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Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Tolis Voutsas; Tsu-Jae King
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Volume Number: 3014
Date Published: 10 April 1997
Softcover: 24 papers (196) pages
ISBN: 9780819424259

Table of Contents
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Glass substrates for AMLCD applications: properties and implications
Author(s): Josef C. Lapp
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Pure aluminum process solution for advanced LCDs
Author(s): Rajiv G. Pethe; Milind Bedekar; Richard E. Demaray; Chandra V. Deshpandey; Henry Shao
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Single-shot excimer laser annealing: a new tool for poly-AMLCD combined with spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): Marc X. Stehle; Dorian Zahorski; Jean-Louis P. Stehle
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Low-temperature poly-Si TFT mass production system: CMD-450 poly
Author(s): Kazumasa Ito; J. Togawa; T. Yonezaki; M. Hashimoto; Michio Ishikawa; Y. Ota
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Ion shower doping system for TFT-LCDs
Author(s): Ichiro Nakamoto; Hajime Kuwabara; Yoshinori Kawasaki
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Performance optimization of in-plane switching AM-LCDs by using systematic device simulations
Author(s): Makoto Yoneya; Masuyuki Ohta; Masahito Oh-e; Katsumi Kondo
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Optimization of UV-light-modified multidomain cell for large-size TFT-LCDs
Author(s): Shunji Suzuki; Hideo Takano; Kohichi Nakayama; Yuichi Momoi; Atsushi Takenaka
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Anomalous interface degradation of a-Si:H TFTs during LCD lifetime
Author(s): Frank R. Libsch; Takatoshi Tsujimura
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Self-passivated copper gates for amorphous silicon thin film transistors
Author(s): Henning Sirringhaus; Antoine Kahn; Sigurd Wagner
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Gated four-probe TFT structure: a new technique to measure the intrinsic performance of a-Si:H TFT
Author(s): Chun-Ying Chen; Jerzy Kanicki
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Technical requirements for next-generation TFT-LCDs
Author(s): Akihiko Imaya
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AMLCD applications and issues: beyond laptops and camcorders
Author(s): John W. Bowron; Jeffrey S. Brum; Shawn Li Ting Tun; Terry C. Schmidt
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Display requirements for the InfoPad: a wireless multimedia terminal
Author(s): Robert W. Brodersen
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Projection system design: display device and system performance trade-offs
Author(s): Kenneth E. Salsman
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Characteristics of excimer-laser-annealed polysilicon films for application in polysilicon thin film transistor devices
Author(s): Apostolos T. Voutsas; Aaron Marmorstein; Rajendra Solanki
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Low-temperature activation method of poly-Si films using rapid thermal annealing
Author(s): Kiichi Hirano; Naoya Sotani; Isao Hasegawa; Tomoyuki Nohda; Hisashi Abe; Hiroki Hamada
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Response surface optimization for high-performance solid-phase crystallized silicon-germanium thin film transistors
Author(s): Vivek Subramanian; Krishna C. Saraswat; Howard Hovagimian; John C. Mehlhaff
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Effect of a silicon interlayer in low-temperature poly-SiGe thin film transistors
Author(s): Albert W. Wang; Krishna C. Saraswat
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Silicides for polysilicon TFT-LCD applications
Author(s): Robert S. Howell; Mark J. Stewart; Greg Sarcona; Miltiadis K. Hatalis
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High-electric-field phenomena in polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors
Author(s): Guglielmo Fortunato; R. Carluccio; L. Colalongo; S. Giovannini; L. Mariucci; F. Massussi; M. Valdinoci
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Cost modeling of low-temperature large-area polysilicon thin film transistor liquid crystal display manufacturing
Author(s): Steven Jurichich; Samuel C. Wood; Krishna C. Saraswat
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Effect of barrier layer thickness on the performance of thin film transistors on glass substrates
Author(s): J. Gregory Couillard; Dieter G. Ast; Chad B. Moore; Francis P. Fehlner
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Polysilicon TFTs for AMLCD applications with gate oxides grown in a low-temperature N2O plasma
Author(s): Robert S. Howell; Sita R. Kaluri; Miltiadis K. Hatalis; Dennis W. Hess
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Enhanced hydrogenation in polycrystalline Si thin films using ultrasound treatment
Author(s): Sergei Ostapenko; Yaroslav Koshka; Lubek Jastrzebski; Ronald K. Smeltzer
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