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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2803

Cassini/Huygens: A Mission to the Saturnian Systems
Editor(s): Linda Horn
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Volume Number: 2803
Date Published: 7 October 1996
Softcover: 27 papers (350) pages
ISBN: 9780819421913

Table of Contents
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Cassini mission to Saturn
Author(s): Richard J. Spehalski
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Cassini/Huygens: a challenge in international interface design, integration, and cooperation
Author(s): Donald H. Kindt
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Cassini/Huygens mission to the Saturnian system
Author(s): Dennis L. Matson
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Touring the Saturnian system
Author(s): Aron A. Wolf
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Surface of Titan revealed by Cassini/Huygens
Author(s): Jonathan I. Lunine; Ralph D. Lorenz
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Laboratory simulator for Titan's atmosphere and surface
Author(s): James R. C. Garry; John C. Zarnecki
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Descent imager/spectral radiometer (DISR) instrument aboard the Huygens probe of Titan
Author(s): Martin G. Tomasko; Lyn R. Doose; Peter H. Smith; C. Fellows; B. Rizk; C. See; M. Bushroe; E. McFarlane; E. Wegryn; Eric P. Frans; R. Clark; M. Prout; S. Clapp
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First results of performance test of temperature sensors of HASI instrument on Cassini/Huygens mission
Author(s): Francesco Angrilli; Gianandrea Bianchini; Stefano Debei; Giulio Fanti; Francesca Ferri; Marcello Fulchignoni; Bortolino Saggin
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Cassini/Huygens science instruments
Author(s): Leonard D. Jaffe; Linda M. Herrell
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Cosmic dust analyzer for Cassini
Author(s): James G. Bradley; Eberhard Gruen; Ralf Srama
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Cassini plasma spectrometer investigation
Author(s): David T. Young; Bruce L. Barraclough; Jean-Jacques Berthelier; M. Blanc; J. L. Burch; A. J. Coates; Raymond M. Goldstein; Manuel Grande; Tom W. Hill; J. M. Illiano; M. A. Johnson; R. E. Johnson; R. A. Baragiola; V. Kelha; D. Linder; David J. McComas; Bjoern T. Narheim; Jane E. Nordholt; A. Preece; E. C. Sittler; K. R. Svenes; Sandor Szalai; K. Szego; P. Tanskanen; K. Viherkanto
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Cassini orbiter ion and neutral mass spectrometer instrument
Author(s): Wayne Kasprzak; Hasso Niemann; D. Harpold; J. Richards; Heidi L. K. Manning; E. Patrick; P. Mahaffy
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Cassini dual technique magnetometer instrument (MAG)
Author(s): Steve Kellock; P. Austin; A. Balogh; B. Gerlach; R. Marquedant; G. Musmann; E. Smith; D. Southwood; S. Szalai
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Imaging-neutral camera (INCA) for the NASA Cassini mission to Saturn and Titan
Author(s): Donald G. Mitchell; Stamatios M. Krimigis; Andrew F. Cheng; Shiew-Luan Hsieh; Stephen E. Jaskulek; Edwin P. Keath; Barry H. Mauk; Richard W. McEntire; Edmond C. Roelof; Charles E. Schlemm; Barry E. Tossman; Donald J. Williams
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Cassini infrared Fourier spectroscopic investigation
Author(s): Virgil G. Kunde; Peter A. R. Ade; Richard D. Barney; D. Bergman; Jean-Francois Bonnal; R. Borelli; David Boyd; John C. Brasunas; Gregory V. Brown; Simon B. Calcutt; F. Carroll; R. Courtin; Jacky B. Cretolle; Julie A. Crooke; Martin A. Davis; S. Edberg; Rainer K. Fettig; M. Flasar; David Alan Glenar; S. Graham; John G. Hagopian; Claef F. Hakun; Patricia Ann Hayes; L. Herath; Linda Spilker; Donald E. Jennings; Gabriel Karpati; C. Kellebenz; Brook Lakew; J. Lindsay; J. Lohr; James J. Lyons; Robert J. Martineau; Anthony J. Martino; Mack Matsumura; J. McCloskey; T. Melak; Guy Michel; Armando Morrell; C. Mosier; LaTunia G. Pack; M. Plants; D. Robinson; Louis Rodriguez; Paul Romani; Bill Schaefer; Stephen M. Schmidt; Carlos Trujillo; Tim Vellacott; K. Wagner; D. Yun
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HgCdTe detector technology and performance for the Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS)/Cassini mission
Author(s): Robert J. Martineau; Kelley Hu; Sridhar Manthripragada; Carl A. Kotecki; R. Sachidananda Babu; F. A. Peters; Andre S. Burgess; David Brent Mott; Danny J. Krebs; S. Graham; Audrey J. Ewin; Avery I. Miles; Vincent T. Bly; Trang L. Nguyen; J. McCloskey; Peter K. Shu
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Cassini imaging science subsystem
Author(s): Cynthia L. Kahn; William S. King
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ISS calibration analysis support system
Author(s): Charles Avis; Jan Yoshimizu
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The Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer for Cassini
Author(s): Edward A. Miller; Gail Klein; David W. Juergens; Kenneth Mehaffey; Jeffrey M. Oseas; Ramon A. Garcia; Anthony Giandomenico; Robert E. Irigoyen; Roger Hickok; David Rosing; Harold R. Sobel; Carl F. Bruce; Enrico Flamini; Romeo DeVidi; Francis M. Reininger; Michele Dami; Alain Soufflot; Yves Langevin; Gerard Huntzinger
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Cassini science operations and planning computer design
Author(s): Marc A. Sarrel
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Evaluation of the Cassini resource exchange
Author(s): Randii R. Wessen; David Porter
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Cassini spacecraft design
Author(s): Roger Gibbs
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Cassini solid-state recorder: a high-capacity, radiation-tolerant, high-performance unit
Author(s): Karl F. Strauss; Grant J. Stockton
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Behavioral model pointing on Cassini using target vectors
Author(s): Robert D. Rasmussen; Gurkirpal Singh; David B. Rathbun; Glenn A. Macala
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Cassini stellar reference unit: performance test approach and results
Author(s): Valerie C. Thomas; Randel C. Blue; Dorico Procopio
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Hemispherical Resonator Gyro: an IRU for Cassini
Author(s): Edward C. Litty; Lennor L. Gresham; Patrick A. Toole; Debra A. Beisecker
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Cassini star tracking and identification algorithms, scene simulation, and testing
Author(s): James W. Alexander; Daniel H. Chang
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