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Medical Imaging 1997: Image Perception
Editor(s): Harold L. Kundel

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Volume Number: 3036
Date Published: 16 April 1997

Table of Contents
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Nodule detection in two-component noise: toward patient structure
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess; Xing Li; Craig K. Abbey
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Comparison of the channelized Hotelling and human observers for lesion detection in hepatic SPECT imaging
Author(s): Michael A. King; Daniel J. de Vries; Edward J. Soares
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Modeling human visual detection of low-contrast objects in fluoroscopy image sequences
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Kadri N. Jabri; Ping Xue
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Simple model for noise perception in digital hardcopy
Author(s): Rodney Shaw
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Observer detection performance loss: target-size uncertainty
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Marie Foley Kijewski; Richard G. Swensson
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What is degrading human visual detection peformance in natural medical image backgrounds?
Author(s): Miguel P. Eckstein; Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; Andrew B. Watson; James Stuart Whiting
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Evaluation of human vision models for predicting human observer performance
Author(s): Warren B. Jackson; Maya R. Said; David A. Jared; James O. Larimer; Jennifer Gille; Jeffrey Lubin
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Importance of anatomical noise in mammography
Author(s): Francois O. Bochud; Francis R. Verdun; Jean-Francois Valley; Christian Hessler; Raphael Moeckli
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Circle cue enhances detection of simulated masses on mammogram backgrounds
Author(s): Harold L. Kundel; Calvin F. Nodine; Lawrence C. Toto; Sherri C. Lauver
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Nodule polarity effects on detection and localization performance in liver CT images
Author(s): Richard G. Swensson; Philip F. Judy; Christine Wester; Steven E. Seltzer
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Evaluation of the effect of display luminance on the feature-detection rates of masses in mammograms
Author(s): Bradley M. Hemminger; Alan W. Dillon; Richard Eugene Johnston
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Gray-scale transform and evaluation for digital x-ray chest images on CRT monitor
Author(s): Isao Furukawa; Junji Suzuki; Sadayasu Ono; Masayuki Kitamura; Yutaka Ando
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Visual optimization of radiographic tone scale
Author(s): Hsien-Che Lee; Scott J. Daly; Richard L. Van Metter
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Perceptual linearization as display standard: link between psychophysics and contrast discrimination models
Author(s): Najoua Belaid; Ineke M. C. J. van Overveld; Jean-Bernard Martens
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Evaluation of signal detection performance with pseudocolor display and lumpy backgrounds
Author(s): Hong Li; Arthur E. Burgess
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Relationship of subjective ratings of image quality and observer performance
Author(s): Howard E. Rockette; Christopher M. Johns; Jane L. Weissman; J. Michael Holbert; Jules H. Sumkin M.D.; Jill L. King; David Gur
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Comparison of computer analysis of mammography phantom images (CAMPI) with perceived image quality of phantom targets in the ACR phantom
Author(s): Dev Prasad Chakraborty
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Quality control in digital mammography: automatic detection of under- and over-exposed mammograms
Author(s): Chris Yuzheng Wu; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Akira Hasegawa; Seong Ki Mun
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ROC comparison between digital mammography and screen-film using an anthropomorphic breast phantom
Author(s): Guoying Qu; Walter Huda; Barbara G. Steinbach; Janice C. Honeyman-Buck
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Perceptual processes involved in mammographic film interpretation
Author(s): Mark D. Mugglestone; Alastair G. Gale; A. R. M. Wilson
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Radiologists' ability to discriminate computer-detected true and false positives from an automated scheme for the detection of clustered microcalcifications on digital mammograms
Author(s): Robert M. Nishikawa; Dulcy E. Wolverton; Robert A. Schmidt; John Papaioannou
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Role of feedback in learning of screening mammography
Author(s): Regina Pauli; Paul T. Sowden
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Time-of-day effects on mammographic film reading performance
Author(s): Helen C. Cowley; Alastair G. Gale
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Viewing-time differences for film versus monitor viewing of radiographs: what eye position reveals
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Pamela J. Lund
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Effect of film size on human observer detection of nodules on chest CT images
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Steven E. Seltzer; Uri Feldman; Francine L. Jacobson
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Performance evaluation of a high-strip-density grid using a contrast-detail phantom
Author(s): Terence B. Terilli; Maxine Barnes; Ajoy Dutta; Zheng Feng Lu; Edward L. Nickoloff
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Comparative evaluation of conventional and zero-crossover rare-earth screen-film systems in pediatric chest radiography
Author(s): Thomas C. Fearon; Daniela Dumitru-Buna; David C. Kushner; Dorothy Bulas; Carlos Sivit
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Visual detectability of elastic contrast in real-time ultrasound images
Author(s): Naomi R. Miller; Jeffery C. Bamber; Marvin M. Doyley; Martin O. Leach
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Acquiring skill at medical image inspection: learning localized in early visual processes
Author(s): Paul T. Sowden; Ian R. L. Davies; Penny Roling; Simon J. Watt
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ROC study of screen-film mammography and storage phosphor digital mammography: analysis of nonconcordant classifications and implications for the approval of digital mammography systems
Author(s): Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Dorothy Steller Artz; Jacquelyn Hogge M.D.; Rebecca A. Zuurbier M.D.; Hamid Jafroudi; Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Seong Ki Mun
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Single-image hard-copy display of the spine utilizing digital radiography
Author(s): Dorothy Steller Artz; Timothy Janchar; David Milzman; Matthew T. Freedman M.D.; Seong Ki Mun
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Adaptive reference/test forced-choice method with application to fluoroscopy perception
Author(s): Ping Xue; Kadri N. Jabri; David L. Wilson
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Al Hirschfeld's NINA as a prototype search task for studying perceptual error in radiology
Author(s): Calvin F. Nodine; Harold L. Kundel
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Visual study of perceptually optimized displays
Author(s): Richard L. Van Metter; Thomas E. Kocher
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Multiscale adaptive method for blood vessel enhancement in x-ray angiography
Author(s): Zhenyu Wu; Ming Fang; JianZhong Qian; Helmut F. Schramm
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