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Forensic Evidence Analysis and Crime Scene Investigation
Editor(s): John Hicks; Peter R. De Forest; Vivian M. Baylor

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Volume Number: 2941
Date Published: 10 February 1997

Table of Contents
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Prediction of firing pin shape and 3D matching of shells and firing pins based on firing pin impressions in primers
Author(s): Donald W.W. Dawson; Chris L. Hart; Bernard R. Gilbert; Rafael A. Andrade; Joel H. Blatt
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Instrument for rapidly imaging the fields in magnetic media
Author(s): Michael E. Read; Thomas J. Manuccia; Willi G. Schwarz; David Weibel; Chris Gregory; Geoffrey Bird; Robert B. Wallace; James J. Ryan
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Analysis of drugs in human tissues by supercritical fluid extraction/immunoassay
Author(s): Kenneth G. Furton; Alberta Sabucedo; Joseph Rein; W. Lee Hearn
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Statistical significance of trace evidence matches using independent physicochemical measurements
Author(s): Jose R. Almirall; Michael Cole; Kenneth G. Furton; George Gettinby
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Use of PhotoCD imaging in crime scene analysis and reconstruction
Author(s): Charles V. Morton
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Forensic video image analysis
Author(s): Thomas R. Edwards
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CAD programs: a tool for crime scene processing and reconstruction
Author(s): Daniel Boggiano; Peter R. De Forest; Francis X. Sheehan
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Novel sample preparation methods and field testing procedures used to determine the chemical basis of cocaine detection by canines
Author(s): Kenneth G. Furton; Ya-Li Hsu; Tien-Ying Luo; Nayiby Alvarez; Pedro Lagos
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Electronic aroma detection technology for forensic and law enforcement applications
Author(s): Stacy-Ann Barshick; Wayne H. Griest; Arpad A. Vass
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Applications of a digital darkroom in the forensic laboratory
Author(s): Barry D. Bullard; Brian Birge
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Recent advances in latent print visualization techniques at the U.S. Secret Service
Author(s): Robert S. Ramotowski; Antonio A. Cantu; Deborah A. Leben; Madeleine M. Joullie; George C. Saunders
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Chemical characterization of fingerprints from adults and children
Author(s): Michelle V. Buchanan; Keiji Asano; Arthur Bohanon
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Lanthanide mixed ligand chelates for DNA profiling and latent fingerprint detection
Author(s): E. Roland Menzel; Clay Allred
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Methodological approach to crime scene investigation: the dangers of technology
Author(s): Peter D. Barnett
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Internet and forensic science
Author(s): Reddy P. Chamakura
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Crime scene investigation, reporting, and reconstuction (CSIRR)
Author(s): John F. Booth; Jeffrey M. Young; Paul Corrigan
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System engineering for image and video systems
Author(s): Raymond J. Talbot Jr.
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Clandestine laboratory scene investigation and processing using portable GC/MS
Author(s): Raymond J. Matejczyk
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