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Microwave Sensing and Synthetic Aperture Radar
Editor(s): Giorgio Franceschetti; Christopher John Oliver; Franco S. Rubertone; Shahram Tajbakhsh
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Volume Number: 2958
Date Published: 17 December 1996
: 40 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9780819423627

Table of Contents
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Backscatter cross section from sea surfaces
Author(s): Min-Joon Kim; H. M. Berenyi; Shahram Tajbakhsh; Ronald E. Burge
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Experimental and theoretical validation of a GTD-based SAR simulator
Author(s): Shahram Tajbakhsh; Ronald E. Burge; S. Mojir-Shaybani; Min-Joon Kim; H. M. Berenyi
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Segmentation and simulated annealing
Author(s): Rod Cook; Ian McConnell; David Stewart; Christopher John Oliver
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Mixture distribution model for correlated SAR clutter
Author(s): David Blacknell
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DPCA processing for SAR moving-target detection in the presence of internal clutter motion and velocity mismatch
Author(s): Pierfrancesco Lombardo
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Optimum classification of correlated SAR textures
Author(s): Christopher John Oliver
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Comparison of annealing and iterated filters for speckle reduction in SAR
Author(s): Ian McConnell; Christopher John Oliver
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Optimum parameter estimate for K-distributed clutter using multiple moments
Author(s): Mohammed Jahangir; David Blacknell
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Ship wake detection using Radon transforms of filtered SAR imagery
Author(s): Andrey Scherbakov; Ramon Hanssen; George Vosselman; Raymond Feron
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Line extraction from Synthetic Aperture Radar scenes using a Markov random field model
Author(s): Olaf Hellwich
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Analysis of the optical flow model applied to the motion estimation of sea ice from ERS-1 SAR image sequences
Author(s): Aisheng Li; Jan Askne
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Bayesian filtering of multichannel SAR images for detection of thin structures and data fusion
Author(s): Edmond Nezry; Francis Zagolski; Armand Lopes; Francis Yakam-Simen
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Automated procedure for registering SAR and optical imagery based on feature matching
Author(s): Paul M. Dare; Ian J. Dowman
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Identification of lines of pylons in SAR images
Author(s): Ian Finch; D. F. Yates; L. M. Delves
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Adaptive vectorial speckle filtering in SAR images based on fuzzy clustering criteria
Author(s): Ali Saad; Safwan El Assad; Dominique Barba
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Unsupervised optimal fuzzy clustering and Markov segmentation of polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Safwan El Assad; Ali Saad; Dominique Barba
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Statistical information analysis of raw synthetic aperture radar data for compression
Author(s): Xavier Morin; Safwan El Assad; Dominique Barba
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Extraction of structural features on SAR images: an adaptive version of the HK-Filter
Author(s): Hind Taud; Jean-Francois Parrot
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Foreshore study through shoreline delineation
Author(s): Ian J. Davenport; David C. Mason; R. A. Flather; C. Gurney
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Improving IFSAR phase unwrapping by early detection of noninterferometric features
Author(s): Florence Tupin; Emmanuele Trouve; Xavier Descombes; Jean-Marie Nicolas; Henri Maitre
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Innovative IFSAR simulator
Author(s): Giorgio Franceschetti; Antonio Iodice; Maurizio Migliaccio; Daniele Riccio
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Finite-element method for interferometric SAR phase unwrapping
Author(s): Gianfranco Fornaro; Giorgio Franceschetti; Riccardo Lanari; Damiano Rossi; Manlio Tesauro
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Phase unwrapping of an SAR interferogram through interactive terrain modeling
Author(s): Makoto Ono
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Phase unwrapping techniques for IFSAR
Author(s): Maria Teresa Chiaradia; Andrea Guerriero; Guido Pasquariello; Alberto Refice; Nicola Veneziani
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Cross-phase repeat pass inteferometry with ERS SAR
Author(s): Fabio Biondini; Gaute Aarbakke Solaas
Decorrelation mechanisms in C-band SAR interferometry over boreal forest
Author(s): Gary Smith; Patrik B.G. Dammert; Jan Askne
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Robust 2D phase unwrapping based on multiresolution
Author(s): Gordon W. Davidson; Richard Bamler
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Nature of noise in 2D phase unwrapping
Author(s): Richard Bamler; Gordon W. Davidson; Nico Adam
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Optimum dual-baseline SAR cross-track interferometry
Author(s): Pierfrancesco Lombardo; Fabrizio Lombardini
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ENVISAT-1 Microwave Radiometer MWR: current design status
Author(s): Michele L'Abbate; Ornella Bombaci; Francesco Caltagirone
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Calibration and expected performances of ENVISAT-1 MWR
Author(s): Ornella Bombaci; Michele L'Abbate; Francesco Caltagirone
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Prospects on the X-SAR interferometer of the SRL-3 topographic mapping mission
Author(s): Francesco Caltagirone; Pasquale Capece; Giorgio Spada
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Central electronics subassembly of ENVISAT-1 ASAR: functions, performance and architecture
Author(s): Giuseppe Angino; R. Bertoni; G. Braconi; G. Cascioli; G. Fowler; M. Hutchinson; G. Impagnatiello; P. Tong
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New instrument for atmospheric chemistry mission: MASTER+
Author(s): Paolo Spera; D. Oricchio; Ugo Cortesi
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Developments in satellite radar altimetry
Author(s): Carlo Zelli; Fabrizio Impagnatiello; Giovanni Alberti
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CLIMACS prephase A: design of a medium-resolution SAR for land applications
Author(s): V. Adrian; Noel Suinot; Chung-Chi Lin
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Rain radar instrument definition
Author(s): Nicolas Vincent; J. Chenebault; Noel Suinot; Paolo L. Mancini
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Space constellation of high-resolution SARs for fast global access
Author(s): Marco D'Errico; Cesare Dionisio; Antonio Moccia; F. Mura; S. Ponte
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Shuttle radar topography mapper (SRTM)
Author(s): Rolando L. Jordan; Edward R. Caro; Yunjin Kim; Michael Kobrick; Yuhsyen Shen; Frederick V. Stuhr; Marian U. Werner
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Design consideration for a spaceborne cloud radar
Author(s): Byron E. Richards; D. L. Hurd
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