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Solid State Sensor Arrays: Development and Applications
Editor(s): Morley M. Blouke

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Volume Number: 3019
Date Published: 25 April 1997

Table of Contents
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Greater-than-90% QE in visible spectrum perceptible from UV to near-IR Hamamatsu thinned back-illuminated CCDs
Author(s): Masaharu Muramatsu; Hiroshi Akahori; Katsumi Shibayama; Syunsuke Nakamura; Kouei Yamamoto
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Near-infrared two-wavelength shift-and-add
Author(s): Daigo Tomono; Tetsuo Nishimura
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Charge-coupled-device fiber optic taper array x-ray detector for protein crystallography
Author(s): Istvan Naday; Stephan W. Ross; Edwin M. Westbrook; George Zentai
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Surface plasmon high-efficiency projection display
Author(s): Yu Wang
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Experimental measurement of the variation in sensitivity within a single pixel of a CCD
Author(s): Daniel Kavaldjiev; Zoran Ninkov
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CCD transfer method: standard for absolute performance of CCDs and digital CCD camera systems
Author(s): James R. Janesick
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MTF and CTF measuring system for digital still cameras
Author(s): Sheng-Yuan Lin; Wen-Hsin Chan
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Modeling camera orientation and 3D structure from a sequence of images taken by a perambulating commercial video camera
Author(s): Behrouz M-Rouhani; James A. D. W. Anderson
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Analog CMOS velocity sensors
Author(s): Charles M. Higgins; Christof Koch
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800-thousand-pixel color CMOS sensor for consumer still cameras
Author(s): J. E. D. Hurwitz; Peter B. Denyer; Donald J. Baxter; Graham Townsend
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First study of a flat vacuum image sensor with a field-emitter array
Author(s): Toshio Yamagishi; Masakazu Nanba; Saburo Okazaki; Kenkichi Tanioka; Fumio Sato; Norifumi Egami
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Contact-type color image sensor using three-LED switching method
Author(s): Tadahiko Hamaguchi; Hiromi Yamashita; Akira Ohta; Toshio Matsumoto; Masayuki Saito
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High-resolution (<10-um) photon-counting intensified CCD
Author(s): John V. Vallerga; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Josef Dalcomo; Patrick N. Jelinsky
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Compact imaging apparatus for a pen-shaped handheld scanner
Author(s): Hiroshi Haga; Ichiro Fujieda; Fujio Okumura
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1-million-pixel progressive-scan 60-fps IT-CCD image sensor
Author(s): Shin'ichi Kawai; Keisuke Hatano; Shinobu Suwazono; Fumihiro Futamura; Daisuke Shohji; Satoshi Katoh; Yasutaka Nakashiba; Michihiro Morimoto; Eiji Takeuchi; Kouichi Arai; Toshihiro Kawamura; Yukio Taniji; Kozo Orihara; Nobukazu Teranishi; Yasuaki Hokari
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Characterization of a fully depleted CCD on high-resistivity silicon
Author(s): Richard J. Stover; Mingzhi Wei; Yan J. Lee; David Kirk Gilmore; Steven E. Holland; Donald E. Groom; William W. Moses; Saul Perlmutter; Gerson Goldhaber; Carlton R. Pennypacker; N. W. Wang; Nicholas P. Palaio
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Large-area edge-buttable CCDs for mosaic focal plane applications
Author(s): Thomas W. Woody; Morley M. Blouke; Alice L. Reinheimer; Taner Dosluoglu; William Burmester; Robert A. Wootten; Peter Frank; Ed D. Freymiller; D. Seawalt; Mark Clampin; Richard Reed; Thomas Wolfe; Richard J. Stover; Mingzhi Wei
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New generation of scientific CCD sensors
Author(s): Philip S. Heyes; Peter J. Pool; Ralph Holtom
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New 1000x1000 frame transfer CCD camera for high-speed high-fidelity digital imaging
Author(s): David J. Litwiller
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Digital high-resolution high-performance CCD camera with 2048x2048 pixels for dynamic applications
Author(s): Harald Reiter; Tom J. C. Bruijns; Norbert Jung; A. Morgenstern; Gerhard Spekowius
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Dynamic range expansion method for a CMD imager
Author(s): Hiroshi Shimamoto; Kohji Mitani; Yoshihiro Fujita
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Thermal control by artificial vision during hf soldering of metallic tubes
Author(s): Eric Renier; P. Suzeau; Frederic Truchetet
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Recent developments with orthogonal-transfer CCD
Author(s): Barry E. Burke; John L. Tonry
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Low-energy electron detection with delta-doped CCDs
Author(s): Shouleh Nikzad; Aimee Smith; Tom S. Elliott; Todd J. Jones; T. A. Tombrello; Qiuming Yu
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Color cross-talk simulation analysis for image sensor
Author(s): Tetsuya Yamaguchi; Hirofumi Yamashita; Hisanori Ihara; Yoshinori Iida; Ikuko Ioue; Hidetoshi Nozaki
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Optimization of noise and responsivity in CMOS active pixel sensors for detection of ultralow-light levels
Author(s): Orly Yadid-Pecht; Karmak Mansoorian; Eric R. Fossum; Bedabrata Pain
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First results from the UBC etch-alignment mosaic CCD
Author(s): Scott C. Chapman; Gregory S. Burley; Gordon A. H. Walker
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