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Optical Biopsies and Microscopic Techniques
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Volume Number: 2926
Date Published: 6 December 1996
Softcover: 35 papers (326) pages
ISBN: 9780819423283

Table of Contents
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Autofluorescence properties of normal and transformed fibroblasts
Author(s): Anna Cleta Croce; Alessandra Spano; Piera Balzarini; Donata Locatelli; Sergio Barni; Proto Pippia; Giovanni F. Bottiroli
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Enhanced energy transfer in respiratory-deficient endothelial cells probed by microscopic fluorescence excitation spectroscopy
Author(s): Herbert Schneckenburger; Michael H. Gschwend; Manfred Bauer; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Microscopic energy transfer spectroscopy to determine mitochondrial malfunction in human myotubes
Author(s): Michael H. Gschwend; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; H. Brinkmeier; R. Ruedel; Rudolf W. Steiner; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Light-induced translocation of Pyronine G from mitochondria to nucleoli in monkey kidney CV-1 cells
Author(s): Marc Geze; M. Dellinger; M. Bazin; Rene C. Santus
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Fluorescent probes in biology and medicine
Author(s): Jan Slavik
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Multiparametric investigations for studying the time-dependence of the effect of Adriamycin on some human leukemic lymphoblasts using multiwavelength videomicrofluorometry
Author(s): Emmanuelle Rocchi; Jean Vigo; Pierre M. Viallet; Jean-Marie Salmon
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Total internal reflection fluorescence spectroscopy for probing porphyrin fluorescence in cell membranes
Author(s): Reinhard Sailer; Wolfgang S. L. Strauss; Michael H. Gschwend; Rudolf W. Steiner; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Cell damage in two-photon microscopes
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Peter T. C. So; William W. Mantulin; Enrico Gratton
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging of cells on the picosecond timescale
Author(s): Klaus Kemnitz; Rene Paul; Jacques Coppey; Maite Coppey-Moisan
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Image acquisition and calibration methods in quantitative confocal laser scanning microscopy
Author(s): Bernd Rinke; Joachim Bradl; Peter Edelmann; Bernhard Schneider; Michael Hausmann; Christoph G. Cremer
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Comparative study of three-dimensional localization accuracy in conventional, confocal laser scanning and axial tomographic fluorescence light microscopy
Author(s): Joachim Bradl; Bernd Rinke; Arif Esa; Peter Edelmann; Hans Krieger; Bernhard Schneider; Michael Hausmann; Christoph G. Cremer
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Dynamic period measurements of biological samples under the microscope: application to muscle cell sarcomeres during contraction
Author(s): Behrouz Payandeh; Francois Gannier; Jean Claude Bernengo
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Superresolution in scanning fluorescence microscopy by means of image processing in the optical domain
Author(s): U. Brand; J. Grochmalicki; G. Hester; I. Akduman; Edward Roy Pike
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Contrast and resolution in optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Thomas Hellmuth
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Trapping of dielectric particles and cells by a fiber-coupled laser trap
Author(s): Shamci Monajembashi; Karl-Otto Greulich
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Optical determination of motility forces in human spermatozoa with laser tweezers
Author(s): Karsten Koenig; Lars Othar Svaasand; Yona Tadir; Bruce J. Tromberg; Michael W. Berns
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Imaging liquid crystalline mesophases in vivo and in vitro: measuring molecular birefringence and order parameter in liquid crystals
Author(s): Yu-Ming Zhou; Richard H. Newton; J. Haffegee; Jacki Y. Brown; Stephen Ross; John P. Bolton; Mae-Wan Ho
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Polarized light microscopy technique for quantitatively mapping collagen fibril orientation in cornea
Author(s): Richard H. Newton; Jacki Y. Brown; K. M. Meek
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Comparative study viruses with computer-aided phase microscope AIRYSCAN
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Georgy E. Koufal; Elena V. Perevedentseva; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia
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Imaging of living cells in real time
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Georgy E. Koufal; Elena V. Perevedentseva; Tatiana V. Vyshenskaia; Serguei L. Nikandrov
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Depth of field and improved resolution of slit-scan flow systems
Author(s): Michael Hausmann; Martin Crone; Christoph G. Cremer
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Scanning force microscopical examination of metaphase chromosomes after in-situ hybridization
Author(s): Georg Papastavrou; Bernd Rinke; Michael Hausmann; Christoph G. Cremer
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Novel laser-based technology for cell separation
Author(s): Edgar Diessel; Franco Fois; Ulrich Ebbinghaus-Kintscher; Juergen Stebani
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In vivo fluorescence spectroscopy of the gastrointestinal tract under multiple wavelength excitation
Author(s): Haishan Zeng; Alan Weiss; Nick MacKinnon; Richard W. Cline; Calum E. MacAulay
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Breast cancer: in vitro measurements of native fluorescence
Author(s): Wolfgang Lohmann; Rainer M. Bohle; Thomas Dreyer; Sabine Haas; Heike Wallenfels; Konrad Schwemmle; Wolf-Bernhard Schill
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Detection of cervical precancer using optical spectroscopy (Extended Abstract)
Author(s): Nirmala Ramanujam; Michele Follen-Mitchell; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; Constantinos Pitris; Anant Agrawal; Sharon L. Thomsen; Gregg Staerkel; Thomas C. Wright; Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum
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Fluorescence microscopy studies on ALA-sensitized tissues
Author(s): Gereon Huettmann; Wolfgang Achtelik; Martin Loening; Konrad Sommer; Heyke Cacile Diddens
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Laser-induced fluorescence diagnostics of basal cell carcinomas of the skin following topical ALA application
Author(s): Claes af Klinteberg; Annika M.K. Nilsson; Ingrid Wang-Nordman; Stefan Andersson-Engels; Sune Svanberg; Katarina Svanberg
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Tissue characterization by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of endogenous and exogenous fluorochromes: apparatus design and preliminary results
Author(s): Thomas M. Glanzmann; Jean-Pierre Ballini; Patrice Jichlinski; Hubert van den Bergh; Georges A. Wagnieres
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Laser-induced fluorescence detection of stomach cancer using hypericin
Author(s): Sergiy M. Dets; Alexander N. Buryi; Ivan S. Melnik; Alexander Y. Joffe; Tatyana V. Rusina
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Continuous spectrum near-infrared spectroscopy approach in functional activation studies in the human adult
Author(s): Hellmuth Obrig; Hauke R. Heekeren; Jan Ruben; Rudiger Wenzel; J.-P. Ndayisaba; Ulrich Dirnagl; Arno Villringer
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Diffuse polarization spectroscopy on tissue phantoms and biological cell suspensions
Author(s): Andreas H. Hielscher; Judith R. Mourant; Irving J. Bigio
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Depth-sensitive fluorescence detection of dyes in tissue phantoms
Author(s): Gerd C. Beck; Willem M. Star; Hugo J. van Staveren; Lars H. P. Murrer; Angelika C. Rueck; Rudolf W. Steiner
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Functional images of local O2 contents and O2 gradients in intact human skin
Author(s): Manfred D. Kessler; Jens Hoeper; Paul Dan Cristea; Barbara Albert-Hehn; Alfons Krug
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Design and characterization of a phantom that simultaneously simulates tissue optical properties between 400 and 650 nm
Author(s): Georges A. Wagnieres; Shangguan Cheng; Matthieu Zellweger; Nora Doegnitz-Utke; Daniel Braichotte; Jean-Pierre Ballini; Hubert van den Bergh
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