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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology II
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Volume Number: 2879
Date Published: 23 September 1996
Softcover: 40 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9780819422774

Table of Contents
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Micromachining inertial instruments
Author(s): Marc S. Weinberg; Jonathan J. Bernstein; Jeffrey T. Borenstein; J. Campbell; J. Cousens; Robert K. Cunningham; R. Fields; Paul Greiff; Brenda Hugh; Les Niles; Jerome B. Sohn
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Dry etching and micromachining of precision silicon components
Author(s): Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; Wilhelm Pfleging; David A. Wesner; Juergen Jandeleit; G. Urbasch
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Dry etching and boron diffusion of heavily doped high-aspect ratio Si trenches
Author(s): Wen Han Juan; Jason W. Weigold; Stella W. Pang
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Fabrication of piezoresistive-sensed AFM cantilever probe with integrated tip
Author(s): Ivo W. Rangelow; Feng Shi; Peter Hudek; Teodor Gotszalk; Piotr B. Grabiec; Piotr Dumania
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Influence of gas composition and the mask materials on the etch profile of dry-etched structures in silicon
Author(s): Norbert Schwesinger; Ivan Hotovy; Torsten Saendig; Alexander Pelzus
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Chemical-mechanical polishing: enhancing the manufacturability of MEMS
Author(s): Jeffry J. Sniegowski
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Characterization of membrane curvature in micromachined silicon accelerometers and gyroscopes using optical interferometry
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Borenstein; Paul Greiff; Jerome B. Sohn; Marc S. Weinberg
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Characterization of residual stress in metallic films on silicon with micromechanical devices
Author(s): Mathilde Boutry; Alain Bosseboeuf; Gerard Coffignal
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Bipolar compatible epitaxial poly for surface-micromachined smart sensors
Author(s): Paul T. J. Gennissen; Patrick J. French; Marian Bartek; Pasqualina M. Sarro; A. van der Boogaard; Cassan C. C. Visser
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Polysilicon microswitch for planar antenna phase shifters
Author(s): Sandrine Lucas; King Kis-Sion; Jacques Pinel; Olivier Bonnaud
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Micromolding: a powerful tool for large-scale production of precise microstructures
Author(s): Lutz Weber; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Herbert Freimuth; Manfred Lacher; Heinz Lehr; Bernhard Pech
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Fabrication of LIGA mold inserts using a modified procedure
Author(s): Vikas Galhotra; Christophe Marques; Yohannes M. Desta; Kevin W. Kelly; Mircea S. Despa; Ajit Pendse; John R. Collier
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Influence of resist-baking on the pattern quality of thick photoresists
Author(s): Bernd Loechel; Martina Rothe; Simone Fehlberg; Gabi Gruetzner; Gerhard Bleidiessel
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Chemically amplified deep UV resists for micromachining
Author(s): Peter Hudek; Ivo W. Rangelow; Ivan Kostic; Piotr B. Grabiec; Feng Shi
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Simple technology for fabricating micromechanical 3D structures using electroplating without photoresist mold
Author(s): Bahram Ghodsian; M. Parameswaran; Marek Syrzycki
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Silicon micromachining technologies: future needs and challenges
Author(s): Khalil Najafi
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Silicon-micromachined poppet valve with an octagonal diaphragm
Author(s): James W Siekkinen; K. J. Haltiner; Dan W. Chilcott; L. X. Huang; Steve E. Staller
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Supercritical carbon dioxide solvent extraction from surface-micromachined micromechanical structures
Author(s): Christopher W. Dyck; James H. Smith; Samuel L. Miller; E. M. Russick; C. L. J. Adkins
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Fully self-aligned nickel wobble micromotors fabricated at low temperature
Author(s): Minyao Mao; Xiaodong Wang; Jianfang Xie; Weiyuan Wang
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Aluminum passivation in saturated TMAHW solutions for IC-compatible microstructures and device isolation
Author(s): Pasqualina M. Sarro; Sebastiano Brida; W. van der Vlist
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Invar electrodeposition for MEMS application
Author(s): Toshiki Hirano; Long-Sheng Fan
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Selective SiO2-xFx growth with liquid-phase deposition for MEMS technology
Author(s): Ching-Fa Yeh; Yueh-Chuan Lee; Jwinn-Lein Su
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Test structures for nondestructive in-situ control of the anodic bonding quality
Author(s): Jose Antonio Plaza; Jaume Esteve; Emilio Lora-Tamayo
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Fabrication and performance of MARS optical modulators for fiber-to-the-home systems
Author(s): James A. Walker; Keith W. Goossen
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Characterization of the embedded micromechanical device approach to the monolithic integration of MEMS with CMOS
Author(s): James H. Smith; Stephen Montague; Jeffry J. Sniegowski; James R. Murray; Ronald P. Manginell; Paul J. McWhorter; Robert J. Huber
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Collective fabrication of gallium-arsenide-based microsystems
Author(s): Jean Michel Karam; Bernard Courtois; M. Holjo; Jean Louis Leclercq; Pierre Viktorovitch
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Approach for semicustom integrated-sensor system manufacturing in a commercial CMOS technology
Author(s): Joan Bausells
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Microelectro discharge machining as a technology in micromachining
Author(s): Wolfgang Ehrfeld; Heinz Lehr; Frank Michel; Andrej Wolf; Hans-Peter Gruber; Axel Bertholds
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Characterization and application of deep Si trench etching
Author(s): James G. Fleming; Carole Craig Barron
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Release-etch modeling for complex surface-micromachined structures
Author(s): William P. Eaton; James H. Smith; Robert L. Jarecki
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Application of porous Si micromachining technology in the calorimetric sensor
Author(s): Zongsheng Lai; Xinjun Wan; Pingsong Zhou; Yunzhen Wang
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Electrodeposition of 3D microstructures without molds
Author(s): Andreas Maciossek
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Assembly and interconnection technology for micromechanical structures using anisotropic conductive film
Author(s): In-Byeong Kang; Malcolm R. Haskard; Byeong-Kwon Ju
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Eutectic bonds on wafer scale by thin film multilayers
Author(s): Carsten Christensen; Siebe Bouwstra
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Angular alignment for wafer bonding
Author(s): Yuan-Fang Chou; Ming-Hsun Hsieh
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Development of metal-forming machine for fabricating micromechanical components
Author(s): Isamu Aoki; Toshinori Takahsashi
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Micromachine scanning tunneling microscope for nanoscale characterization and fabrication
Author(s): Yasuo Wada; M. Lutwyche; M. Ishibashi
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Application of micromachining technology to optical devices and systems
Author(s): Hiroyuki Fujita
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Commercializing MEMS--too fast or too slow?
Author(s): Steven T. Walsh; William N. Carr; Hillary Mados; Divjot S. Narang
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High-etch-rate anisotropic deep silicon plasma etching for the fabrication of microsensors
Author(s): Tam Pandhumsoporn; Michael Feldbaum; Prashant Gadgil; Michel Puech; Philippe Maquin
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