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Three-Dimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing IV

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Volume Number: 2984
Date Published: 10 April 1997

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Accessing nano- to femtosecond molecular relaxation phenomena for fluorescence imaging through double-pulse saturation excitation
Author(s): G. J. Brakenhoff; Arjan H. Buist; Michiel Mueller; E. J. Gijsbers; Thomas S. Sosnowski; Theodore B. Norris; Jeffrey A. Squier
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Improved resolution in PSAF imaging
Author(s): Michiel Mueller; G. J. Brakenhoff
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Aperture correlation approach to confocal microscopy
Author(s): Tony Wilson; Rimas Juskaitis; Mark A. A. Neil; M. Kozubek
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Optimization of the enhanced evanescent wave for near-field microscopy
Author(s): Pu Chun Ke; Jakub Szajman; Xiasong Gan; Min Gu
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Ultraviolet Mirau correlation microscopy
Author(s): Fang Cheng Chang; Gordon S. Kino
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Interferometric-computed microtomography of 3D phase objects
Author(s): Gennady N. Vishnyakov; Gennady G. Levin; Constantin S. Zakarian
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Quantitative DIC microscopy using a geometric phase shifter
Author(s): Carol J. Cogswell; Nicholas I. Smith; Kieran G. Larkin; Parameswaran Hariharan
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Extinction coefficient in confocal polarization microscopy
Author(s): Rimas Juskaitis; P. D. Higdon; Tony Wilson
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Confocal interference microscopy
Author(s): Colin J. R. Sheppard; Hao Zhou
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Comparison of experiment and theory for finite-sized multiple-aperture arrays in direct-view microscopy
Author(s): Eithne M. McCabe; D. T. Fewer; Simon J. Hewlett
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Novel reflected light confocal profilometer
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello; Jason P. Heym; Jesse L. Wei; Jeff W. Lichtman
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Application of image restoration methods for confocal fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Geert M. P. van Kempen; Lucas J. van Vliet; Peter J. Verveer
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Super-resolution MAP algorithms applied to fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Peter J. Verveer; Geert M. P. van Kempen; Thomas M. Jovin
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Tradeoffs in regularized maximum-likelihood image restoration
Author(s): Joanne Markham; Jose-Angel Conchello
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Restoration of three-dimensional quasi-binary images from confocal microscopy and its application to dendritic trees
Author(s): Andreas Herzog; Gerald Krell; Bernd Michaelis; Jizhong Wang; Werner Zuschratter; Anna Katharina Braun
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Subpixel resolution in maximum-likelihood image restoration
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello; James G. McNally
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Edge detection: conventional operators vis a vis wavelets
Author(s): Rajeev Singh; Ramon E. Vasquez; Reena Singh
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Three-dimensional imaging through millimeter-thick tissue specimens
Author(s): Michael G. Jones; Michael Halliwell; David R. Bull; Jack D. Davies; Catherine N. Chinyama; Peter N. T. Wells
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Image reconstruction for three-dimensional transmitted-light DIC microscopy
Author(s): Chrysanthe Preza; Donald L. Snyder; Jose-Angel Conchello
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Forward-scattering particle image velocimetry (FSPIV): application of Mie and imaging theory to measure 3D velocities in microscopic flows using partially coherent illumination and high-aperture opt
Author(s): Ben Ovryn; John D.V. Khaydarov
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Principles for modeling and functional simulation of biological microstructures
Author(s): Andres Kriete
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Three-dimensional animation with conventional light microscopy
Author(s): Volker Tympel
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Virus structure using the computer-aided phase microscope Airyscan
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Nikolai V. Kaverin; Elena V. Perevedentseva; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia; Georgy E. Kufal
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Solid state photon counters for scanned image acquisition: thermal and electronic saturation effects
Author(s): Stephen T. Kreger; Thomas G. Brown
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Restoration of edges under Poisson noise using convex constraints with application to confocal microscopy
Author(s): Spyridon S. Stefanou; Eric W. Hansen
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Optimization of the design of a multiple-photon excitation laser scanning fluorescence imaging system
Author(s): David L. Wokosin; John G. White
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Using an adjustable detection time to correct photobleaching effects in fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Eric W. Hansen
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Comparison of 3D microscopy methods by imaging a well-characterized test object
Author(s): James G. McNally; Carol J. Cogswell; Pal W. Fekete; Jose-Angel Conchello
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