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Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Systems
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Volume Number: 2898
Date Published: 30 September 1996
: 37 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9780819422996

Table of Contents
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Multimedia OC12 parallel interface using VCSEL array to achieve high-performance cost-effective optical interconnections
Author(s): Edward S. Chang
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Fast hybrid motion estimation methods
Author(s): Ephraim Feig; Lurng-Kuo Liu
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Plagiarism-detection framework for digital libraries
Author(s): Antonio Si; Rynson W.H. Lau; Hong Va Leong
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Experiments with new overlapped block motion estimation algorithms
Author(s): Ephraim Feig; Rajesh Rajagopalan
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Contour-based image warping
Author(s): Kwai Hung Chan; Rynson W.H. Lau
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Computing image histograms from compressed data
Author(s): Ephraim Feig; Chung-Sheng Li
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Surface reconstruction based on relaxation refinement
Author(s): Rynson W.H. Lau; Kwai Hung Chan; Patrick Chan
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Wavelet CHF-SDF filter for distortion-invariant pattern recognition
Author(s): SeungHee Lee; Jeong-Woo Kim; Ha-Woon Lee; Duck Soo Noh; Soo-Joong Kim
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Bit-stream classification using joint and conditional entropies
Author(s): Wenhua Chen; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Segmentation of thin networks using perceptual organization with active contour functions
Author(s): Laurent Alquier; Phillipe Montesinos
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Reduction of coding artifacts in video compression
Author(s): Ramon Llados-Bernaus; Robert L. Stevenson
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Shape-based active contour model
Author(s): Vanee Vuwong; Hairong Yu
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Variable-coefficient fixed-length coding scheme for wavelet-based image communication over noisy channels
Author(s): Zhaohui Sun; Chang Wen Chen; Kevin J. Parker
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Measuring border irregularities of skin lesions using fractal dimensions
Author(s): Vincent T. Y. Ng; Tim Kam Lee
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VIMS: toward an adaptive and versatile video manipulation server
Author(s): John Chung-Mong Lee; Qing Li; Wei Xiong
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Image retrieval with multiresolution color space quantization
Author(s): Xia Wan; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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High-resolution image digitizing through 12x3-bit RGB-filtered CCD camera
Author(s): Andrew Y. S. Cheng; Michael C. Y. Pau
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Interleaving and error concealment for MPEG video over ATM networks
Author(s): Pao-Chi Chang; Ming-Chen Chien
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Toward building high-availability disk-array-based storage servers
Author(s): Ming-Syan Chen; Jeng-Chun Chen
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Image process of 3D reconstruction from holograms
Author(s): Zhang Xiong; Hanchun Yin; Xiaobing Zhang
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Study on color low-light-level (CLLL) TV technology
Author(s): Jie Kong; Yunfen Liu; Baomin Zhang
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New algorithm of image registration in image fusion based on wavelet decomposition
Author(s): Wenzhong Wei; Zhiyun Gao; Shiling Hu
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Space-time-domain median filtering in low-light-level noise processing
Author(s): Qian Chen; Lianfa Bai; Guohua Gu; Yu Wang
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Theory and experimental study on low-light-level images by adaptive mode filter
Author(s): Lianfa Bai; Baomin Zhang; Yunfen Liu; Qian Chen
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Multispectral image fusion using wavelet transform
Author(s): Xiaoyu Jiang; LiWei Zhou; Zhiyun Gao
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Edge-preserving vector quantization using a neural network
Author(s): Xujun Ye; Zhineng Li
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Fractal-based wavelet transform coding for low-bit-rate video
Author(s): Rongfeng Yu; Jingli Zhou; Shengsheng Yu; Danny Chi
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Computer-aided pseudocolor coding of gray images: complementary color-coding technique
Author(s): Jianbiao Dai; Shaoxiang Zhou
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Interframe comparison denoise method: a new low-light-level image processing technique
Author(s): Lianfa Bai; Qian Chen; Guohua Gu; Baomin Zhang
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Invariant image recognition by neural networks and modified moment invariants
Author(s): Dayong Wang; Weixing Xie
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Optical waveguide formed by aluminum nitride thin film on sapphire
Author(s): Xiao Tang; Yifang Yuan; Kobchat Wongchotigul; Michael G. Spencer
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Automatic face-region detection in MPEG video sequences
Author(s): Hualu Wang; Shih-Fu Chang
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Implementation of a simple DAVIC server using Orbix
Author(s): Feng-Cheng Chang; Hsueh-Ming Hang
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Novel method for recognizing a moving object
Author(s): Guoliang Huang; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu; Yingbai Yan
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Multisensor data fusion based on genetic algorithm
Author(s): Feng Liu; Xinju Cai; Bao Shi; Yue Wang
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Research of target image recognition based on correlation match
Author(s): Mingshou Tang
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Querying and browsing resources on the Internet
Author(s): Yi-Hung Wu; YenHung Chen; Arbee L. P. Chen
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