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Ultrasensitive Biochemical Diagnostics II
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Volume Number: 2985
Date Published: 22 May 1997
Softcover: 30 papers (306) pages
ISBN: 9780819423962

Table of Contents
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Factors to be considered for robust high-throughput automated DNA sequencing using a multiple-capillary array instrument
Author(s): Emanuel Carrilho; Arthur W. Miller; Marie C. Ruiz-Martinez; Lev Kotler; Jeffrey Kesilman; Barry L. Karger
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Wide-field imaging design for a multiple-capillary DNA-sequencing system
Author(s): Lyle M. Nay; Robert Sinclair; Harold Swerdlow
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Megabase sequencing of human genome by ordered-shotgun-sequencing (OSS) strategy
Author(s): Ellson Y. Chen
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Microelectrophoresis devices with integrated fluorescence detectors and reactors for high-throughput DNA sequencing
Author(s): Steven A. Soper; Sean M. Ford; Jack Davies; Daryl C. Williams; Benxu Cheng; J. Michael Klopf; Gina M. Calderon; Volker Saile
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Linking electrophoretic resolution with experimental conditions
Author(s): John Clark Sutherland
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Diode-laser-based time-resolved detection and identification of individual mononucleotide molecules in aqueous solution
Author(s): Markus Sauer; Christoph Zander; Ralph Mueller; Florian Goebel; Andreas Schulz; Stefan Siebert; Karl-Heinz Drexhage; Juergen M. Wolfrum
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Laser mass spectrometry for DNA sequencing, disease diagnosis, and fingerprinting
Author(s): C. H. Winston Chen; N. I. Taranenko; Y. F. Zhu; C. N. Chung; S. L. Allman
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Detection of base pair mismatches in duplex DNA and RNA oligonucleotides using electrospray mass spectrometry
Author(s): Richard H. Griffey; Michael J. Greig
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Solution chemistry effects on the analysis of DNA by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry
Author(s): Kari B. Green-Church; Tracey A. Simmons; Patrick A. Limbach
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Detection of DNA using upconverting phosphor reporter probes
Author(s): Louis V. Wollenberger; Yung-Mae M. Yao; Naheed A. Mufti; Luke V. Schneider
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DNA/europium ion interaction by matrix-assisted laser desorption time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Author(s): Stephanie Bourin; Daniel McStay; Paul Kong Thoo Lin; Gary Duncan; Jim Lomax
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Detection and analysis of polymerase chain reaction products by mass spectrometry
Author(s): Gregory B. Hurst; Mitchel J. Doktycz; Philip F. Britt; Arpad A. Vass; Michelle V. Buchanan
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Fluorescent imaging and quantitation of solid support-bound nucleic acids
Author(s): Valery L. Bogdanov; Yu-Hui Rogers; Michael Boyce-Jacino
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Resurgence of analytical ultracentrifugation: an old technique applied to a new technology
Author(s): Steven J. Shire; Jun Liu
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Probing receptor-ligand interactions by sedimentation equilibrium
Author(s): John S. Philo
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Sedimentation velocity studies of the vinca-alkaloid-induced self-association of tubulin
Author(s): John J. Correia; Sharon Lobert; Anthony Frankfurter; Coleman A. Boyd; Bojana Vulevic
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Structural characteristics of a soluble B-glucan with changes in temperature
Author(s): Donald K. McRorie; Trevor Havard; Charles H. Phoebe
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Prototype fluorimeter for the XLA/XLI analytical ultracentrifuge
Author(s): Thomas M. Laue; Arthur L. Anderson; Bryan J. Weber
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Biomedical applications of single molecule detection
Author(s): D. M. Kelso
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Analysis of individual lipoproteins and liposomes
Author(s): David L. Robbins; John P. Nolan; James H. Jett; Richard A. Keller; Larry A. Sklar
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Error-budget considerations in diagnostic instrumentation
Author(s): G. E. Cohn
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Fourier analysis of real-world data
Author(s): Michael L. Johnson; Martin Straume
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High-sensitivity immunoassay using a novel upconverting phosphor reporter
Author(s): William H. Wright; Naheed A. Mufti; N. Troy Tagg; Robert R. Webb; Luke V. Schneider
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Design and manufacture of capillary wicks for ultrasensitive detection of antigenic and nucleic acid analytes
Author(s): Naheed A. Mufti; N. Troy Tagg; Robert R. Webb; Luke V. Schneider
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Compact upconverting phosphor detection system for wick assays
Author(s): Haris Riris; Jan E. Van der Laan; David E. Cooper; Karen M. Nashold; Clinton B. Carlisle; Luke V. Schneider
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Study of submicroscopic forms of Yersinia organism with the morphodensitometrical estimation
Author(s): Tatiana G. Putina; Ekaterina M. Lenchenko
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Monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation by laser-fiber technique
Author(s): Junfu Ma; Yanbin Zhu
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Alterations in luminol-enhanced chemiluminescence from nondiluted whole blood in the course of low-level laser therapy of angina pectoris patients
Author(s): Vladimir L. Voeikov; Cyril N. Novikov; Natalia I. Siuch
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All-solid-state TCPC instrument for dynamic lifetime measurements in sensitive DNA analysis
Author(s): Rainer Erdmann; Michael Wahl; Kristian Lauritsen; Joerg Enderlein; Benjamin L. Legendre; Daryl C. Williams; Steven A. Soper
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Automated hybridization and imaging for chemiluminescence-based multiplex sequencing
Author(s): Steven R. Auger; Hans-Ulrich Thomann; Denise Oriss; Mark Ayers; Jamey Wierzbowski; Jen-i Mao
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