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Emerging Lithographic Technologies
Editor(s): David E. Seeger
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Volume Number: 3048
Date Published: 7 July 1997
Softcover: 43 papers (424) pages
ISBN: 9780819424624

Table of Contents
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Impact of the Coulomb interaction effect on delineating densely repeated 0.1-μm patterns using electron-beam block exposure
Author(s): Kimitoshi Takahashi; Satoru Yamazaki; Manabu Ohno; Hitoshi Watanabe; Takayuki Sakakibara; Masami Satoh; Takeo Nagata; Akio Yamada; Hiroshi Yasuda; Yasuo Nara; Nobuo Sasaki
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0.15-μm pattern formation using cell projection electron-beam direct writing with variable shot size
Author(s): Takao Tamura; Hiroshi Yamashita; Ken Nakajima; Hiroshi Nozue
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One-dimensional calculation method for proximity effect correction in cell projection electron-beam direct writing
Author(s): Yasuhisa Yamada; Takao Tamura; Ken Nakajima; Hiroshi Nozue
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Development of electron-beam lithography for power semiconductor devices
Author(s): Vladimir A. Zlobin; Olga G. Vasiljeva
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Three-dimensional electron-beam lithography simulation
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Positive-tone conducting electron-beam resists
Author(s): Maggie A. Z. Hupcey; Christopher Kemper Ober
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Conducting polyaniline coatings for submicron lithography and SEM metrology
Author(s): Teresita O. Graham; Marie Angelopoulos; Bruce Furman; K. Rex Chen; Wayne M. Moreau
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Influence of optical nonlinearities of the photoresist on the photolithographic process: applications
Author(s): Andreas Erdmann; Clifford L. Henderson; C. Grant Willson; Wolfgang Henke
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Evaluation of aerial image in XRL
Author(s): Moonsuk Yi; Ohyun Kim; Srinivas B. Bollepalli; Mumit Khan; Franco Cerrina
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Sloped irradiation techniques in deep x-ray lithography for 3D shaping of microstructures
Author(s): Gregor Feiertag; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Heinz Lehr; Martin Schmidt
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Membrane distortions in x-ray masks due to specific absorber features
Author(s): Adam H. Fisher; Roxann L. Engelstad; Matthew F. Laudon
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Simulation of x-ray mask defect printability
Author(s): Srinivas B. Bollepalli; Scott Daniel Hector; Juan R. Maldonado; Jeffrey A. Leavey; Franco Cerrina; Mumit Khan
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High-volume production stepper for x-ray lithography
Author(s): Klaus Simon; R. Macklin; Robert A. Selzer; Quinn J. Leonard; Franco Cerrina
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Single-stepper soft x-ray source for step-and-scan tools
Author(s): Melvin A. Piestrup; Michael W. Powell; Stanley Mrowka; Louis W. Lombardo; Michael B. Chase; J. Theodore Cremer; Xavier K. Maruyama
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X-ray phase mask: nanostructures
Author(s): Zheng Chen; Quinn J. Leonard; Mumit Khan; Franco Cerrina
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Metrology and quantification of micromilled x-ray masks and exposures
Author(s): Craig Friedrich; Philip Coane; Joe Goettert; Niranjan Gopinathin
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Cost of mask fabrication
Author(s): Walter J. Trybula; Daren L. Dance
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Active noise cancellation technique for highly accurate EB lithography systems
Author(s): Koji Nagata; Masahide Okumura; Norio Saitou; Hiroyoshi Ando; Toshiyuki Morimura; Ken Iizumi; Teruo Iwasaki
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Scattered-light alignment system using SiC mask for x-ray lithography
Author(s): Tsutomu Miyatake; Masaoki Hirose; Tsutomu Shoki; Ryo Ohkubo; Kuniaki Yamazaki
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Highly accurate alignment technology for electron-beam lithography in mix-and-match with optical stepper
Author(s): Yoshinori Nakayama; Yasuko Gotoh; Norio Saitou; Hajime Hayakawa; Minoru Sasaki
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Interferometric lithography exposure tool for 180-nm structures
Author(s): Saleem H. Zaidi; Steven R. J. Brueck; Franklin M. Schellenberg; R. Scott Mackay; K. Uekert; Jeffrey J. Persoff
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SCALPEL proof-of-concept system: preliminary lithography results
Author(s): Warren K. Waskiewicz; Christopher J. Biddick; Myrtle I. Blakey; Kevin J. Brady; Ron M. Camarda; Wayne F. Connelly; A. H. Crorken; J. P. Custy; R. DeMarco; Reginald C. Farrow; Joseph A. Felker; Linus A. Fetter; Richard R. Freeman; Lloyd R. Harriott; Leslie C. Hopkins; Harold A. Huggins; Richard J. Kasica; Chester S. Knurek; Joseph S. Kraus; James Alexander Liddle; Masis M. Mkrtchyan; Anthony E. Novembre; Milton L. Peabody; Len Rutberg; Harry H. Wade; Pat G. Watson; Kurt S. Werder; David L. Windt; Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Steven D. Berger; Stephen W. Bowler
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Characterization of an EUV Schwarzschild objective using phase-shifting point diffraction interferometry
Author(s): Kenneth A. Goldberg; Edita Tejnil; Sang Hun Lee; Hector Medecki; David T. Attwood; Keith H. Jackson; Jeffrey Bokor
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Scanning array lens lithography for large-area applications
Author(s): Lawrence C. Wang; David A. Markle; Raymond J. Ellis
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Stability and stiffness characteristics of the national x-ray mask standard
Author(s): Adam H. Fisher; Michael A. Sprague; Roxann L. Engelstad; Daniel L. Laird; Steven C. Nash
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X-ray mask replication using a Suss stepper at CXrL
Author(s): Quinn J. Leonard; John P. Wallace; Olga Vladimirsky; Yuli Vladimirsky; Klaus Simon; Franco Cerrina
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Power measurements of exposure radiation using thin metal film sensors
Author(s): Harish M. Manohara; Kevin J. Morris; J. Michael Klopf; Gina M. Calderon; Jason Babin; Olga Vladimirsky; Yuli Vladimirsky
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Process development for 180-nm structures using interferometric lithography and i-line photoresist
Author(s): Xiaolan Chen; Zhao Zhang; Steven R. J. Brueck; Ronald A. Carpio; John S. Petersen
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Method to improve setup and overlay performance on an excimer laser stepper using a unique DUV resist: KRS
Author(s): Karen E. Petrillo; James Brancaccio; Wu-Song Huang; Ranee W. Kwong; Ahmad D. Katnani
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Fabrication of high-performance MSM photodetectors on SOI with nanometer-scale scattering buried backside reflectors
Author(s): Erli Chen; Stephen Y. Chou
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Effect of SiC x-ray masks on alignment accuracy of heterodyne alignment
Author(s): Hajime Aoyama; Fumiaki Kumasaka; Yoshihisa Iba; Takao Taguchi; Masayuki Takeda; Masaki Yamabe; Makoto Fukuda; Masanori Suzuki; Kimiyoshi Deguchi
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Microlens direct-write concept for lithography
Author(s): Mark P. Davidson
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Measurement of mid-spatial-frequency scatter in extreme ultraviolet lithography systems using direct aerial image measurements
Author(s): Charles H. Fields; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Kevin D. Krenz; William G. Oldham; Richard H. Stulen
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SNR200 chemically amplified resist optimization
Author(s): Janet M. Rocque; Denise M. Puisto; Douglas J. Resnick; Kevin D. Cummings; William Chu; Philip A. Seese
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CD variation in 30-kV EBL due to resist heating: experiment and simulation
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Peter Hudek; Ivan Kostic; Igor Yu. Kuzmin
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Simulation of resist heating in electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Igor Yu. Kuzmin
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Evaluation of the Defense Advanced Lithography Program (DALP) x-ray lithography aligner
Author(s): Alek C. Chen; Alex L. Flamholz; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Robert P. Rippstein; Ben R. Vampatella; George A. Gomba; Robert H. Fair; William Chu; V. Dimilia; J. P. Silverman; R. J. Amodeo; Dave A. Heald; P. C. Kochersperger; Carl Stahlhammer
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Achieving sub-half-micron i-line manufacturability through automated OPC
Author(s): Mario S. Garza; Eric Jackson; Wayne P. Shen; Nicholas K. Eib; Saeed Sabouri; Uwe Hollerbach; Theron L. Felmlee; Vijaya N.V. Raghavan; K. C. Wang; Eytan Barouch; Steven A. Orszag; Keith K. Chao; John Jensen
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Fabrication process of superconducting integrated circuits with submicron Nb/AlOx/Nb junctions using electron-beam direct writing technique
Author(s): Masahiro Aoyagi; Hiroshi Nakagawa
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Fabrication of submicron topology with ion- and neutral-beam etching
Author(s): Ilja P. Soshnikov; Alexander V. Lunev; M. E. Gaevski; Lolita G. Rotkina; Nicolai A. Bert
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Wavefront engineering from 500- to 100-nm CD
Author(s): David Levenson
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Optical lithography--thirty years and three orders of magnitude: the evolution of optical lithography tools
Author(s): John H. Bruning
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Photoresist materials: a historical perspective
Author(s): C. Grant Willson; Ralph R. Dammel; Arnost Reiser
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