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Transportation Sensors and Controls: Collision Avoidance, Traffic Management, and ITS
Editor(s): Alan C. Chachich; Marten J. de Vries

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Volume Number: 2902
Date Published: 17 February 1997

Table of Contents
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Real-time license plate reading for origin/destination studies
Author(s): Salvatore A. D Agostino; Paul W. Shuldiner; Martin Merrick; Jeffrey Woodson
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Tracking vehicles in congested traffic
Author(s): David Beymer; Jitendra Malik
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Intelligent automobile machine vision with smart pixels
Author(s): T.C. Bobby Yu
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Three-camera stereo vision for intelligent transportation systems
Author(s): Jason Bergendahl; Ichiro Masaki; Berthold K. P. Horn
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Further results on the use of binocular vision for highway driving
Author(s): Joseph W. Weber; Michael Atkin
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Electronic imaging aids for night driving: low-light CCD, uncooled thermal IR, and color-fused visible/LWIR
Author(s): Allen M. Waxman; Eugene D. Savoye; David A. Fay; Mario Aguilar; Alan N. Gove; James E. Carrick; Joseph P. Racamato
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Computational simulation of night vision of retroreflective road markers under poor atmospheric visibility
Author(s): Vladimir V. Barun; Arkady P. Ivanov
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Passive optical lane position monitor
Author(s): Joseph M. Geary
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Aerometrics' laser-based lane-tracker sensor: engineering and on-the-road evaluation of advanced prototypes
Author(s): Carlos A. Schuler; Francis M. Tapos; Mehyeddine M. Alayleh; William D. Bachalo
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Electronic rumble strip
Author(s): Donald R. Stauffer; James Lenz
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Wide-area traffic surveillance (WATS) system
Author(s): William C. Schwartz; Robert A. Olson
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Vehicle detection and classification in shadowy traffic images using wavelets and neural networks
Author(s): Tien-Hsin Chao; Brian Lau; Youngchul Park
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Evaluation of color categorization for representing vehicle colors
Author(s): Nan Zeng; Jill D. Crisman
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Traffic sensor using a color vision method
Author(s): Alan C. Chachich; A. Pau; A. Barber; K. Kennedy; E. Olejniczak; J. Hackney; Q. Sun; E. Mireles
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Performance of fiber optic vehicle sensors for highway axle detection
Author(s): Scott A. Meller; Noel Zabaronick; I. Ghoreishian; J. Allison; Vivek Arya; Marten J. de Vries; Richard O. Claus
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Interferometric vibration and acoustic sensor systems for airport ground traffic monitoring
Author(s): Norbert Fuerstenau; Wolfgang Goetze; H. Horack; Walter Schmidt
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Acoustic detection of vehicles
Author(s): Arthur T. Bergan; Bruce Zimmerman; Rod Klashinsky; Robert J. Bushman
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Time-delay neural network for audio monitoring of road traffic and vehicle classification
Author(s): Amir Y. Nooralahiyan; Louis Lopez; Denis Mckewon; Masoud Ahmadi
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Fiber Bragg grating based systems for transportation infrastructure monitoring
Author(s): Michael A. Davis; Alan D. Kersey
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Optical fiber sensors for monitoring visibility
Author(s): Vivek Arya; Paul Grems Duncan; Marten J. de Vries; Richard O. Claus
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Vehicle emission sensing and evaluation using the Smog Dog in Houston
Author(s): Lei Yu; Stanley W. Burrier
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Application of the smart portal in transportation
Author(s): Stephen W. Kercel; Vivian M. Baylor; William B. Dress; Tim W. Hickerson; William Bruce Jatko; Leo E. Labaj; Jeffrey D. Muhs; Richard M. Pack
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Status of recent developments in collision avoidance using motion detectors based on insect vision
Author(s): Derek Abbott; Alireza Moini; Andre Yakovleff; X. Thong Nguyen; R. Beare; W. Kim; Abdesselam Bouzerdoum; Robert E. Bogner; Kamran Eshraghian
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DASCAR sensor suite and video data system
Author(s): Richard J. Carter; Frank S. Barickman; Michael J. Goodman
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Radar sensors for intersection collision avoidance
Author(s): Edward H. Jocoy; Wayne G. Phoel
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Collision alerting system evaluation methodology for ground vehicles
Author(s): James K. Kuchar
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Development of an in-vehicle intersection collision countermeasure
Author(s): John A. Pierowicz
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In-vehicle low-cost signing system
Author(s): Eugene F. Greneker
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Interface between the driver and collision warning systems: lessons in complexity
Author(s): John S. Wallace; Donald L. Fisher
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Symmetry-based vehicle location for AHS
Author(s): Andreas Kuehnle
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Exposure safety standards for nonionizing radiation (NIR) from collision-avoidance radar
Author(s): Joyce Palmer-Fortune; Aviva Brecher; Paul Spencer; Richard Huguenin; Ken Woods
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