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Optical Radiation Measurements III
Editor(s): James M. Palmer

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Volume Number: 2815
Date Published: 8 November 1996

Table of Contents
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High-temperature blackbody sources for precision radiometry
Author(s): Victor I. Sapritsky; Boris B. Khlevnoi; Vladimir B. Khromchenko; Sergei N. Mekhontsev; Alexander V. Prokhorov; Leonid N. Samoilov; Vjcheslav I. Shapoval; Konstantin A. Sudarev; Menache F. Zelener
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Absolute radiation detector
Author(s): John E. Martin
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International comparison of cryogenic radiometers
Author(s): Rainer Kohler; R. Goebel; M. Stock; Roser Pello
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High-accuracy characterization and applications of filter radiometers
Author(s): Nigel P. Fox; Christopher J. Chunnilall; Neil J. Harrison; William S. Hartree
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Comparison of the performance of infrared detectors for radiometric applications
Author(s): Evangelos Theocharous; Nigel P. Fox; Tim R. Prior
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Implications of measured differences in the spectroradiometric sensitivity of SBUV/2 instruments in air and vacuum on long-term measurements of stratospheric ozone and solar irradiance variations
Author(s): William K. Fowler; Kevin W. Kelly; Donald F. Heath
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Effect of polarization on the application of radiometric calibration coefficients to infrared earth scenes
Author(s): Edward J. Knight
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Radiometric probe design for the measurement of heat flux within a solid rocket motor nozzle
Author(s): Charles L. Goldey; William T. Laughlin; Leslie A. Popper
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Temperature dependence of the emission factors for beryllium oxide in the upper and lower atmospheric windows
Author(s): Oerjan Staaf; Carl-Gustaf Ribbing; Stefan K. Andersson
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Modeling of integrating spheres for photometric and radiometric applications
Author(s): Alexander V. Prokhorov; Victor I. Sapritsky; Sergei N. Mekhontsev
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Monolayer spectroscopy of live standard cells: light transmission and adsorption
Author(s): Juergen Uhlemann; Ellen Topfer; Richard Freyer; Darany Vixaysakd; Rudolf Entzeroth; Andreas Weck-Heimann
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Fluctuation spectra for an infrared laser beam propagating horizontally in the open atmosphere
Author(s): Naoki Kagawa; Osami Wada; Ryuji Koga
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Optimization of filter radiometer spectral response
Author(s): Alexander V. Prokhorov; Christopher J. Chunnilall; Nigel P. Fox; Sergei N. Mekhontsev; Victor I. Sapritsky
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Low-level pulsed 1064-nm laser radiometer transfer standard
Author(s): Rodney W. Leonhardt
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Monte Carlo simulation of the radiative heat transfer from a blackbody to a cryogenic radiometer
Author(s): Alexander V. Prokhorov; John E. Martin
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Atmospheric transmittance profile remote sensing by spatial processing of sky background radiation
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Ravil A. Bajazitov; Marat M. Galeyev; Zufar B. Ismagilov
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Near-infrared radiometer standards
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer
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Characterization of Romanian Si photodiodes in NIR and visible range
Author(s): Felicia Ionescu; Adriana Georgescu; Christian-Razvan Ionescu
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