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Practical Holography XI and Holographic Materials III
Editor(s): Stephen A. Benton; T. John Trout
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Volume Number: 3011
Date Published: 10 April 1997
Softcover: 42 papers (378) pages
ISBN: 9780819424228

Table of Contents
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Generalized pipeline for preview and rendering of synthetic holograms
Author(s): Ravikanth Pappu; Carlton J. Sparrell; John S. Underkoffler; Adam B. Kropp; Benjie Chen; Wendy J. Plesniak
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3D TV by eye-lens-type electro-holography
Author(s): Koki Sato
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Occlusion processing and smooth surface shading for fully computed synthetic holography
Author(s): John S. Underkoffler
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Lightforest: the holographic rainforest
Author(s): Betsy A. Connors
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New approach to the real-time 3D display using a holographic optical element
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Hideya Takahashi; Eiji Shimizu; Hiroaki Ueda; Kazuyuki Tanaka; Masaaki Okamoto
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Three-dimensional image projection with aspect-focused-in-spots display
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Vladimir B. Markov; Nina M. Ganzherli
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Tangible holography: adding synthetic touch to 3D display
Author(s): Wendy J. Plesniak; Michael A. Klug
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Color silver halide hologram production and mastering
Author(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen; Qiang Huang
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Multiple illuminations method for rainbow hologram using an LCD projector
Author(s): Masaaki Okamoto; Hiroaki Ueda; Ikuo Nakamura; Eiji Shimizu; Toshihiro Kubota
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Optics for full-parallax holographic stereograms
Author(s): Michael A. Klug; Arno Klein; Wendy J. Plesniak; Adam B. Kropp; Benjie Chen
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New approach to the sampling of holographic stereograms
Author(s): Nam Kim; Eun-Seok Kim; Kwon-Yeon Lee; Seok Hee Jeon
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Optimum sampling parameters for generalized holographic stereograms
Author(s): Pierre St-Hilaire
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Fast computer graphics rendering for full parallax spatial displays
Author(s): Michael W. Halle; Adam B. Kropp
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Holographic investigation on average Nusselt number over an isothermal rotating sphere
Author(s): Sheng-Mao Tieng; An-Cherng Yan
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Holographic interferometry for detection of breast lesions
Author(s): HyunDae Hong; Daniel B. Sheffer; C. William Loughry
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Holographic three-dimensional imaging system based on the modified triangular interferometer
Author(s): Soo-Gil Kim; Kyu-Tae Kim; Byoungho Lee; Eun-Soo Kim
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Method of making a holographic screen using a retroreflex plate
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Victor G. Komar; You Seek Chun; Seong-Keun Lee; Hyuk-Soo Lee
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Holographic transmission-type screens for projection of stereoscopic or multiview color images
Author(s): Nickolay N. Evtikhiev; Vladimir I. Bobrinev; Nikolai A. Kostrov; Oleg E. Radominov; Serguei A. Shestak; Jung-Young Son
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Recordable depth of view and allowable farthest far-field distance of in-line far-field holography for micro-object analysis
Author(s): Tianshu Lai; Weizhu Lin
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Use of real-time latent images to write long holographic diffraction gratings in photoresist
Author(s): Bruce R. Napier; Nicholas J. Phillips
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Method for making balanced multiple exposures in single-layer holograms
Author(s): Gaylord E. Moss
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IDT-SEM observation of fringe pattern in volume hologram and its application to multicolor recorded HOEs
Author(s): Motoshi Ono; Misato Uchida; Akio Masui; Norihito Nakazawa; Hiromi Sakurai; Masahiro Hirano
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Color saturation issues in modern holography
Author(s): Nicholas J. Phillips
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Experimental study of color control on reflection holography
Author(s): Rosa Maria Oliveira; Luis Carretero-Lopez; Roque F. Madrigal; Maria T. Garzon; Joao Lemos Pinto; Antonio Fimia
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DuPont multicolor holographic recording films
Author(s): Sylvia H. Stevenson
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Review of recording media for holography at 10.6 um
Author(s): Rene M. Beaulieu; Roger A. Lessard
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Thick-layered gelatin for volume hologram recording
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli; Irina A. Maurer; Svetlana A. Pisarevskaya
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Dichromated polyvinyl alcohol (DC-PVA) wet processed for high index modulation
Author(s): Richard D. Rallison
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Effects of process control and exposure energy upon the inner structure and the optical properties of volume holograms in dichromated gelatin films
Author(s): Hartmut Schuette; Christo G. Stojanoff
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Erasable holographic storage in azobenzene polyesters and peptides
Author(s): P. S. Ramanujam; N. C. R. Holme; L. Nikolova; Rolf H. Berg; Soeren Hvilsted; Erik T. Kristensen; C. Kulinna; A. B. Nielsen; M. Pedersen
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New analysis of reversal bleach mechanism and catalytic reaction of exposure quantity in silver halide material
Author(s): Byong Ho Yoon; Nam Kim; Woon Sik Baek
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Lippman photographs recorded in DuPont color photopolymer material
Author(s): Hans I. Bjelkhagen
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Wavelength-multiplexed holograms by persistent spectral hole burning
Author(s): Eiji Yagyu; Motomu Yoshimura
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Holographic recording media: modern trends
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky
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Intensive Bragg harmonics in reflection holograms in dichromated gelatin: 1
Author(s): Zoya N. Kalyashova; Eugeni V. Kalyashov; Galina A. Cheremisina; Danuta I. Matveeva
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Intensive Bragg harmonics in reflection holograms in dichromated gelatin: II
Author(s): Zoya N. Kalyashova; Eugeni V. Kalyashov; Galina A. Cheremisina
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Investigation on environmental stability of DCG holograms by molecule enclosure
Author(s): Ketai Wang; Lurong Guo; Weiping Zhang; Jianhua Zhu; Lin Pang
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Real-time holographic camera system
Author(s): Mikhail Yu. Bazhenov; Vitaly V. Grabovski; Alexandr V. Stolyarenko; George A. Zahaykevich
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Recording of real-time gratings at infrared in reaction centers' contained medium
Author(s): Andrew E. Korolev; Dmitry A. Arapov; Dmitry Arnoldovic Bloch; Nikolai M. Kozhevnikov; Natalia V. Ionina
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Pulse hologram recording in DuPont's photopolymer films
Author(s): Viktor Nikolaevic Mikhailov; K. Thilo Weitzel; Vitaly N. Krylov; Urs Paul Wild
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High-efficiency liquid-crystal-filled diffraction gratings
Author(s): Mary Lou Jepsen; Hendrik J. Gerritsen
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Review of the technology for the manufacturing of large-format DCG holograms for technical applications
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff
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