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Chemistry- and Biology-Based Technologies for Contraband Detection
Editor(s): Pierre Pilon; Steve Burmeister

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Volume Number: 2937
Date Published: 17 February 1997

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Analysis of the volatile organic compounds in seized cocaine hydrochloride
Author(s): Lindy Espina Dejarme; Sara J. Lawhon; Prasenjit Ray; Michael R. Kuhlman
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Evaluation of solid-phase microextraction in detection of contraband drug vapors
Author(s): Grazyna Elzbietta Orzechowska; Edward J. Poziomek; Vangielynn Tersol; Juliana Homstead
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Formation of methyl benzoate from cocaine hydrochloride under different temperatures and humidities
Author(s): Lindy Espina Dejarme; Rachel E. Gooding; Sara J. Lawhon; Prasenjit Ray; Michael R. Kuhlman
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Detection of cocaine in cargo containers by high-volume vapor sampling: field test at Port of Miami
Author(s): Pavel Neudorfl; Michael Hupe; Pierre Pilon; Andre H. Lawrence; Gerry Drolet; Chih-Wu Su; Stephen W. Rigdon; Terry D. Kunz; Syd Ulwick; David E. Hoglund; Jeff J. Wingo; Jack C. Demirgian; Patrick Shier
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Quadrupole resonance spectroscopic study of narcotic materials
Author(s): Timothy J. Rayner; Rebecca West; Allen N. Garroway; R. Lyndquist; James P. Yesinowski
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Laser-based detection of chemical contraband
Author(s): Robert G. Clemmer; James F. Kelly; Steven W. Martin; Gary M. Mong; Steven W. Sharpe
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SAW/GC detection of taggants and other volatile compounds associated with contraband materials
Author(s): Edward J. Staples; Gary W. Watson; David S. McGuirre; Dudley Williams
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Surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering: a sensitive and selective technique for contraband detection
Author(s): W. E. Smith; P. C. White; Richard John Lacey
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New high-efficiency ion-trap mobility detection system for narcotics
Author(s): William J. McGann
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Illicit material detector based on gas sensors and neural networks
Author(s): Vincent Grimaldi; Jean-Luc Politano
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Characterization and identification of contraband using UV resonant Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Richard John Lacey; Ian P. Hayward; H. S. Sands; David N. Batchelder
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Field ion spectrometry: a new technology for cocaine and heroin detection
Author(s): Byron L. Carnahan; Stephen Day; Viktor Kouznetsov; Alexandre Tarassov
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Portable instrument for detection of illicit drugs
Author(s): Sabatino Nacson; H. Walker; Allan Chang; Tony Siu; L. McNelles; M. Uffe
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Advancement of contraband drug detection through improved surface-sampling procedures
Author(s): Julie C. Patrick; Edward J. Poziomek
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Strategies for the detection of drugs within the Correctional Service Canada: research and development initiatives
Author(s): Jim E. Roberts; Joe Rochefort
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U.S. Coast Guard: overview of operational narcotic detection program
Author(s): Jack McCready; Chih-Wu Su; Stephen W. Rigdon
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Field applications of ion-mobility spectrometry
Author(s): Patricia A. Brown
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Biologically based detection systems: the time has come for use in contraband detection
Author(s): Elaine M. Bower
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Immunosensor-based drug detectors for customs and other operations
Author(s): Paul Shrivastava; Christopher J. McLean; Franz Aberl; Johannes Bonenberger; Ralf-Peter Berg; Rudolph Zimmermann
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Portable flow immunosensor for detecting drugs and explosives
Author(s): Anne W. Kusterbeck; Paul R. Gauger; Paul T. Charles
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Overview of current olfactometer performance across different odorant systems
Author(s): Mark G. Hartell; Cindy C. Edge; Markham Q. Pierce; Susan F. Hallowell; James A. Petrousky
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Canine olfactory sensitivity to cocaine hydrochloride and methyl benzoate
Author(s): L. Paul Waggoner; James M. Johnston; Marc Williams; Jan Jackson; Meredith H. Jones; Teresa Boussom; James A. Petrousky
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Stability of explosives traces on different supports: detectability by EVD
Author(s): Peter Kolla
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Contraband drug surface chemistry at nanogram levels
Author(s): Juliana Homstead; Edward J. Poziomek
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Particle size distribution of cocaine hydrochloride
Author(s): Michael R. Kuhlman; Rachel E. Gooding; Vladimir G. Kogan; Curtis Bridges
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Use of methylene blue as a simulant for the physical properties of cocaine HCl and heroin HCl
Author(s): Julie C. Patrick; Grazyna Elzbietta Orzechowska; Edward J. Poziomek
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Contraband detection program
Author(s): Gerry Drolet
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Effectiveness of quality-control aids in verifying K-9-team explosive detection performance
Author(s): Susan F. Hallowell; Douglas S. Fischer; Jeffrey D. Brasher; Robert L. Malone; Garold L. Gresham; Cathy Rae
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