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Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Jan J. Dubowski
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Volume Number: 2991
Date Published: 9 May 1997
Softcover: 31 papers (240) pages
ISBN: 9780819424020

Table of Contents
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Desorption of positive ions and plume formation from laser irradiation of ionic crystals
Author(s): J. Thomas Dickinson; David R. Ermer; Jaw-Jung Shin; Steve C. Langford
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Energy transfer in the laser ablation of metals
Author(s): George P. Pinho; Gert Callies; Henrik Schittenhelm; Robert E. Mueller; Peter Berger; Walter W. Duley; Helmut Huegel
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Laser-assisted surface modification of thin chromium films
Author(s): David A. Willis; Xianfan Xu; Chie C. Poon; Andrew C. Tam
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Structuring of dielectric and metallic materials with ultrashort laser pulses between 20 fs and 3 ps
Author(s): Joerg Krueger; Wolfgang Kautek; Matthias Lenzner; Sasa Sartania; Christian Spielmann; Ferenc Krausz
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Pulsed laser deposition of boron carbide: spectroscopic study of laser ablation plasma
Author(s): Oleg N. Derkach; Simone Pentzien; Wolfgang Kautek
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Photochemical reactions in silicon nitride with ArF excimer laser
Author(s): Kou Kurosawa; Peter R. Herman; Yasuo Takigawa; Akihiro Kameyama; Atsushi Yokotani; Wataru Sasaki
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XPS study of laser-assisted etching of InP in a chlorine atmosphere
Author(s): Jerzy M. Wrobel; Christopher E. Moffitt; David M. Wieliczka; Jan J. Dubowski
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Si photoepitaxy induced by synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Yuichi Utsumi
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Effects of laser and particle beams on the synthesis and nonlinear optical response of nanostructures
Author(s): Richard F. Haglund; Carmen N. Afonso Rodriguez; Giancarlo Battaglin; Mukund Godbole; Francesco Gonella; John D. Hamilton; Douglas H. Lowndes; Robert H. Magruder; Paolo Mazzoldi; Dannie H. Osborne; J. Solis
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Direct-write UV-laser microfabrication of 3D structures in lithium-aluminosilicate glass
Author(s): William W. Hansen; Siegfried W. Janson; Henry Helvajian
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Comparative study of laser- and ion implantation-induced quantum well intermixing in GaInAsP/InP microstructures
Author(s): Jan J. Dubowski; N. Sylvain Charbonneau; Alain P. Roth; Philip J. Poole; Charles Lacelle; Margaret Buchanan; Ian V. Mitchell; Richard D. Goldberg
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Innovative applications of laser technology in photovoltaics
Author(s): Luisa Pirozzi; Ugo Besi-Vetrella; Enrico Salza
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Laser microchemical technology: new tools for microsystem engineering, debug, and failure analysis
Author(s): Scott Silverman; Richard J. Aucoin; Jeff Mallat; Daniel J. Ehrlich
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In-situ photoluminescence mapping of industrial IR-sensitive film structures
Author(s): Sergey C. Stafeev; Michael S. Kosyakov
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Excimer laser ablation of polyimide: a 14-year IBM perspective
Author(s): James H. Brannon; Thomas A. Wassick
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Ablation of ceramics by UV, visible, and IR pulsed laser radiation
Author(s): Vitali I. Konov; Friedrich Dausinger; Serge V. Garnov; Sergei M. Klimentov; Taras V. Kononenko; O. G. Tsarkova
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Rapid fabrication of diffractive optical elements by excimer laser micromachining
Author(s): Michael T. Duignan; Gregory P. Behrmann
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Laser machining of single-mode rib waveguides on germanosilicate slabs
Author(s): Peter R. Herman; Jianhao Yang; Kou Kurosawa; Takayuki Yamanishi
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Laser depth-controlled precision machining of advanced ceramics
Author(s): Suwas K. Nikumb; M. U. Islam
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Micromachining of microelectronic materials with deep-UV lasers
Author(s): Hans Kurt Toenshoff; Ferdinand von Alvensleben; Heiner Kappel; Peter B. Heekenjann
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Multiple-watt ultraviolet power from a diode-pumped solid state laser at 1-kHz repetition rate
Author(s): Uwe Stamm; Wolfgang Zschocke; Bernard K. Nikolaus; Peter Genter; Dirk Basting
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Growth of Si1-yCy/Si and Si1-x-yGexCy/Si heterostructures by ion implantation and pulsed excimer laser-induced epitaxy
Author(s): Eric Fogarassy; Adriana Grob; Jean-Jacques Grob; Dominique Muller; Bernard Prevot; Roland Stuck; Salome de Unamuno; Pierre Boher; Marc X. Stehle
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Laser micromachining: a promise of cost-effective solutions in microelectronic manufacturing
Author(s): Ronald D. Schaeffer; James Angell
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Pulsed laser deposition of high-temperature superconducting and metallic thin films for novel three-terminal device applications
Author(s): George M. Daly; Douglas B. Chrisey; Jeffrey M. Pond; Michael S. Osofsky; Michael C. Miller; Peter Lubitz; James S. Horwitz; Raymond C. Y. Auyeung; Robert J. Soulen
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Pulsed laser deposition of ferroelectric thin films for active microwave electronic devices
Author(s): James S. Horwitz; Douglas B. Chrisey; A. C. Carter; Wontae Chang; Lee A. Knauss; Jeffrey M. Pond; Steven W. Kirchoefer; D. Korn; Syen B. Qadri
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Pulsed laser deposition of ferroelectric thin films
Author(s): Somnath Sengupta; Steven H. McKnight; Louise C. Sengupta
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Dielectric nonlinearity and loss in ferroelectric thin films
Author(s): Xiaoxing Xi
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Formation of Ti:sapphire thin films on single-crystal sapphire and GaAs substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Author(s): Peter A. Atanasov; Rumen I. Tomov; Zahari Y. Peshev; Anna O. Dikovska; Vassilka N. Tzaneva
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Laser-controlled moving atomic structures for microelectronics
Author(s): Nikolay M. Sovetov; Anatoly V. Nikonov; Elena V. Naumova; Victor A. Moskovsky; Dmitry A. Grigoriev
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Preparation of Y3Fe5O12 and Mn-Zn ferrite thin films by excimer laser ablation
Author(s): Peter A. Atanasov; Mihaela E. Koleva; Rumen I. Tomov
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Laser processes for multichip module's high-density multilevel thin film packaging
Author(s): Rajesh S. Patel; Thomas A. Wassick
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