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Application of Tunable Diode and Other Infrared Sources for Atmospheric Studies and Industrial Process Monitoring
Editor(s): Alan Fried
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Volume Number: 2834
Date Published: 21 October 1996
Softcover: 29 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819422224

Table of Contents
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Tunable single-frequency III-V semiconductor diode lasers with wavelengths from 0.76 to 2.7 um
Author(s): Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna; Pamela K. York; Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Hao Lee; Joseph H. Abeles; Nancy A. Morris; John C. Connolly; S. Yegna Narayan; Jacobus S. Vermaak; Gregory H. Olsen; David E. Cooper; Clinton B. Carlisle; Haris Riris; Anthony L. Cook
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Temperature modulation of near-infrared distributed feedback diode lasers for gas sensing
Author(s): Jacobus S. Vermaak; Gregory H. Olsen; E. R. Argueta; E. Mykietyn; Ramon U. Martinelli; Raymond J. Menna; John C. Connolly
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External resonator tunable diode laser (TDL) system for extracavity and intracavity absorption: experiments and modeling
Author(s): Wolfgang Gurlit; J. Trentmann; John P. Burrows; Herbert Burkhard
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Grating-tuned semiconductor MOPA lasers for precision spectroscopy
Author(s): John H. Marquardt; Flavio C. Cruz; Michelle Stephens; Chris W. Oates; Leo W. Hollberg; James C. Bergquist; David F. Welch; David G. Mehuys; Steve Sanders
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Applications of diode laser spectroscopy to environmental and industrial process monitoring
Author(s): Alan C. Stanton; Joel A. Silver; David S. Bomse; Daniel B. Oh; D. Christian Hovde; Mark E. Paige; Daniel J. Kane
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Tuning and spectral performance of mid-infrared InAsSb lasers
Author(s): Andrei A. Popov; Victor V. Sherstnev; Yury P. Yakovlev; Robert Josef Muecke; Peter W. Werle
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Ultrasensitive detection technique for tunable diode laser spectrometers: application to detection of NO2 and H2O
Author(s): David M. Sonnenfroh; Scott David Sewell; Mark G. Allen
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Recent findings and approaches for the suppression of fluctuations and background drifts in tunable diode laser spectroscopy
Author(s): Peter W. Werle; Stephan Lechner
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Spectral correlation as a tool for automated operation of tunable diode laser gas analyzers
Author(s): Raimund Brunner; Roland Grisar; Maurus Tacke
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Tunable diode lasers and their application in cold molecular beam spectroscopy
Author(s): Steven W. Sharpe; Songlin Xu; Robin McDowell; Thomas A. Blake
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Performance characteristics of a low-temperature cell for collisional cooling experiments
Author(s): Christopher D. Ball; Frank C. De Lucia; Dipesh Risal; Alan Ruch; Hua Sheng; Yilma Abebe; Paula A. Farina; Arlan W. Mantz
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Flash photolysis/tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy studies of HCl as a product of the reactions: Cl + C2H6 and Cl + CH3CHO
Author(s): Carla S. Kegley-Owen; Geoffrey S. Tyndall; John J. Orlando; Alan Fried
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Laboratory studies of atmospheric sulfur chemistry using tunable diode laser probes
Author(s): Robert E. Stickel; S. P. Urbanski; Zhizhong Zhao; Paul H. Wine
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Development and application of multilaser TDLAS instruments for ground-based, shipboard, and airborne measurements of trace gas species in the atmosphere
Author(s): Horst Fischer; Peter Bergamaschi; Frank G. Wienhold; J. Thomas Zenker; Geoff W. Harris
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Quick-scanning TDL spectrometry for atmospheric trace gas monitoring with antiscintillation performance
Author(s): Ryuji Koga; Osami Wada; Ming Wang; Naoki Kagawa
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Recent improvements in atmospheric trace gas monitoring using mid-infrared tunable diode lasers
Author(s): David D. Nelson; Mark S. Zahniser; J. Barry McManus; Joanne H. Shorter; Joda C. Wormhoudt; Charles E. Kolb
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Ground-based tunable diode laser measurements of formaldehyde: improvements in system performance and recent field campaigns
Author(s): Alan Fried; Scott David Sewell; Bruce E. Henry; Bryan P. Wert; James R. Drummond
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Airborne measurements of tropospheric formaldehyde by tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Bryan P. Wert; Alan Fried; Bruce E. Henry; James R. Drummond
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Intercomparison of two tunable diode laser spectrometers used for eddy correlation measurements of methane flux
Author(s): David P. Billesbach; Frank G. Ullman; Shashi B. Verma
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Very precise measurement of carbon dioxide atmospheric concentration by using TDLs
Author(s): Francesco D'Amato; Antonio Lancia; Peter W. Werle
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Application of near-infrared TDLAS systems to HF measurements in aluminum smelters
Author(s): Harold I. Schiff; Sasha D. Nadler; John T. Pisano; Gervase I. Mackay
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Real-time process control using diode laser absorption sensors
Author(s): Douglas S. Baer; E. R. Furlong; Ronald K. Hanson
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Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy of common combustion gases at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Joel A. Brand; Gregory J. Fetzer; K. W. Groff; Garth Monlux; Patrick Zmarzly
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Gas filter correlation technique applied to in-situ monitoring of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in industrial exhaust
Author(s): Emily Y. Shu; M. Kent Cueman; Gabriel Fortin; Greg Gilmore; H. Andrew Wallio
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Outdoor, indoor, and human breath content measurements of ammonia by tunable diode laser spectroscopy technique
Author(s): Konstantin L. Moskalenko; Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii
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Multireflection flow cooling cell for IR spectroscopy of supercooled gases
Author(s): S. Bauerecker; Fritz Taucher; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp; H. K. Cammenga
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Propagation of the quasi-monochromatic signal through medium having nonlinear dispersion
Author(s): Yuri S. Galkin
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Diode laser MIR-DFG spectrometer for trace gas detection
Author(s): Ulrike Willer; Torsten Blanke; Wolfgang Schade
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Multicomponent gas analyzers based on tunable diode lasers
Author(s): Eugene V. Stepanov; Pavel V. Zyrianov; Amir N. Khusnutdinov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Yakov Ya. Ponurovskii
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