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Effects of Low-Power Light on Biological Systems II
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Volume Number: 2929
Date Published: 25 November 1996
Softcover: 27 papers (214) pages
ISBN: 9780819423313

Table of Contents
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Different sensitivity of cells from tumor-bearing organisms to continuous-wave and pulsed laser radiation (lambda = 632.8 nm) evaluated by chemiluminescence test
Author(s): Tiina I. Karu; T. P. Ryabykh; Sergei N. Antonov; Vladilen S. Letokhov
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Low-energy doses of visible (633 nm) and near-infrared (780 nm) lasers change intracellular Ca2+ concentration in fibroblasts
Author(s): Rachel Lubart; Harry Friedmann; N. Grossmann; M. Synakov; Mariusz Adamek; Asher Shainberg
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Ultrastructural changes in chondriome of human lymphocytes after irradiation with HeNe laser: appearance of giant mitochondria
Author(s): Valentina Manteifel; L. Bakeeva; Tiina I. Karu
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Laser irradiation of mouse spermatozoa enhances in-vitro fertilization and Ca2+ uptake via reactive oxygen species
Author(s): Natalie Cohen; Rachel Lubart; Sara Rubinstein; Haim Breitbart
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Irradiation with HeNe laser can influence the cytotoxic response of HeLa cells to ionizing radiation
Author(s): Tiina I. Karu; Ludmila V. Pyatibrat; G. Kalendo
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Nonlinear intracellular dynamics of photosensitizers during PDT
Author(s): Angelika C. Rueck; Nermin Akguen; K. Heckelsmiller; Karin Kunzi-Rapp; Gerd C. Beck; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Red light effect on the survival of cells exposed to gamma rays
Author(s): Victor A. Monich; Svetlana L. Malinovskaya; Elvira Lokhmachova; Andrei Vorobjev
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Is topically applied irradiation with visible and IR light at low fluence rates able to produce systemic effects: literature review and experience
Author(s): Liesbeth Schindl; Andreas Schindl
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Effect of low-power luminescent irradiation on surgical and burn wounds of soft tissues
Author(s): Victor A. Monich; Svetlana L. Malinovskaya; Elvira Lokhmachova; Andrei Vorobjev
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Systemic increase in blood flow in conditions of disturbed microcirculation after low-power laser irradiation
Author(s): Andreas Schindl; Liesbeth Schindl
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Backscattering measuring system for optimization of intravenous laser irradiation dose
Author(s): Tatyana V. Rusina; V. D. Popov; Ivan S. Melnik; Sergiy M. Dets
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Double-blind study of the efficacy of laser therapy
Author(s): Ewa Boerner; Halina Podbielska; M. Nesterowicz; B. Ratajczak
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Application of low-intensity lasers in rheumatology: the results of four-year observations of 224 patients
Author(s): Jacek B. Glazewski
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Influence of low-power laser radiation on carbohydrate metabolism and insulin-glycemic balance in experimental animals
Author(s): Jolanta Radelli; Grzegorz Cieslar; Aleksander Sieron; Henryk Grzybek
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Clinical effectiveness of low-power laser radiation and functioning of hemosalivatory barrier in patients with rheumatic diseases
Author(s): Natalia D. Gladkova; Alexander B. Karachistov; Lia G. Komarova; Olga P. Alekseeva; Elena A. Grunina
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Laser blood irradiation effect on electrophysiological characteristics of acute coronary syndrome patients
Author(s): Sergei N. Khotiaintsev; E. Doger-Guerrero; L. Glebova; V. Svirid; Yuri Sirenko
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Biological effects of noncoherent and nonpolarized light of GaAs on human erythrocytes
Author(s): Esperanza Puron Sopena; Antonio M. Fontela Lamelas; Serleides de Roux; Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva; Elda Palomo; Carmen Camber
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Comparative estimation of the effectiveness of laser and other methods of stomatological disease treatment
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; Stanislava V. Erina; Svetlana N. Pankova; Friedhelm R. Buerger; R. Baumert; Nicolay N. Stepanov; L. A. Malinovskaya; Irina A. Sokolova; Elana E. Podolskaya; Svetlana G. Kazmina; Elvira I. Dergunova; N. N. Mozhaev
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Indications for laser therapy in diverse models of periodontitis
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; Stanislava V. Erina; Irina A. Sokolova; Svetlana N. Pankova; Yu. A. Ippolitov; L. I. Lepechina; L. A. Malinovskaya; L. L. Chitrina
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Diagnosis and indications for low-intensity laser therapy of the pathology of the oral cavity mucosa of patients with hematologic and gastroenteric diseases
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; E. V. Minakov; A. V. Sutscenko; V. A. Vornovsky; S. V. Dunaeva; Nicolay N. Stepanov; Bogdan R. Shumilovitch
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Complex treatment of trophic affections with vascular patients using monochromatic red light and hyperbaric oxygenation
Author(s): Zinaida M. Babkina; Mikhail V. Vasilyev; Vyacheslav P. Zakharov; Viktor V. Nikolayev; Vasily I. Babkin; Valery G. Samoday; Boris A. Zon; Gennady V. Pakhomov; Vasily I. Naskidashvili; Anatoly A. Kumin
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Clinical and morphological indications for laser treatment of patients with precancerous diseases of the oral cavity
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; E. I. Bykov; Elana E. Podolskaya; Galina A. Stepanova; A. Herdt; V. I. Chernov
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Influence of irradiation of helium-neon laser on microcirculation blood vessels (Extended Abstract)
Author(s): Nikolai N. Petrishchev; N. V. Leontjeva; T. A. Leontjeva
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Influence of the midbrain reticular formation irradiation with luminescent incoherent light on evoked potential of cerebral cortex in cats
Author(s): Svetlana L. Malinovskaya; Asadulla Abakarov; Victor A. Monich
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Change in functional activity of lymphocyte chromatin activity under the influence of low-power laser radiation
Author(s): Irine O. Bugaeva; M. Ledvanov; Nina V. Bogomolova
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Biophoton emission in synchronously developing population of early Drosophila embryos
Author(s): Yu-Ming Zhou; Mae-Wan Ho; John P. Bolton; Marziale Milani; Michele Costato; Francesco Musumeci
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Low-power coherent and noncoherent light in clinical practice
Author(s): Ciprian Antipa; Mihail-Lucian Pascu; Viorica Stanciulescu; Claudia Mayerzedt; Mihaela Vlaiculescu
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