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Radar Processing, Technology, and Applications
Editor(s): William J. Miceli

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Volume Number: 2845
Date Published: 5 November 1996

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Common aperture multiband radar (CAMBR)
Author(s): Howard Myers; Randy Moore; Walker Butler; Steven M. Ware
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Fourier transform receiver processing of hopped frequency sequences for synthetic range profile generation
Author(s): Roberto Vasquez; Benjamin C. Flores
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Target detection and identification using a stepped-frequency ultrawideband radar
Author(s): Edward J. Rothwell; Kun Mu Chen; Dennis P. Nyquist; Adam Norman; G. Wallinga; Y. Dai
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New model of radar target glint based on filtered discrete differenced Gaussian noise
Author(s): Guoying Chen; Peikang Huang
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Radar target image resolution enhancement via propagation channel equalization
Author(s): Edmund A. Quincy; Roger A. Dalke; Robert Achatz; Christopher Holloway; P. M. McKenna
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Subarray-based phase-only transmit nulling for jamming and clutter suppression
Author(s): Kai-Bor Yu; Moayyed A. Hussain
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RCS feature extraction from simple targets using time-frequency analysis
Author(s): James L. Rasmussen; Randy L. Haupt; Michael J. Walker
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Automatic target recognition system using high-resolution radar
Author(s): Steven P. Jacobs; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Mohammad Faisal; Donald L. Snyder
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Wideband interferometric sensing and imaging polarimetry, and its relevance to wide-area military surveillance and environmental monitoring of the terrestrial and planetary covers
Author(s): Wolfgang-Martin Boerner; James Salvatore Verdi
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Real-time motion compensation algorithms for ISAR imaging of aircraft
Author(s): James A. Trischman
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Airborne target identification from low-crossrange-resolution ISAR imagery
Author(s): Bruce I. Hauss; Hiroshi H. Agravante; C. D. Eberhard; Karen M. Luebkemann; Thomas K. Samec; Thomas M. Wagner; August W. Rihaczek; Stephen J. Hershkowitz; R. L. Mitchell; E. Perahia; Donald Arnush; Sridhar Lakshmanan
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Adaptive time-frequency ISAR processing
Author(s): Victor C. Chen
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Evaluation of time-frequency filtering for SAR/ISAR motion compensation via instantaneous frequency estimators
Author(s): Gabriel Thomas; Ke Liu; Sergio D. Cabrera; Benjamin C. Flores
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Two-dimensional polar format algorithm for high-quality radar image formation
Author(s): Maribel Unzueta; Benjamin C. Flores; Ricardo A. Vargas
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Phase difference method for target motion compensation of stepped-frequency ISAR signatures
Author(s): Jae Sok Son; Salim Tariq; Benjamin C. Flores
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Cross-entropy regularization and complex-valued image analysis applicable to ISAR
Author(s): Brett H. Borden
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Advances in three-dimensional SAR from practical apertures
Author(s): Kenneth Knaell
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3D-ISAR-enhanced optoelectronic processing
Author(s): Carl C. Aleksoff
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Ultrawideband SAR processing with the Range Migration Algorithm and the ImSyn processor
Author(s): Louis C. Phillips; Laurence A. Eichel; Stephen M. Evanko
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Preliminary characterization of a hybrid optical-digital ISAR processor
Author(s): Ty Olmstead; Tim A. Sunderlin; Peter A. Wasilousky
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Optical classification of radar signals using acousto-optically generated triple-product representations
Author(s): Charles G. Garvin; Kelvin H. Wagner
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Wideband UHF acousto-optic processor
Author(s): Alexander B. Sergienko; Andrey N. Rogov; Victor N. Ushakov
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Two-dimensional fiber optic control of a wideband array transmitter
Author(s): Paul J. Matthews; Michael Y. Frankel; Ronald D. Esman
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Photonically controlled wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) active array
Author(s): Mark Russell; Anthony Marinilli; Leon Green; Joseph Preiss; Faquir C. Jain
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Switched three-dimensional photonic delay line using directly modulated semiconductor lasers for microwave radar processing
Author(s): Nicholas Madamopoulos; Nabeel A. Riza
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Optical architectures for programmable filtering of microwave signals
Author(s): Daniel Dolfi; Jerome Tabourel; Olivier Durand; Vincent Laude; Jean-Pierre Huignard; Jean Chazelas
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Efficient true-time-delay adaptive array processing
Author(s): Kelvin H. Wagner; Shawn Kraut; Lloyd J. Griffiths; Samuel P. Weaver; Robert T. Weverka; Anthony W. Sarto
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Simultaneous true-time-delay beam-forming for all angles of arrival in a phased array antenna
Author(s): Robert T. Weverka; Robert F. Kalman; Kelvin H. Wagner
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Photorefractive phased array antenna beam-forming processor
Author(s): Anthony W. Sarto; Kelvin H. Wagner; Robert T. Weverka; Steven M. Blair; Samuel P. Weaver
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Effect of Doppler shift on the optimal processing of frequency-stepped CW radar data
Author(s): Gary A. Ybarra; Shawkang M. Wu; Randy K. Avent
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Analysis of step frequency radar using ambiguity function
Author(s): Gurnam S. Gill; Jen-Chih Huang
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Ultrawideband radar signal detection, estimation, and experiment
Author(s): Yi Su; Gangyao Kuang; Shentao Guo; Zhongliang Lu
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Passive position location and tracking based on the extended Kalman filter
Author(s): Weiping Yang; Zhenkang Shen; Zhiyong Li
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Determination of optimal polarimetric contrast using the partially coherent Kennaugh, covariance, and Graves matrices in POL-SAR image analysis
Author(s): Wolfgang-Martin Boerner; Harold Mott; Mitsuro Tanaka; Yoshio Yamaguchi
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Photonic true-time-delays based on multiplexed substrate-guided wave propagation for phased array antenna applications
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Richard Liqiang Li
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Random noise radar interferometry
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Robert D. Mueller; Robert D. Palmer
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