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ALT'95 International Symposium on Advanced Materials for Optics and Optoelectronics
Editor(s): Alexander M. Prokhorov; Vladimir I. Pustovoy

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Volume Number: 2777
Date Published: 11 March 1996

Table of Contents
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Semiconductor quantum dots: a survey of theoretical concepts
Author(s): Ladislaus Banyai
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First principles study of semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): F. Buda; A. M. Saitta; G. Fiumara; P. V. Giaquinta; A. Fasolino
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Observation of surface phonon mode in porous GaP
Author(s): V. A. Karavanskii; Evangelos Anastassakis; Y. S. Raptis; V. N. Sokolov; I. M. Tiginyanu; V. V. Ursaki
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Si/CaF2 superlattices: a silicon light-emitting nanostructure
Author(s): Stefano Ossicini; A. Fasolino; Fausto Bernardini; F. Arnaud d'Avitaya; L. Vervoort; F. Bassani
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Effect of electric arc plasma jet treatment on porous silicon properties
Author(s): V. I. Beclemishev; V. M. Maslovsky; Alexander I. Belogorokhov; G. Y. Pavlov; V. A. Karavanskii; Nikolay N. Melnik; T. N. Zavaritskaja
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Structure and properties of porous GaAs
Author(s): Yu. N. Buzynin; S. A. Gusev; M. N. Drozdov; Yu. N. Drozdov; Z. F. Krasilnik; A. V. Murel; Dmitry G. Revin; Vladimir I. Shashkin; I. Yu. Shuleshova
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Diffraction grating formation on porous silicon using a CO2 laser
Author(s): A. U. Dar'jushkin; V. A. Karavanskii; S. B. Korovin; Vladimir I. Pustovoy; K. Timoshechkin
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Microscopic mechanisms of photosensitivity in germanium-doped silica glass
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; Dmitry S. Starodubov
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Silica optical fibers doped with Yb3+ and Er3+
Author(s): Ivan Kasik; Vlastimil Matejec; Marie Pospisilova; Jiri Kanka; Jaroslav Hora
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Optical medium based on vanadium oxide films
Author(s): F. A. Chudnovskii; A. L. Pergament; D. A. Schaefer; G. B. Stefanovich
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Ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulators for real-time holography
Author(s): Seiji Fukushima
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Laser-enhanced adhesion and thin film formation
Author(s): Enno Arenholz; J. Heitz; M. Himmelbauer; Dieter Baeuerle
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Photoablation of a graphite target using a KrF excimer laser and application to deposition of hard-carbon thin films
Author(s): Alain Catherinot; C. Germain; J. Aubreton
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Multilayer deposition and nanostructuring by laser methods
Author(s): Andre A. Gorbunov; Wolfgang Pompe; Andreas Sewing; A. D. Akhsakhaljan; Sergey V. Gaponov; Nikolai N. Salashchenko; Reiner Dietsch; Hermann Mai; S. Voellmar
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Behavior of thin metallic films melted with a nanosecond laser pulse
Author(s): J. Bischof; M. Reinmuth; Johannes Boneberg; Stephan Herminghaus; T. Palberg; Paul Leiderer
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Reactive laser ablation deposition of C-N films
Author(s): Gilberto Leggieri; Armando Luches; Alessio Perrone; S. Acquaviva; Rodica Alexandrescu; Ion N. Mihailescu; Joseph Zemek; Paolo Mengucci
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Kinetics of laser-induced redox reactions in composition materials
Author(s): Mikhail N. Libenson; Galina D. Shandybina
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Interaction of superintense femtosecond laser pulses with freely suspended thin films
Author(s): M. S. Dzhidzhoev; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; V. V. Kolchin; S. A. Magnitskii; V. T. Platonenko; Andrey B. Savel'ev; A. P. Tarasevitch
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Silicate glass film deposition from gas discharge initiated by laser plasma
Author(s): Valerie A. Astapenko; Oleg E. Sidoryuk
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Laser patterning and modification of thin YBCO films
Author(s): Peter A. Atanasov; Rumen I. Tomov; Valery S. Serbezov; A. Grunchev; Lachezar A. Avramov
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Laser deposition of thin buffer and YBCO thin films on Si and GaAs substrates
Author(s): Rumen I. Tomov; Peter A. Atanasov; Valery S. Serbezov
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Characteristics of the Josephson junction fabricated by laser surface modification of ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-
Author(s): Yu. V. Denisov; V. A. Madii; Andrei Zoubovitch; V. A. Ketzko; Yu. I. Krasilov
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Low-temperature silicon amorphous and crystalline film formation by laser chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): A. U. Dar'jushkin; N. L. Kondratiev; S. B. Korovin; A. N. Orlov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Vladimir I. Pustovoy; J. I. Ulitina
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Crystals for lasers with diode pump
Author(s): Alexander I. Zagumennyi; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov
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Active media for up-conversion diode-pumped lasers
Author(s): Alexandra M. Tkachuk
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Self-mode-locked operation of a cw Nd:YAG laser using a second-harmonic nonlinear mirror
Author(s): Vincent Couderc; Alain Barthelemy; Vaclav Kubecek; Helena Jelinkova
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Investigation of structure of nonlinear transformation phase space and chaotic instabilities in tunable Cr4+:Y3Al5O12 laser
Author(s): J. J. Broslavez; Alexei A. Fomichev; Vladimir D. Lokhnygin; Oleg O. Silichev
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KTP second-harmonic generator for high-power lasers
Author(s): Nina Pavlova; Oleg E. Sidoryuk; Valerie A. Astapenko
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