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Holographic Optical Elements and Displays
Editor(s): Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Daxiong Xu

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Volume Number: 2885
Date Published: 23 September 1996

Table of Contents
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Methylene-blue sensitized dichromated gelatin holograms: a study of optimum coating and processing parameters
Author(s): Habib Madjidi-Zolbanine; Nasser Partovi Shabestari; R. Karimi
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Holographic high-resolution media based on vitreous chalcogenide semiconductors
Author(s): Igor V. Chapurin; Lev M. Panasiuk
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Gradient index effect on diffraction efficiency analysis
Author(s): Jung-Chieh Su; Wen-Chieh Lee
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Implementation of the efficient optical perfect shuffle interconnection with block-quantized binary phase holograms
Author(s): Jae Kyung Pan; Hee-Ju Kim
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Computer-generated rainbow hologram
Author(s): Hiroshi Yoshikawa; Hiroyuki Taniguchi
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Optical birefringence of volume photopolymer holograms
Author(s): Weichung Chao; Sien Chi
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Modeling of the performance of reflection gratings in As-S thin films photodissolved with silver
Author(s): Abdolnasser Zakery; M. Hatami
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Holographic optical elements for optical display and biomedicine applications
Author(s): Winston Ho
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2D bit-parallel flexible optical interconnects using fiber image guides
Author(s): Yao Li; Ting Wang
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Holographic polarization-selective elements in optical network applications
Author(s): Yang-Tung Huang; Meng-Fu Lin; Jiun-Shjou Deng; Kai-Ting Fan; Mu-Jung Chen
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Generation of 3D image from computer data with dot array rainbow hologram
Author(s): Luzhong Cai; Yurong Wang; Chengshan Guo; Weitian Wang
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Computer-generated kinetic effect and its applications in security holograms
Author(s): Min Pei; Zhaoqun Zhang
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Efficient method for resisting humidity into MBDCG holograms
Author(s): Ketai Wang; Jiyao Tang; Lurong Guo
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Application of TV-computer system in recording and calculating light information
Author(s): Wensheng Wang
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Storage of color films by means of a single-wavelength laser and SLMs
Author(s): Songcan Lai; Bin Shan; Fuping Wang
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Security holograms for automatic machine inspection
Author(s): Songcan Lai; Fuping Wang; Li Ding
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Comprehensive decision on diffraction efficiency of Fresnel hologram based on method of multifactorial orthogonal design
Author(s): Lei Xu; Zhaoqun Zhang; Xiaoyuan Peng
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Some studies on application of binary optical elements
Author(s): Hong Jiang; Yanfei Zheng; Chunyong Yin
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Realization of optoelectronic interconnection of exposure and reconstruction at the same wavelength
Author(s): Guodong Liang; Mai Xu; Jiaqi Yu
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Encryption method with random intervening stripes
Author(s): Jeffrey K. F. Cheng; Liuzhu Ha
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Design of polarized light interference microscopy
Author(s): Haiwu Yu; Shao-Xian Meng
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Annular-focus zone lens and its application
Author(s): Jianguo Yu; Wen Pei; Dahsiung Hsu
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Holographic cylinder lens recorded by spherical wavefronts
Author(s): Guilin Sun
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Fabrication of fused silica phase masks by reactive ion etching
Author(s): Genxiang Chen; Shuisheng Jian; Ling Yang; Xun Li; Meiqiao Cheng; Yaqing Zhu; Li Li; Huang Ge; Wei Wang
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Analysis of near-field holographic pattern formation using phase masks
Author(s): Genxiang Chen; Shuisheng Jian; Ling Yang; Xun Li; Huang Ge; Wei Wang
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Design of a computer-generated quadruple-focus holographic lens
Author(s): Songcan Lai; Li Ding; Fuping Wang
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Deep-etched multiphase level fractional Talbot grating
Author(s): Jingqin Su; Chongxi Zhou; Yongkang Guo
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Two new phenomena of holographic imaging
Author(s): Junqing Cao; Yinmei Shao; Yiping Sun; Xiangning Li; Ye Ding
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Designing simplicity for CGHOEs by Fourier transform
Author(s): Yong-Zhao Wang; Charles S. Ih; R. N. Pratt
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Photorefractive Zn-Fe:LiNbO3 crystal for real-time double-exposure interferometry application
Author(s): Minghua Li; Caixia Liu; Kebin Xu; Yuheng Xu
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Fabrication of infrared wire grid polarizer by ion beam milling
Author(s): Junjie Si; Yonggang Wu
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Improvement in effects of light transmission characteristics of multimode optical fiber bundle on hologram
Author(s): Zhu Yu; Wei Song; Guangyu He; Defa Man
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Light scattering characteristics of human white blood cells
Author(s): Zhu Yu; Wei Song; Qingchun Hou; Defa Man; Peiqi Gao; Bo Ma
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Design for a high-performance horizontal side POS scanner using holographic technology
Author(s): Charles C. K. Cheng
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Calibration of optical phase shifter using a Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Wanfang Shi; Donald Tipton; Russell G. May; Richard O. Claus
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Energy-efficient image projection by use of novel phase contrast technique
Author(s): Jesper Glueckstad; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Yasuhiro Igasaki; Narihiro Yoshida; Toshihiko Ooie; Tsutomu Hara
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Nonpixellated electrically addressed spatial light modulator (SLM) combining an optically addressed SLM with a CRT
Author(s): Narihiro Yoshida; Haruyoshi Toyoda; Yasuhiro Igasaki; Naohisa Mukohzaka; Yuji Kobayashi; Tsutomu Hara
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