging of space objects using the HI-CLASS (high-performance CO2 ladar surveillance sensor) laser system
Author(s): Debora E. Mosley; Charles L. Matson; Stanley R. Czyzak
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Experimental verification and theory of CNR gain for an eight-element multiple-aperture coherent laser receiver
Author(s): Arthur Robert Weeks; Ronald L. Phillips; Jing Xu; Kevin J. Gamble; Chie L. Gagge; K. Lewis; Giovanni Luvera; Ali Notash; Patrick L. Thompson; James E. Harvey; R. Glenn Sellar; C. Martin Stickley; Larry C. Andrews; Deborah E. Tjin-Tham-Sjin; John S. Stryjewski
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Round-trip turbulence scintillation effects on laser radar: Monte Carlo simulation results for unresolved targets
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans; Venkata S. Rao Gudimetla
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Laser radar in adverse weather
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Grantham; C. D. Stargardt; Clifton Dungey; Eduardo C. Meidunas
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Peculiarities of using laser adaptive systems in the atmosphere
Author(s): Vladimir P. Lukin
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Active sensor system for automatic rendezvous and docking
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Thomas C. Bryan; Michael L. Book; John Larkin Jackson
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Automatic rendezvous and docking system test and evaluation
Author(s): Richard T. Howard; Helen Johnson Cole; John Larkin Jackson; Gary W. Kamerman; Donald K. Fronek
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Missile and aircraft field test data acquired with the rapid optical beam steering (ROBS) sensor system
Author(s): Bruce MacDonald; Murray Dunn; David W. Herr; Howard Hyman; Daniel H. Leslie; Michael G. Lovern
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Demonstration of advanced solid state ladar (DASSL)
Author(s): Kent W. Broome; Anne M. Carstens; J. Roger Hudson; Kenneth L. Yates
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High-repetition-rate diode-pumped Er3+:glass laser for eye-safe radar transmitters
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; Scott J. Hamlin; Peter Plocki
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Solid state eyesafe laser radar component development testbed
Author(s): Bruce P. Boczar; Peter A. Raiti; Curtis D. Snavely; M. Taylor; John McKeough; G. Ferguson; Michael B. Rankin; William J. Scharpf
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Fiber-optic-coupled gimballed laser spotlight
Author(s): John Lester Miller; Robert J. Ireland; John Kelley; James E. Byars
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Laser radar focal plane array for three-dimensional imaging: update
Author(s): Richard D. Richmond; Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey
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Wide field-of-view coherent detection
Author(s): Sebastien Breugnot; Martin Defour; Jean-Pierre Huignard
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Eye investigation with optical microradar techniques
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny; Ioannis G. Pallikaris; Leonidas P. Naoumidis; Vitalij N. Kurashov; Igor H. Chyzh
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Linear FM chirp pulse compression ladar receiver operating characteristic: "maximum of M Rayleighs" statistics
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans; David U. Fluckiger
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Mathematical model for time-varying system employing across-track scanning
Author(s): Andre Samberg
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New approach to laser image processing for dynamic scenes
Author(s): Sorin Faibish; Izhak Saban
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Maximum likelihood estimation of velocity for laser Doppler radars
Author(s): Victor S. Sobolev
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Characterization of articulated vehicles using ladar seekers
Author(s): Michael R. Wellfare; Karen Norris-Zachery
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Multispectral laser radar development and target characterization
Author(s): Mohan Vaidyanathan; Timothy P. Grayson; Russell C. Hardie; Lawrence E. Myers; Paul F. McManamon
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Imaging laser radar simulation software and experiments for enhanced and synthetic vision system design
Author(s): Arno von der Fecht; Hendrik Rothe
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Application of resonance Raman lidar for chemical species identification
Author(s): Carl G. Chen; Daniel L. Heglund; Mark D. Ray; David Harder; Ronald Dobert; King P. Leung; Ming T. Wu; Arthur J. Sedlacek
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Development of eye-safe IR lidar emitter and detector technologies
Author(s): Guerman A. Pasmanik; E. J. Shklovsky; Gennady I. Freidman; Vladimir V. Lozhkarev; Alexander Z. Matveyev; Alexander A. Shilov; Ivan V. Yakovlev; Darrel G. Peterson; Judy K. Partin
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ABLE ACE: a high-altitude propagation program
Author(s): Donald C. Washburn
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Robust phase-measuring interferometer for airborne applications
Author(s): Lawrence D. Weaver
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Simulation of laser propagation on long stratospheric paths
Author(s): Wilbur P. Brown
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Airborne aerothermal measurement of Cn2 in the tropopause
Author(s): Bruce S. Masson; B. Rennich
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The ABLE ACE wavefront sensor
Author(s): Robert Russell Butts
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Measurement of atmospheric tilt in a high-altitude horizontal path
Author(s): Paul H. Merritt; Kurt W. Koenig
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The Differential Phase Experiment: experimental concept, design analysis, and data reduction analysis
Author(s): Glenn A. Tyler; Terry J. Brennan; Stephen L. Browne; Robert H. Dueck; Michael S. Lodin; Phillip H. Roberts; Jeffrey L. Vaughn
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The ABLE ACE Pupil Plane Imaging Experiment
Author(s): Stephen C. Coy; Robert W. Praus
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Noncoherent DIAL range performance with non-Gaussian noise
Author(s): H. Irvin Brock; James C. Sentell
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Edge filter and fringe imaging for laser Doppler wind speed measurement
Author(s): Jack A. McKay
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Building accurate geometric models from abundant range imaging information
Author(s): Carl F. Diegert; John T. Sackos; Robert O. Nellums
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NRL@SOR: satellite laser ranging with robust links
Author(s): G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Mark A. Davis; Peter Rolsma; Timothy J. Meehan; Richard Eichinger; John M. Anderson III
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