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Advanced and Next-Generation Satellites II
Editor(s): Hiroyuki Fujisada; Guido Calamai; Martin N. Sweeting
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Volume Number: 2957
Date Published: 27 January 1997
Softcover: 39 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819423610

Table of Contents
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METOP, MSG, and ENVISAT ESA programs
Author(s): Evangelina P. Oriol-Pibernat; Stefano Bruzzi
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Ozone Monitoring Instrument/Imaging Spectrometer
Author(s): Johan de Vries
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SCIAMACHY: the completion of a new generation instrument for studying the atmosphere
Author(s): Henri G.C. Werij; Carina Olij; Anne Erik Zoutman; Aldert Kamp
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Medium-resolution imaging spectrometer (MERIS)
Author(s): Jean-Loup Bezy; Steven Delwart; Georges Gourmelon; Gilles Baudin; Richard Bessudo; Heinz Sontag
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Global Ozone Monitoring by Occultation of Stars (GOMOS) instrument on ENVISAT: requirements, design, and development status
Author(s): Alexandru F. Popescu; Torgeir Paulsen; Guy Ratier; Gilbert Uguen; I. Asseman; R. B. Wilson; Klaus-Dieter Mau
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Low-noise InGaAs infrared 1.0- to 2.4-um focal plane arrays for SCIAMACHY
Author(s): Ronald J. van der A; Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen; Hugo J. Spruijt; Albert P. H. Goede
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EOS-AM1: L-2
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Christopher J. Scolese; Francesco Bordi
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EOS-AM2: a design update
Author(s): Francesco Bordi; Steven P. Neeck; Christopher J. Scolese; Raynor L. Taylor
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Data systems trade studies for a next generation sensor
Author(s): Edward J. Masuoka; Albert J. Fleig
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Synthetic multispectral data sets for testing remote sensing algorithms and processing systems
Author(s): Albert J. Fleig; Edward J. Masuoka; Kai Yang
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Data acquisition scheduling algorithm for multitelescope instrument with pointing function
Author(s): Taijiro Ohno; Hiroshi Watanabe; Toru Kawakami; Shouzou Fujita; Ronald H. Cohen
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Hyperspectral imager for the future ESA land surface processes earth explorer mission
Author(s): Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart
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Processes research by an imaging space mission
Author(s): Winfried Posselt; Bernd Paul Kunkel; Elke Schmidt; Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart
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PRISM: Hyperspectral spaceborne imager for land processes research
Author(s): Yves Delclaud; Jean-Yves Labandibar; Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart; Reiner B. Garreis; Giorgio Adami
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Hyperspectral sensing using the Linear Etalon Imaging Spectral Array
Author(s): Dennis C. Reuter; Donald E. Jennings; George H. McCabe; Jeffrey W. Travis; Vincent T. Bly; Anh T. La; Trang L. Nguyen; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Peter K. Shu; R. Denis Endres
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Future earth observation scenario and related actvities in Japan
Author(s): Takashi Moriyama
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Preliminary results of ADEOS initial mission checkout
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Present status of ADEOS-2
Author(s): Akimasa Sumi
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Current status of the ADEOS-II/GLI Mission
Author(s): Teruyuki Nakajima; Y. Awaya; Motoaki Kishino; T. Ohishi; G. Saitou; Akihiro Uchiyama; Takashi Nakajima; Masakatsu Nakajima; T. Uesugi
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Development results of the precipitation radar on TRMM
Author(s): Masahiro Kojima; Toneo Kawanishi; Hiroshi Kuroiwa; Koki Oikawa; Toshiaki Kozu
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Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS): mission objectives and payloads
Author(s): Ryosuke Shibasaki; Yuji Osawa; Kenichi Toda; Hiroyuki Wakabayashi; Takashi Hamazaki; Hideo Takamatsu
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Advanced Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer type 2 (AVNIR-2)
Author(s): Kiyonari Fukue; Tamotsu Igarashi; Yuji Osawa; Haruhisa Shimoda; Ryuji Matsuoka; Yoshiyuki Kawata
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Author(s): Michael Berger; Hermann J. Kaufmann; Peter Seige
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System for space patrol of solar ionizing radiation
Author(s): Sergey V. Avakyan; Sergei V. Murashov; Ivan M. Pribilovsky; Gennady V. Sazonov; Alexander I. Yefremov; Leonid D. Fedotov; Michael I. Kislitsky; Andrei P. Moshkanchev; Boris I. Poletaev; Vladimir I. Sapozhnikov
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Preflight performance testing of the Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer cameras
Author(s): Carol J. Bruegge; Nadine Lu Chrien; Barbara J. Gaitley; Robert P. Korechoff
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Calibration plan and preliminary field campaign for ASTER
Author(s): Kohei Arai; Satoshi Tsuchida; Kurtis J. Thome
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Characterization and calibration results from the Visible and Infrared Scanner (VIRS) for the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
Author(s): William L. Barnes; Robert A. Barnes; Alan W. Holmes
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PRISM on-board characterization
Author(s): Winfried Posselt; Daniel R. Lobb; Philip N. Slater; Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart
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Strategies for calibration of high-resolution imaging spectrometer data
Author(s): Daniel R. Lobb; Nigel P. Fox; Michael Rast; Philip N. Slater; A. Wilson
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In-flight polarization calibration of POLDER
Author(s): Philippe Goloub; B. Toubbe; Maurice Herman; T. Bailleul; Olivier Hagolle; Jean-Michel Martinuzzi; Bernard Rouge
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Pre- and in-flight calibration of GOME
Author(s): Roel Hoekstra; Carina Olij; Anne Erik Zoutman; Henri G.C. Werij
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SPOT Histogram data base
Author(s): Aime Meygret; Magdeleine C. Dinguirard; Patrice J. Henry; Laurent Poutier; Sandrine Lafont; Philippe Hazane
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BRDF and surface-surround effects on SPOT-HRV vicarious calibration
Author(s): Richard P. Santer; C. Schmectig; Kurtis J. Thome
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Solar diffuser preflight calibration set-up
Author(s): Etienne Renotte; Andrea Novi; Demetrio Labate; Mauro Melozzi; Claudio Giunti; Roland Meynart
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SPOT calibration of blue and green channels using Rayleigh scattering over clear oceans
Author(s): Eric Dilligeard; Xavier Briottet; Jean Luc Deuze; Richard P. Santer
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Use of Kirchoff's law to compensate for scan-dependent gain and polarization effects in a thermal infrared radiometer
Author(s): Christopher W. Palmer
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Results of dark target vicarious calibration using Lake Tahoe
Author(s): Robert John Parada; Kurtis J. Thome; Richard P. Santer
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Future L-band SAR missions of Japanese ALOS programme
Author(s): Harunobu Masuko; Yoshinori Miyazaki; Hiroyuki Wakabayashi; Takashi Hamazaki; Yoshikazu Kamiya
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MightySat II.1: an optical design and performance update
Author(s): Leonard John Otten; Andrew D. Meigs; Frederick P. Portigal; Bernard Al Jones; R. Glenn Sellar; Donald C. Fronterhouse; Bruce Rafert; John R. O'Hair; Theodore S. Turner
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