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Ultraviolet Atmospheric and Space Remote Sensing: Methods and Instrumentation
Editor(s): Robert E. Huffman; Christos G. Stergis

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Volume Number: 2831
Date Published: 8 November 1996

Table of Contents
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Stray light, radiometric, and spectral characterization of UVCS/SOHO: laboratory calibration and flight performance
Author(s): Larry D. Gardner; John L. Kohl; Peter S. Daigneau; E. F. Dennis; Silvano Fineschi; J. Michels; George U. Nystrom; Alexander Panasyuk; John C. Raymond; D. J. Reisenfeld; Peter L. Smith; Leonard Strachan Jr.; R. M. Suleiman; Giancarlo C. Noci; Marco Romoli; A. Ciaravella; Andrea Modigliani; Martin H.C. Huber; Ester Antonucci; C. Benna; Silvio Giordano; Giuseppe Tondello; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Giampiero Naletto; Claudio Pernechele; D. Spadaro; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; A. Allegra; Paolo A. Carosso; Murzy D. Jhabvala
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On-orbit performance of deuterium calibration lamps during four years of SUSIM operations on the UARS
Author(s): Dianne K. Prinz; Linton E. Floyd; Lynn C. Herring; Guenter E. Brueckner
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Maintaining calibration during the long-term space flight of the Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SUSIM)
Author(s): Linton E. Floyd; Lynn C. Herring; Dianne K. Prinz; Guenter E. Brueckner
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Improved ozone trend measuring capabilities of TOMS instruments
Author(s): Glen Jaross; Arlin J. Krueger; Hongwoo Park; Robert E. Haring
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Rayleigh scattering attitude sensor
Author(s): Scott J. Janz; Ernest Hilsenrath; David E. Flittner; Donald F. Heath
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Moon observations with GOME
Author(s): Marcel R. Dobber
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Three-wavelength dual-DIAL method for ozone measurements
Author(s): Zhien Wang; Huanling Hu; Jun Zhou; Zhiben Gong
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Solar ultraviolet spectral irradiance data with increased wavelength and irradiance accuracy
Author(s): Michael E. VanHoosier
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Global Imaging Monitor of the Ionosphere (GIMI): a far-ultraviolet imaging experiment on ARGOS
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Timothy D. Seeley
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Remote sensing applications of continuous spectral backscatter ultraviolet measurements
Author(s): Joanna Joiner; Pawan K. Bhartia; Ernest Hilsenrath
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Compact ultraviolet imaging microchannel plate detectors using CODed anode converter (CODACON) readout systems
Author(s): George M. Lawrence; William E. McClintock
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Stratospheric and lower mesospheric structure sounding using UV-visible band spectral imagery
Author(s): Robert D. Sears; Gerald J. Romick; Daniel Morrison; Patricia K. Murphy
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Shuttle-based measurements: GLO ultraviolet earthlimb view
Author(s): James A. Gardner; Edmond Murad; Rodney A. Viereck; David J. Knecht; Charles P. Pike; A. Lyle Broadfoot
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Multispectral imaging of a space shuttle primary reaction control system firing
Author(s): David L. A. Rall; Irving L. Kofsky; Rodney A. Viereck; Charles P. Pike
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Recent progress in UV remote sensing
Author(s): Robert E. Huffman
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Simulation of spaceborne optical sensor data: I. Modeling capabilities with examples
Author(s): James E. Bishop; John Persing; Douglas J. Strickland; J. Scott Evans; Robin J. Cox; Donald E. Anderson Jr.; Larry J. Paxton; Daniel Morrison; Gerald J. Romick; Ching-I. Meng
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Atmospheric ultraviolet radiance integrated code (AURIC): current capabilities for rapidly modeling dayglow from the far UV to the near IR
Author(s): Douglas J. Strickland; J. Scott Evans; James E. Bishop; Tariq Majeed; P. Mike Shen; Richard Link; Robert E. Huffman
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Instrumentation for monitoring and control of industrial UV processes
Author(s): Joe T. May
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High-power UV lamps for industrial UV curing applications
Author(s): Richard W. Stowe
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Terrestrial ultraviolet monitoring spectroradiometer intercomparisons: results and field standard development
Author(s): Edward A. Early; Ambler E. Thompson
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SURF III: the next-generation radiometric storage ring facility at NIST
Author(s): Thomas R. O'Brian
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Atmospheric studies using the High-Resolution Fly's Eye xenon flasher array
Author(s): Lawrence R. Wiencke; D. J. Bird; G. F. Chen; R. W. Clay; H. Y. Dai; B. R. Dawson; M. A. Huang; C.C. H. Jui; M. J. Kidd; D. B. Kieda; S. Ko; C. G. Larsen; Eugene C. Loh; J. D. Smith; Pierre Sokolsky; Paul Sommers; J. K.K. Tang; Stan B. Thomas; C. R. Wilkinson; S. Yoshida
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Recent developments of ultraviolet materials based on GaN for remote sensing
Author(s): M. Omar Manasreh; Danhong Huang
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Instrumentation for UV and visible measurements above thunderstorms
Author(s): Christos G. Stergis
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Optical calibration results for the series of special sensor ultraviolet limb imagers (SSULI)
Author(s): Steven N. Osterman; Stefan E. Thonnard; J. Z. Williams; Robert P. McCoy; Kenneth F. Dymond; Scott A. Budzien; Andrew C. Nicholas; S. E. Parker
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