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Fifth Conference on Charge-Coupled Devices and CCD Systems
Editor(s): Vladimir A. Karasev; Yuri A. Kuznetsov; Victor A. Shilin
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Volume Number: 2790
Date Published: 8 April 1996
Softcover: 22 papers (148) pages
ISBN: 9780819421760

Table of Contents
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CCD simulation system
Author(s): Victor A. Shilin; A. A. Pugachev
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Hybrid multi-element cooled CCD-based photodetector with increased quantum efficiency for the long-wave infrared range
Author(s): Vladimir V. Chernokozhin; Yuri I. Zavadskii; Irina A. Pelezneva; Konstantin A. Zinis; Kira L. Enisherlova
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Comparative analysis of information capacity for space surveillance systems in 3- to 5- and 8- to 14-um spectral ranges
Author(s): Yuri I. Zavadskii; Vladimir V. Chernokozhin; Yuri A. Kuznetsov
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Novel CCD structures of high sensitivity
Author(s): Evgeni V. Kostyukov; Andre A. Pugachev; Victor A. Shilin; Alexander V. Veto
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Optimization of PhCCD structure for star sensor
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Anatoli V. El'tsov; Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov; Andre A. Pugachev; Victor A. Shilin
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Quantum well infrared photodetector array grown by MOCVD using GAs/AlGaAS MQW
Author(s): Grachik H. Avetisyan; Vladimir B. Kulikov; Vitalij P. Kotov; Alexej K. Erkin; Igor Dmitrievich Zalevsky
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Active modes of operation of low-background extrinsic IR detectors
Author(s): Boris I. Fouks
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Multispectral CCD for space engineering
Author(s): Lyudmila M. Vasilevskaya; Alexander I. Khatountsev; Yuri A. Kuznetsov
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Specialized CCD for the time delay and integration (TDI) regime with variable vector of image movement velocities
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Sergei V. Larionov; Alexander S. Scrilev
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Design and fabrication technology of thinned backside-excited CCD imagers and the family of intensified electron-bombarded CCD image tubes
Author(s): Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; Alexandre Victorovic Malyarov; Grigory I. Vishnevsky; Michail G. Vydrevitch; Vladimir G. Kossov; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; Sergei Vasilievic Golovkin
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Virtual phase CCD imagers for scientific applications
Author(s): Vladimir G. Kossov; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; A. F. Iblyaminova; Grigory I. Vishnevsky; Michail G. Vydrevitch
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Measurement of functional parameters for sensors of velocity and direction of a moving image
Author(s): Alexander I. Khatountsev; Nathan S. Mostovljansky; Victor N. Kroutilin; Natalia I. Frost
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Optical PhCCD unit with velocity compensation
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; V. V. Zhevako; Vladimir I. Karasev; Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov; Vachesluv O. Prasolov; Alexander N. Shumilov
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Simple model for CCD yield
Author(s): Arkadi N. Markov
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X-ray TV camera using a CCD array
Author(s): Andrew A. Krasnjuk; Vladimir J. Stenin
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Sensitivity of an optoelectronic CCD camera for astronomy
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Victor I. Bogachev; Anatoly V. Yeltsov; Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov
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Single-DSP-architecture low-cost digital CCD system
Author(s): V. L. Ryvkind; E. I. Bochkaryova; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; A. A. Korolyov
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Medical diagnostic system based on image receivers of various spectral ranges
Author(s): Olga G. Siniakova; Airat I. Ishmuhametov
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Multispectral optoelectronic modules for space environmental monitoring systems
Author(s): Olga P. Kurova; Sergei V. Larionov; Lyudmila M. Vasilevskaya; Alexey G. Ogorodnikov
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Medical x-ray-sensitive array based on CCD
Author(s): Valeri G. Gnedenko; Andrey A. Krasnjuk; Sergei V. Larionov; Evgeni M. Phainberg; Victor A. Shilin; Alexander S. Skrylev; Vladimir J. Stenin
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Analysis of CCD applications in automatic railway systems
Author(s): Natalja M. Potapova
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Optoelectronic camera for remote sensing of the earth's surface (OC-RSES)
Author(s): Alexandre I. Baklanov; Sergey G. Danilov; Alexander N. Knyazev; Vjacheslav V. Kolotkov; Tatyana I. Krasilova; Victoriya M. Linko
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