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High-Power Lasers: Gas and Solid State Lasers
Editor(s): Tommaso Letardi; Horst Weber
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Volume Number: 2788
Date Published: 26 August 1996
Softcover: 24 papers (222) pages
ISBN: 9780819421746

Table of Contents
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Operation of a compact industrial XeCl laser at high average power
Author(s): Bernard Lacour; Claude Gagnol; Bernard Vincent
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Reliability studies on a kilowatt-class XeCl laser
Author(s): Thomas Hofmann; John C.M. Timmermans; Jacob Couperus; Frederik A. van Goor; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
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30-kW fast-axial-flow CO2 laser with rf excitation
Author(s): Christoph Hertzler; Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse; Uwe Habich; Uwe-Klaus Jarosch; Peter Loosen
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Theoretical and experimental study of hybrid unstable-guided resonator for diffusion-cooled CO2 laser
Author(s): Laura Serri; Vincenzo Fantini; Sandro De Silvestri; Vittorio C. Magni
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Frequency-selected Q-switched electron-beam-controlled discharge CO laser
Author(s): L. A. Afanas'ev; Andrei A. Ionin; Yurii M. Klimachev; Andrei A. Kotkov; Leonid V. Seleznev; Dmitrii V. Sinitsyn; Henry Kobsa
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Near-diffraction-limited excimer laser beam from a XeCl POPA system
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Gualtiero Giordano; Tommaso Letardi; Daniele Murra; C. Petrucci; Giovanni Schina; Olivier P. Uteza; Cheng En Zheng
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Development of pulsed gas discharge lasers for shock hardening
Author(s): Gerd Hintz; R. Tkotz; C. Keusch; Matthias Negendanck; Jens Christiansen; D. H. H. Hoffmann
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Pulse lengthening of a TE-CO2 laser for materials processing
Author(s): H. Arenz; G. Sipos; Peter G. Bickel; Jens Christiansen; E. Eberl; D. H. H. Hoffmann
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Equivalence relations for pumping systems of the active media in gas lasers with an electrodeless gas discharge
Author(s): Lev R. Aibatov
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Study of the chemical hf laser pumped by phototriggered discharge
Author(s): Laurent Richeboeuf; F. Doussiet; M. Legentil; S. Pasquiers; C. Postel; Vincent Puech
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Output beams of slab gas lasers with waveguide-unstable cavities
Author(s): Aleksey A. Kuznetsov
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Investigations of output power and beam divergence of slab waveguide rf-pumping CO2 laser
Author(s): Alexander I. Dutov; N. A. Novoselov; Alexei A. Kuleshov
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Degenerate four-wave mixing and phase conjugation of pulsed CO2 laser radiation on transient gratings inside its own inverted medium
Author(s): L. A. Afanas'ev; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Leonid V. Seleznev; Michail G. Galushkin; K. V. Mitin
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Beam divergence studies on a long-pulse XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Ramon M. Hofstra; Frederik A. van Goor; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
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Investigation of stimulated Mandelstam-Brillouin scattering during beam passage in the limited space of gas medium
Author(s): Vladimir V. Morozov; V. V. Valuev
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Serial arrangement for high-power solid state amplifiers with phase-conjugating mirror
Author(s): Hans Joachim Eichler; Andreas Haase; Oliver Mehl
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Beam addition of Nd:YAG high-power lasers
Author(s): Thomas Beck; Kurt Richter; Horst Weber
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1.06-um and 1.44-um Nd:YAG lasers with apodized reflectors
Author(s): Georg Bostanjoglo; Horst Weber
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550-nm emission of erbium-doped Ti:LiNbO3 waveguide pumped at 980 nm
Author(s): Vincent Voinot; Richard Ferriere; Henri Porte; Pascal Mollier
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High-average-power frequency conversion with phase-conjugated laser systems
Author(s): Stefan Seidel; Guido Mann
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Polarizing beam splitters based on two-component unequal-thickness multilayer dielectric coatings
Author(s): Yury A. Pervak; Ishtvan V. Fekeshgazi
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Nonlinear self-refraction of Gaussian laser beams in silica sono-gels doped with copper tetrasulfonated phthalocyanine
Author(s): Paul Michael Petersen; Rocio Litran Ramos; Per Michael Johansen; Lars Rene Lindvold
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Lamp-pumped laser head reflectors with selective interferometric coatings
Author(s): Sergey V. Kruzhalov; Vladimir A. Parfenov; Gennady F. Zaitsev; Vadim A. Parfenov
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Influence of electrode material and roughness on the discharge quality of a high-PRF long-pulse XeCl laser
Author(s): I. Tassy; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier; Marc L. Sentis; Olivier P. Uteza
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