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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 2798

Coherent Phenomena and Amplification without Inversion
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Volume Number: 2798
Date Published: 10 May 1996
Softcover: 42 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819421869

Table of Contents
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New phenomena related to pulsed far-infrared superradiant and Raman emission
Author(s): Fritz K. Kneubuehl; Damien P. Scherrer; Joachim Knittel; Dominique B. Moix; M. Baumgartner
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Laser-driven collective emission
Author(s): Benjamin Fain
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Collective effects in the coherent spontaneous emission of extended ensemble of excited quasi-classical oscillators
Author(s): V. Yu. Zaitsev; V. V. Kocharovsky; Vl. V. Kocharovsky; I. A. Shereshevsky; S. A. Litvak
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Analytic nonlinear theory of mode superradiance: the profit from the optimal open resonator
Author(s): E. R. Golubyatnikova; V. V. Kocharovsky; Vl. V. Kocharovsky
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Simulation of superfluorescence of a filmlike sample
Author(s): Yuri A. Avetisyan
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Nonlinear interference of optical transitions under multiphoton resonances
Author(s): Eduard A. Manykin
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Atomic coherence and interference phenomena in resonant nonlinear optical interactions
Author(s): Alexander K. Popov; Sergei G. Rautian
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Quantum beats in J-aggregates
Author(s): H. Glaeske; Karl-Heinz Feller; E. Gaizauskas
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Zero oscillation of vacuum and photoinduced luminescence and absorption under intensive laser radiation
Author(s): V. B. Shilov; V. A. Smirnov; E. G. Korsakova; Yu. P. Gudkov; I. N. Myakisheva; G. M. Ermolaeva
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Transient coherent phenomena in systems with spectral diffusion
Author(s): Vladimir S. Malinovsky
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Population locking in driven three-level atoms
Author(s): Olga Makarova; Sergey V. Prants
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Unstable gain regime of the transient two-frequency interaction of radiation with the inhomogeneously broadened quantum transitions
Author(s): Oleg M. Parshkov; Alexey E. Dmitriev; Andrey L. Vershinin
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Method of spectroscopy of nonstationary supermodes
Author(s): Boris V. Anikeev; Rimma Sh. Zatrudina; Vladimir N. Khramov
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Solitons of nontruncated Maxwell-Bloch equations
Author(s): Anatoli V. Andreev; V. V. Berendakov
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Gap 2pi-pulse and zoomeronlike pulse propagation and interaction in resonant Bragg structure
Author(s): Boris I. Mantsyzov; Keiichiro Nasu
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Coherent propagation of an optical pulse in a fiber containing quasi-resonant impurities
Author(s): Andrei I. Maimistov
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Digital data flow control based on the photon echo phenomenon
Author(s): Sergey M. Zakharov; Eduard A. Manykin
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Changes of photon echo by electromagnetic pulses in LaF3:Pr3+
Author(s): Anatoly M. Shegeda; B. M. Khabibullin; V. N. Lisin; Vladimir A. Zuikov; Vitaly V. Samartsev
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Polarization and temporal processing of information using long-lived stimulated photon echo
Author(s): Alexey I. Kalachev; Vitaly V. Samartsev; L. A. Nefediev
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Photon echo with double frequency
Author(s): Oleg N. Gadomsky; E. L. Antipin
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Multiple polariton echo in direct-gap semiconductors
Author(s): Igor V. Beloussov; Vladimir V. Frolov
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Femtosecond photon echo as probe for ultrafast optical dephasing and optical band shape in condensed molecular systems
Author(s): I. S. Osad'ko; M. V. Stashek
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Optical echo phenomenon in the system of two-level atoms beyond the mean field approximation
Author(s): P. I. Khadzhi
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Lasing without inversion: progress and prognosis
Author(s): Olga A. Kocharovskaya; Paul Mandel
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Diagrammatic representation of quantum interference in lasing without inversion
Author(s): Dmitri E. Nikonov; Marlan O. Scully
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Lasers without inversion in quantum well intersubband transitions
Author(s): Atac Imamoglu; Kenneth Campman; Hans-Werner Schmidt; Rajeev Jagga Ram; Arthur C. Gossard
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Amplification without population inversion and enhancement of refractive index with zero absorption using two-photon pumping
Author(s): V. G. Arkhipkin; E. Minakova
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Analysis of amplification without inversion by Monte-Carlo simulations
Author(s): Yuri V. Rostovtsev
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Coherence effects in inhomogeneously broadened double-lambda schemes
Author(s): Alexander K. Popov
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Experimental evidence of quasi-absorptionless type of resonant sum-mixing process
Author(s): Tom Efthimiopoulos; E. Koudoumas; M. V. Dolgopolova; Yu. I. Heller
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Influence of field-dependent relaxation on amplification without inversion
Author(s): Y. V. Radeonychev; Paul Mandel; Olga A. Kocharovskaya
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Quantum nondemolition measurements and squeezing in atomic three-level systems
Author(s): Jean-Philippe Poizat; Philippe Grangier
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Optical phase conjugation using Raman coherent population trapping
Author(s): Philip L. Hemmer; D. P. Katz; M. Selim Shahriar; Prem Kumar; Mark Cronin-Golomb
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Spontaneous coherent population trapping effect in atoms+field system
Author(s): A. V. Taichenachev; A. M. Tumaikin; V. I. Yudin
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Nonunitary evolution of the dressed states coupled with a continuum: possible optical verification of the true non-Hermitian Hamiltonian
Author(s): V. V. Kocharovsky; Vl. V. Kocharovsky; S. A. Litvak; I. A. Shereshevsky; E. A. Derishev
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Phase-controlled transformation of two-frequency laser radiation in resonant three-level Lambda-medium
Author(s): Dmitry V. Kosachiov
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Coherent population trapping in high-intensity electromagnetic fields
Author(s): Boris G. Matisov; A. Chirkov; Igor E. Mazets
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Antiferroelectric phase transition and nonlinear polarization structure in the thermal gas of uninverted two-level molecules
Author(s): V. A. Kukushkin; V. V. Kocharovsky; Vl. V. Kocharovsky
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High index of refraction for a strong field via dressed-state selectivity
Author(s): Markus Loeffler; Dmitri E. Nikonov; Olga A. Kocharovskaya; Marlan O. Scully
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Constructive and destructive interference in spontaneous emission from a three-level atom
Author(s): Shi-Yao Zhu; Lorenzo M. Narducci; Marlan O. Scully
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Amplification without inversion in transversely limited beams
Author(s): Vladimir L. Derbov; Inna L. Plastun
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Lasing without inversion: a dream come true
Author(s): Dmitri E. Nikonov; Marlan O. Scully; Mikhail D. Lukin; Edward S. Fry; Leo W. Hollberg; G. G. Padmbandu; George R. Welch; Alexander S. Zibrov
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