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Process, Equipment, and Materials Control in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing II
Editor(s): Armando Iturralde; Te-Hua Lin

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Volume Number: 2876
Date Published: 13 September 1996

Table of Contents
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Advanced process control system for vertical furnaces
Author(s): Rudolf Berger; Claus Schneider; Wolfgang Lehnert; Lothar Pfitzner; Heiner Ryssel
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Yield effects of interactions between high polymer forming metal etch processes and postetch ash processes
Author(s): Tze-Yiu Yong; Jon Wang
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Data-driven method for calculating limits for particle control charts
Author(s): Diane Michelson
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Tracing metal defect relating to yield for VLSI manufacturing
Author(s): Yi-Chuan Lo; Chih-Hsiung Lee; Chuan-Chieh A. Lin; Chi-Ming Yang; Chuan-Chang Lin; Kuo-Liang Lu; J. J. Yang
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Productivity improvement through cycle time analysis
Author(s): Javier Bonal; Luis Rios; Carlos Ortega; Santiago Aparicio; Manuel Fernandez; Maria Rosendo; Alejandro Sanchez; Sergio Malvar
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Characterization and in-line control of UV-transparent silicon nitride films for passivation of FLASH devices
Author(s): Jia Zhen Zheng; Denise Tan; Peter Chew; Lap Hung Chan
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Photolithography equipment control through D-optimal design
Author(s): Alain B. Charles; Yves Chandon; Francois Bergeret; Les Garcia
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Dynamics of recrystallization and melting of implanted silicon at irradiation by powerful light pulses
Author(s): Yakh'ya V. Fattakhov; Mansur F. Galyautdinov; Tat'yana N. L'vova; Il'dus B. Khaibullin
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Micromachined sensor for in-situ monitoring of wafer state in plasma etching
Author(s): Michael D. Baker; Oliver Brand; Mark G. Allen; Gary Stephen May
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Defect reduction through characterization and equipment modification in tungsten residue caused by deposition process
Author(s): Huitzu Lin; Sheng-Cha Lee; Hsien-Wien Chang
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Systems engineering approach to maintainability optimization with case studies on ion implanters and sputtering tools
Author(s): Emiliano Girolami; Maurizio Mazzer
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Optimizing process and equipment efficiency using integrated methods
Author(s): Michael J. D'Elia; Ted F. Alfonso
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In-line electrical probe for CD metrology
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Chain; Mark D. Griswold
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Platinum-related deep levels in silicon and their passivation by atomic hydrogen using a home-built automated DLTS system
Author(s): B. P. Nagi Reddy; P. N. Reddy; S. V. Pandu Rangaiah
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Process monitoring using surface charge profiling (SCP) method
Author(s): Jerzy Ruzyllo; P. Roman; J. Staffa; Ismail Kashkoush; Emil Kamieniecki
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Noncontact sheet resistance measurements for doped polysilicon process control
Author(s): Walter H. Johnson Sr.; Le Nguyen; Robert W. Schanzer; Tim Campbell; Jim White
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Nondestructive testing of semiconductors and thin coatings
Author(s): Yuri N. Pchelnikov; Andrey A. Yelizarov
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Piecewise nonlinear regression: a statistical look at lamp performance
Author(s): Galen D. Halverson; M. Guyene Hamilton
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Control chart design strategies for skewed data
Author(s): Steven T. Mandraccia; Galen D. Halverson; Youn-Min Chou
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Improving within-run uniformity of polysilicon film
Author(s): Judith B. Barker
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SPC qualification strategy for CD metrology
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Chain; Martin G. Ridens; James P. Annand
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Practical automatic feedback system for polyphoto CD control
Author(s): Jeng-Hong Chen; C. Y. Wang
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Particle reduction study at interlayer dielectric deposition
Author(s): Anda McAfee; Mercedes Jacobs; Robert Hiatt
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Increased process stability for CVD tungsten via in-situ particle monitoring and upstream process control
Author(s): Karl Huber; Tim DeSanti; Steve Felker
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Submicron calibration strategy for CD control
Author(s): Elizabeth E. Chain; Loma Kulkens; Thomas A. Harris
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Productivity improvement through industrial engineering in the semiconductor industry
Author(s): Doron Meyersdorf
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