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Multimedia Computing and Networking 1997
Editor(s): Martin Freeman; Paul Jardetzky; Harrick M. Vin

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Volume Number: 3020
Date Published: 24 January 1997

Table of Contents
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Scalable and loop-free multicast Internet protocol
Author(s): M. Parsa; Jose J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
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Active multicast service architecture for user-customized multimedia data transmission over ATM networks
Author(s): Hongyi Li; Hung Keng Pung; Lek Heng Ngoh
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Scheduling of multimedia traffic for continuous media in packet-switched networks
Author(s): Ara Khil; Seungryoul Maeng
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Supporting real-time multimedia traffic in a wireless LAN
Author(s): Andrew Muir; Jose J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
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Message reduction rules (MR2): a methodology to streamline intelligent, message-based, distributed multimedia applications
Author(s): Kubilay Cardakli; Tacettin Koprulu; Dikran S. Meliksetian; C. Y. Roger Chen
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Time representation and management in MADEUS: an authoring environment for multimedia documents
Author(s): Muriel Jourdan; Nabil Layaida; Loay Sabry-Ismail
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Modeling video temporal relationships in an object database management system
Author(s): John Z. Li; Iqbal A. Goralwalla; M. Tamer Ozsu; Duane Szafron
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Modeling World Wide Web request traffic
Author(s): John T. Judge; H. W. Peter Beadle; J. Chicharo
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Fault-tolerant video server using combined RAID 5 and mirroring
Author(s): Ernst W. Biersack; Christoph Bernhardt
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Incorporating scalability into networked multimedia storage systems
Author(s): David W. Pegler; Nicholas Yeadon; David Hutchinson; William D. Shepherd
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Improving latency in an interactive video server
Author(s): A. L. Narasimha Reddy
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Minimizing startup latency in scalable continuous media servers
Author(s): Shahram Ghandeharizadeh; Seon Ho Kim; Weifeng Shi; Roger Zimmermann
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Disk-based storage for scalable video
Author(s): Edward Chang; Avideh Zakhor
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Lip synchronization within an adaptive VOD system
Author(s): Lintian Qiao; Klara Nahrstedt
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Multimedia systems for industrial surveillance
Author(s): Kazuya Sato; Akihiro Tsukada; Fumio Matsuda; Kaoru Kawasaki; Minoru Ozaki
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Design and performance of the Berkeley Continuous Media Toolkit
Author(s): Ketan D. Mayer-Patel; Lawrence A. Rowe
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Duality between resource reservation and proportional share resource allocation
Author(s): Ion Stoica; Hussein Abdel-Wahab; Kevin Jeffay
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Using run-time information for performance optimization in an interactive VOD server
Author(s): Tsunping Jimmy To; Babak Hamidzadeh
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Disk scheduling for displaying and recording video in nonlinear news editing systems
Author(s): Walid G. Aref; Ibrahim Kamel; Thirumale N. Niranjan; Shahram Ghandeharizadeh
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Predictive call admission control for a disk-array-based video server
Author(s): Scott A. Barnett; Gary J. Anido; H. W. Peter Beadle
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Server selection on the Internet using passive probing
Author(s): Jose Augusto Afonso; Vasco Freitas
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Watermarking of MPEG-2 encoded video without decoding and reencoding
Author(s): Frank H. Hartung; Bernd Girod
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Digital contract approach for consistent and predictable multimedia information delivery in electronic commerce
Author(s): Prabhudev Konana; Alok Gupta; Andrew B. Whinston
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Exploiting available Internet tools for multimedia applications
Author(s): Andrew C. Scott
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WWWinda Orchestrator: a mechanism for coordinating distributed flocks of Java Applets
Author(s): Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund; John R. Nicol
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Network support for turn-taking in multimedia collaboration
Author(s): Hans-Peter Dommel; Jose J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
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Rate-constrained bandwidth smoothing for delivery of stored video
Author(s): Wu-chi Feng
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CORBA-based platform for distributed multimedia applications
Author(s): Christian Blum; Refik Molva
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Flexible design and implementation of an application programming interface for asynchronous transfer mode
Author(s): Mengjou Lin; Alagu Periyannan; David Singer
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