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Specialty Fiber Optics for Biomedical and Industrial Applications

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Volume Number: 2977
Date Published: 18 April 1997

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IR glass optical fibers for CO2 laser welding
Author(s): Lydia Le Neindre; Karine Le Foulgoc; Xhang Hua Zhang; Jacques Lucas; F. Gilbert; O. Lescoat; F. Ardouin; P. Morillon
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Fabrication of chalcogenide glass rods and tubes by processor-controlled extrusion techniques
Author(s): Thomas J. Loretz; Albert Ray Hilton; A. R. Hilton; James McCord
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Laser-power delivery using chalcogenide glass fibers
Author(s): Albert Ray Hilton; A. R. Hilton; James McCord; Thomas J. Loretz
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Hollow silica, metal, and plastic waveguides for hard-tissue medical applications
Author(s): Nathan I. Croitoru; Alexandra Inberg; Mark Oksman; M. Ben-David; Arie Shefer
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Fabrication of robust hollow waveguide devices for Er:YAG laser light
Author(s): You Wang; Hajime Hiraga; Yuji Matsuura; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Mechanical and optical properties of hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Christopher D. Rabii; James A. Harrington
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Lensed taper coupler for hollow waveguides
Author(s): Hajime Hiraga; Yuji Matsuura; You Wang; Yuji Kato; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Shin-ichi Abe; Shinji Onodera
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Thermal and modal properties of hollow glass waveguides
Author(s): Rick K. Nubling; James A. Harrington
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Spectroscopic investigation of high-cycle fatigue in AgClxBr1-x fibers
Author(s): Alla German; Abraham Katzir
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Propagation of infrared radiation in silver halide optical fibers
Author(s): S. Silberstein; J. Kastner; M. Tacke; I. Schnitzer; Abraham Katzir
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Clinical potential of the side-glowing optical fibers
Author(s): Janis Spigulis; Daumants Pfafrods
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Assessment of breathing effort by means of a fiber optic sensor
Author(s): Meir Nitzan; Anatoly Babchenko; Sergei Turivnenko; Boris Khanokh
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Fiber-guided tunable UV-laserlight system around 215 nm
Author(s): Karl-Friedrich Klein; Stefan Huettel; H. Georg Schulze; L. Shane Greek; Michael W. Blades; Charles A. Haynes; Robin F. B. Turner
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UV-laser/biotissue interactions and delivery systems
Author(s): Yuichi Hashishin; Hitoshi Nakano; Hiroyuki Tanaka; Uichi Kubo
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Two-color infrared thermometer for low-temperature measurement using a hollow glass optical fiber
Author(s): Ward Small; Peter M. Celliers; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Dennis L. Matthews; Barbara A. Soltz
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Ultrathin image fiber with hemispherical fiber lens for medical use
Author(s): Naoki Shamoto; Ken-ichi Nakatate; Takashi Tsumanuma
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Specialty optical fiber sensor for ship water pressure in industrial applications
Author(s): Duo-Min He; Xin He
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Longitudinal vibration response of a curved fiber used for laser ultrasound surgical therapy (LUST)
Author(s): Kai Desinger; J. Pankau; S. N. Makarov; M. Ochmann; Thomas Stein; Juergen Helfmann; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Liquid-core fused silica capillary lightguides for applications in the UV/VIS and NIR spectral range
Author(s): Joerg Meister; Stefan Diemer; Roland Jung; Sandra Klein; Werner Fuss; Peter Hering
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High-power laser waveguide with a circulating liquid core for IR applications
Author(s): Sandra Klein; Joerg Meister; Stefan Diemer; Roland Jung; Werner Fuss; Peter Hering
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