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Micro- and Nanofabricated Electro-Optical Mechanical Systems for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
Editor(s): Paul Lee Gourley

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Volume Number: 2978
Date Published: 31 March 1997

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Micropatterned surfaces for understanding and influencing interactions of biological systems with optical devices
Author(s): Gabriel P. Lopez; Leonard M. Tender; Gail Bradley; Kimberly A. Opperman; Philip D. Hampton
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Photoactivatable silanes for the site-specific immobilization of antibodies
Author(s): David W. Conrad; Anna V. Davis; Sara K. Golightley; John C. Bart; Frances S. Ligler
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Direct enzymatic hydrolysis and patterning of a chemisorbed peptide thin film
Author(s): David Turner; Mary A. Testoff; Bruce Paul Gaber
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Development of biocompatible micropatterns for single-cell biosensors
Author(s): Jun Keun Chang; Chan Young Park; Jung-Hoon Choi; Yong-Kweon Kim; Dong-Chul Han
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Cell attachment on microscopically textured silicon surfaces
Author(s): Stephen W. Turner; Lance Kam; Michael Isaacson; Harold G. Craighead; Donald H. Szarowski; James N. Turner; W. Shain
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S-layers as patterning structures and supporting layers for biomimetic membranes
Author(s): Dietmar Pum; Barbara Wetzer; Bernhard Schuster; Uwe B. Sleytr
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Immobilization, stabilization, and patterning techniques for enzyme-based sensor systems
Author(s): A. William Flounders; Scott C. Carichner; Anup K. Singh; Joanne V. Volponi; Joseph S. Schoeniger; Karl Wally
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Electrochemiluminescence at microelectrodes for biosensing
Author(s): Rosemary L. Smith; YunTai Hsueh; Scott D. Collins; Jean-Charles Fiaccabrino; Milena Koudelka-Hep
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Micromachined optical trap for use as a microcytology workstation
Author(s): Scott D. Collins; Erkin Sidick; Andre Knoesen; Ronald J. Baskin
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Miniature spectrometers for biochemical analysis
Author(s): Gaylin M. Yee; Nadim I. Maluf; Paul A. Hing; Michael Albin; Gregory T. A. Kovacs
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Development and comparison of pH microoptodes for use in marine systems
Author(s): Oliver Kohls; Ingo Klimant; Gerhard A. Holst; Michael Kuehl
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Integrated microfluidic-optical detection system on a chip
Author(s): Otto Leistiko
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Prominent microscopic effects in microfabricated fluidic analysis systems
Author(s): James P. Brody; Andrew Evan Kamholz; Paul Yager
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Silicon-micromachined direct-pore filters for ultrafiltration
Author(s): Wen Hwa Chu; Tony Huen; Jay K. Tu; Mauro Ferrari
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Acoustic wave device for the translation of microparticles
Author(s): Philippe Luginbuhl; Nico F. de Rooij; Scott D. Collins; Georges-Andre Racine; Nava J. Setter; K. G. Brooks
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Microfabrication-based ektacytometer for blood cell deformability measurements
Author(s): Eric H. Altendorf
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Confocal imaging and numerical simulations of converging flows in artificial microvessels
Author(s): Darren L. Hitt; Mary L. Lowe
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Oxyhemoglobin measurement of whole blood specimens in a silicon microfabricated cuvette
Author(s): Caicai Wu; Mark R. Holl; Margaret Kenny; Paul Yager
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Microchannel array flow analyzer for measurement of whole blood rheology and flow characteristics of leukocytes activated by bacterial stimulation
Author(s): Yuji Kikuchi; Sadao Fujieda; Hiroko E. Kikuchi
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Semiconductor microlasers with intracavity microfluidics for biomedical applications
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Anthony E. McDonald
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Integration of electro-optical mechanical systems and medicine: where are we and where can we go?
Author(s): Mark F. Gourley M.D.; Paul Lee Gourley
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Hydrodynamic activation and sorting of white blood cells in a microfabricated lattice
Author(s): Robert H. Carlson; Christopher V. Gabel; Shirley S. Chan; Robert H. Austin; James P. Brody; James W. Winkelman M.D.
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Microfabricated biocapsules for cell xenografts: a review
Author(s): Tejal A. Desai; Wen Hwa Chu; Jay K. Tu; Polly Shrewsbury; Mauro Ferrari
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Cell growth assay using the ultrasonic flexural plate-wave device
Author(s): Audra H. Meng; Richard M. White
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Complexity and performance of on-chip biochemical assays
Author(s): Anne R. Kopf-Sill; Theo Nikiforov; Luc J. Bousse; Rob Nagle; J. Wallace Parce
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Microfabricated interlock system for precision alignment
Author(s): Roya Sabeti; Mark R. Holl; Eric H. Altendorf; Paul Yager
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Optical properties of fluids in microfabricated channels
Author(s): Todd E. French; Paul Lee Gourley; Anthony E. McDonald
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