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Doped Fiber Devices

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Volume Number: 2841
Date Published: 20 November 1996

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Brillouin fiber lasers: dynamics and stability
Author(s): Jaouad Zemmouri; V. Lecoeuche; Bernard Segard; S. Randoux
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Tuning range and efficiency of a Brillouin/erbium fiber laser
Author(s): Dmitrii Yu. Stepanov; Gregory J. Cowle
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Pulsed erbium-doped fiber source using double-pass amplifier and a pulsed laser diode
Author(s): Edouard M. Taufflieb; D. Joulin; Philippe Martin; Herve C. Lefevre
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Design of high-power broadband ASE sources for spectrum-sliced WDM systems
Author(s): Warwick T. Holloway; David D. Sampson
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Highly efficient polarized Er-doped superfluorescent fiber source
Author(s): Dario Gregor Falquier; Jefferson L. Wagener; Michel J. F. Digonnet; H. John Shaw
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Up-conversion fiber lasers operating in the visible and ultraviolet
Author(s): David S. Funk; J. Gary Eden
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Add/drop wavelength multiplexer using fiber gratings and side-polished coupler
Author(s): Nathalie Cerre; Edouard M. Taufflieb; D. Joulin; Philippe Martin; Herve C. Lefevre
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Comb filters based on polarization rotation in photosensitive optical fibers
Author(s): David C. Psaila; C. Martijn de Sterke; Francois Ouellette
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Inscription kinetics and thermal stability of Bragg gratings written within heated fibers
Author(s): Pascal Bernage; Thierry Taunay; B. Leconte; Marc Douay; Pierre Niay; Jean-Francois Bayon; H. Poignant; Francois Herlemont; J. Legrand; Bertrand Poumellec
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Mechanisms of refractive index change under UV irradiation in some doped SiO2 core optical fibers
Author(s): Bertrand Poumellec; Pascal Bernage; Isabelle F. Riant
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Kramers-Kronig analysis of the absorption change in fiber gratings
Author(s): Michel J. F. Digonnet
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Characterization of the light scattered from type IIA phase gratings
Author(s): David Pureur; Gilbert Martinelli; Pascal Bernage; Pierre Niay; Marc Douay; E. Delevaque
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Spectroscopic characteristics and modeling of the Pr3+ doped fluoride fiber amplifier
Author(s): Alban Remillieux; Bernard Jacquier
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Optical amplification on the 3P0-3F2 transition in praseodymium-doped fluorozirconate fiber
Author(s): Bill P. Petreski; Peter M. Farrell; Michael M. Murphy; Stephen F. Collins
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Subpicosecond-femtosecond optical soliton transmission characteristics in an ultralong active fiber
Author(s): Mario F. S. Ferreira; Margarida M. V. Facao
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Resonantly enhanced nonlinearaties in rare-earth-doped fibers and waveguides
Author(s): John W. Arkwright; Graham R. Atkins; John Canning; Pak Lim Chu; Mark Janos; Mark G. Sceats; Bin Wu
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Contribution of UV transitions to the strong third-order nonlinearity of doped fibers
Author(s): Michel J. F. Digonnet; Robert W. Sadowski; H. John Shaw; Richard H. Pantell
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Large off-resonance nonlinear index changes at 1310 nm and 1545 nm observed in ytterbium-doped fiber
Author(s): John W. Arkwright; Pitchaimuth Elango; Trevor Whitbread; Graham R. Atkins
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Temporal response of the second-order nonlinearity in poled bulk-fused silica under field reversal
Author(s): Thomas G. Alley; Richard A. Myers; Steven R. J. Brueck
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DC Kerr measurement in a silica channel waveguide
Author(s): Alice C. Liu; Michel J. F. Digonnet; Gordon S. Kino
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Electro-optic effect and second-order optical nonlinearity in poled silica fibers
Author(s): Xiang-Cun Long; Steven R. J. Brueck
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Properties of a fluoride fiber laser operating at 3.9 um
Author(s): Jutta Schneider
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Up-conversion processes in Yb-sensitized Tm:ZBLAN
Author(s): Timothy J. Carrig; Nigel J. Cockroft
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Neodymium-doped fluoride waveguides development using anionic exchange
Author(s): Emmanuelle Josse; Jean-Emmanuel Broquin; Gilles Fonteneau; Roger Rimet; Jacques Lucas
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Thermal annealing of UV-induced compaction in germanosilicate preform plates
Author(s): Marc Douay; Wenxiang Xie; Pascal Bernage; D. Ramecourt; Pierre Niay; Bertrand Poumellec; Jean-Francois Bayon; H. Poignant
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Mechanical degradation of optical fibers induced by UV light
Author(s): Hans G. Limberger; Dimitris Varelas; Rene-Paul Salathe; Georges Kotrotsios
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Rare-earth-doped optical fibers for point temperature sensing
Author(s): Greg W. Baxter; Scott A. Wade; Stephen F. Collins; Gerard Monnom; Eric Maurice
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