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Remote Sensing of Vegetation and Sea
Editor(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Guido D'Urso; Edwin T. Engman; Preben Gudmandsen

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Volume Number: 2959
Date Published: 17 January 1997

Table of Contents
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Fluorescence imaging system: application for the assessment of vegetation stresses
Author(s): Moon S. Kim; Donald T. Krizek; Craig S. T. Daughtry; James E. McMurtrey; Ravinder K. Sandhu; Emmett W. Chappelle; Lawrence A. Corp; Elizabeth M. Middleton
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Fluorescence: a diagnostic tool for the detection of stress in plants
Author(s): Emmett W. Chappelle; Lawrence A. Corp; James E. McMurtrey; Moon S. Kim; Craig S. T. Daughtry
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Selection of texture features for crop discrimination using SAR imagery
Author(s): Joao Vianei Soares; Camilo Daleles Renno
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Temporal multiparameter airborne DLR E-SAR images for crop monitoring: summary of the CLEOPATRA campaign 1992
Author(s): Christiane C. Schmullius; Juergen Nithack
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Knowledge-based multisensoral approach for land-use classification and biomass monitoring
Author(s): Roswitha Stolz; Wolfram Mauser
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Improvements of plant parameter estimations with hyperspectral data compared to multispectral data
Author(s): Heike Bach; Wolfram Mauser
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Comparison of the spectral information content of Landsat Thematic Mapper and Resurs-01 NDVI data for vegetation discrimination and monitoring in central Italy
Author(s): Marco Marchetti; Carlo Ricotta
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Aerial photographs to help prediction of fire propagation
Author(s): Marc Salotti; Nabil Laachfoubi
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Active microwave soil moisture sensing under vegetation cover
Author(s): Peter A. Troch; Zhongbo Su; P. Colombo; Federico De Masi
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Two-source model using dual-angle thermal infrared observations for estimating surface fluxes
Author(s): William P. Kustas; John M. Norman
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Mesoscale modeling of evapotranspiration using remote sensing data
Author(s): Wolfram Mauser
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Modal matching for rainfall pattern shape evaluation at difference scales
Author(s): Fabio Dell'Acqua; Paolo Gamba; Alessandro Mecocci
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Comparison and integration of active and passive microwave for rainfall monitoring: a study case
Author(s): Stefano Nativi; Frederic Leger; Luca Baldini; Dino Giuli
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Using satellite radar imagery to monitor flood conditions in wetland ecoystems of southern Florida
Author(s): Laura L. Bourgeau-Chavez; Eric S. Kasischke; Kevin Smith
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Determination of water-quality parameters in Lake Constance using Landsat-TM images
Author(s): K. Schneider; Heike Bach; Wolfram Mauser
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Integrated remote sensing mission in the Venice Lagoon
Author(s): Flavio Borfecchia; A. Cimbelli; Luigi De Cecco; Antonio Bruno Della Rocca; Sandro Martini; Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Modeling of the underwater light field and its effect on temperature, stability, and momentum
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Ted McNally; Wei-ming Ma
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Advancement of an optical remote sensing model to simulate the underwater light field
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Wei-ming Ma; Ted McNally
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Active laser system for sea ice control
Author(s): Nickolay N. Evtikhiev; Alexandr E. Gaponov; Yury N. Kuluba; Vladislav I. Matous; Oleg E. Radominov; Vladimir Z. Tuzikov; Vasiliy N. Vargaftic
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Specific sensors for special roles in oil spill remote sensing
Author(s): Carl E. Brown; Mervin F. Fingas
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High-spectral-resolution lidar experiments for the monitoring of water column temperature
Author(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Valentina Raimondi
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Satellite observations of deep-water convection
Author(s): Kenneth W. Fischer; Jeffrey P. Palshook; Catherine A. Russell; C. Wayne Fox; Robert A. Shuchman
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Sea-level variability and surface eddy statistics in the Mediterranean Sea from TOPEX/Poseidon and ERS-1 data
Author(s): Simona Zoffoli; Rosalia Santoleri; Salvatore Marullo; Daniele Iudicone
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Greenland Sea Odden: intra- and interannual variability
Author(s): Catherine A. Russell; Kenneth W. Fischer; Robert A. Shuchman; Edward G. Josberger
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ENEA fluorosensor system used in monitoring the Adriatic Sea
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Application of a flow-through absorption tube for remotely estimating water-quality parameters
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater; Melissa Keller; Manuel Gimond
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Flidar monitoring of the Venice Lagoon
Author(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Marco Bazzani; Luigi Alberotanza
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SALE experiment: ship monitoring of the volcanic emission and water quality in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea
Author(s): Mats Andersson; Marco Bazzani; Giovanna Cecchi; Hans Edner; Fausto Meiners; Luca Pantani; Valentina Raimondi; Sune Svanberg; Daniele Tirelli; Massimo Trambusti; Giancarlo Valmori; Petter K. A. Weibring
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