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Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies IX
Editor(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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Volume Number: 2990
Date Published: 24 April 1997
Softcover: 30 papers (320) pages
ISBN: 9780819424013

Table of Contents
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SILEX program status: a major milestone is reached
Author(s): Gotthard Oppenhauser
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SILEX overview after flight terminals campaign
Author(s): Bernard Laurent; Gilles Planche
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Overview of the Ground-to-Orbit Lasercom Demonstration (GOLD)
Author(s): Keith E. Wilson; James R. Lesh; Kenichi Araki; Yoshinori Arimoto
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Current status of OICETS laser-communication-terminal development: development of laser diodes and sensors for OICETS program
Author(s): Yoshiaki Suzuki; Keizo Nakagawa; Takashi Jono; Akio Yamamoto
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Description of STRV-2 lasercom flight hardware
Author(s): Eric J. Korevaar; John J. Schuster; Prasanna Adhikari; Harel Hakakha; Richard Ruigrok; Ron Stieger; Lee Fletcher; Brian Riley
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Results of one GBPS aircraft-to-ground lasercom validation demonstration
Author(s): Victor J. Chan; Robert L. Arnold
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Description of STRV-2 lasercom experimental operations
Author(s): Eric J. Korevaar; John J. Schuster; Prasanna Adhikari; Harel Hakakha; Richard Ruigrok; Ron Stieger; Lee Fletcher; Brian Riley
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Data analysis results from the GOLD experiments
Author(s): Muthu Jeganathan; Morio Toyoshima; Keith E. Wilson; Jonathan C. James; Guangshui Xu; James R. Lesh
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Performance update of a terrestrial laser-communication link with quadrature amplitude modulation
Author(s): Penelope Polak-Dingels; Pierre R. Barbier; David W. Rush; David S. Glassner; Geoffrey L. Burdge
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Progress on the development of the optical communications demonstrator
Author(s): Tsun-Yee Yan; Muthu Jeganathan; James R. Lesh
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Scintillation reduction using multiple transmitters
Author(s): Isaac I. Kim; Harel Hakakha; Prasanna Adhikari; Eric J. Korevaar; Arun K. Majumdar
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Overview of the atmospheric visibility monitoring (AVM) program
Author(s): Muthu Jeganathan; David M. Erickson
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Do future commercial broadband communication satellites really need laser-communication intersatellite links (ISLs)?
Author(s): James E. Freidell
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Global trends and the future of laser communications
Author(s): David L. Begley
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High-speed optical feeder-link system using adaptive optics
Author(s): Yoshinori Arimoto; Yutaka Hayano; Werner Klaus
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Lasercom test and evaluation station for flight-terminal evaluation
Author(s): Keith E. Wilson; Norman A. Page; Abhijit Biswas; Hamid Hemmati; Kevin Masters; David M. Erickson; James R. Lesh
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Laser-communication cooperative research and development agreement between Air Force Phillips Lab and Ball Aerospace
Author(s): David L. Begley; Robert L. Kehr; Anthony W. Sarto; William Casey; Everett L. Coffelt; Alan Goodrich; William E. Thompson
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Trial manufacturing results and characteristics of InGaAs-quadrant detectors (QD) as a fine pointing sensor
Author(s): Tomohiro Araki; Mamoru Furuya; Yasumasa Hisada
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Small optical-terminal designs with a softmount interface
Author(s): Guy C. Baister; Paul V. Gatenby; Jeffrey Lewis; Bernard Laurent
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Experimental implementation of model-reference-control for fine-tracking mirrors
Author(s): Timothy E. Busch; Victor A. Skormin
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Application of the staring-edge tracking in laser radar
Author(s): Lianhe He; Jian Wu
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Comparative study of optical and RF communication systems for a Mars Mission: II. Unified value metrics
Author(s): Hamid Hemmati; J. Layland; James R. Lesh; Keith E. Wilson; Miles Sue; Daniel L. Rascoe; F. Lansing; Michael D. Wilhelm; L. Harcke; Che Jen Chen; Y. Feria
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Link-engineering design methodology for tandem free-space optical communication links using all optical architecture
Author(s): Kenneth E. Wilson
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Double-clad Nd-doped fiber amplifiers for transmitter of interorbit communications
Author(s): Yoshihito Hirano; Yasuhiro Shoji; Kenji Tatsumi; Minoru Yoshida; Tomohiro Araki; Yasumasa Hisada
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Evaluation and applications of transferred electron-intensified photo-diode (TE-IPD)
Author(s): Paul James Titterton; Jay Bolstad; Harold E. Sweeney
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Optimum thresholds for optical on-off keying receivers operating in the turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): William C. Brown
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Experimental operations of laser communication equipment onboard ETS-VI satellite
Author(s): Kenichi Araki; Morio Toyoshima; Tetsuo Takahashi; Takayuki Fukazawa; Masahiro Toyoda; Motokazu Shikatani; Yoshinori Arimoto
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Evaluation of far-field pattern of laser transmitter onboard the Laser Communication Equipment
Author(s): Morio Toyoshima; Takayuki Fukazawa; Masahiro Toyoda; Tetsuo Takahashi; Motokazu Shikatani; Yoshinori Arimoto; Kenichi Araki; Tadashi Aruga
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Measurement of laser-link-scintillation between ETS-VI and a ground optical station
Author(s): Masahiro Toyoda; Morio Toyoshima; Takayuki Fukazawa; Tetsuo Takahashi; Motokazu Shikatani; Yoshinori Arimoto; Kenichi Araki
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Low-power FLC-based retromodulator communications system
Author(s): Charles M. Swenson; Clark A. Steed; Imelda A. De La Rue; Robert Q. Fugate
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