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Laser Optics '95: Gas Lasers
Editor(s): Inna M. Belousova
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Volume Number: 2773
Date Published: 22 April 1996
Softcover: 30 papers (200) pages
ISBN: 9780819421586

Table of Contents
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Energy characteristics of the pulsed carbon monoxide laser
Author(s): Sergei N. Leonov; Reino A. Luikonen
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Multi-kW supersonic CO laser with high beam quality
Author(s): Martin Schellhorn; Hartwig von Buelow
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Outlook of unstable-waveguide-cavity usage in gas lasers
Author(s): V. G. Leont'ev; E. F. Shishkanov
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Experimental and computer investigations of slab waveguide rf-excited CO2 laser
Author(s): Alexander I. Dutov; Valentina N. Ivanova; N. A. Novoselov; Victor E. Semenov; V. N. Sokolov; Michail S. Yur'ev; Igor Yu. Evstratov; Alexei A. Kuleshov; Sergei A. Motovilov
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Enhancement of relaxation oscillations with intracavity absorption cell
Author(s): N. A. Gryaznov; V. M. Kiselev; Eugene N. Sosnov
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Influence of CO2 impurities within laser medium on energy and spectral characteristics of HF and DF lasers
Author(s): Michail A. Azarov; V. A. Drozdov; Georgiy A. Troshchinenko
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Waveguide CO2 amplifier with combined excitation
Author(s): Alexander Sergeevich Provorov; M. Yu. Reushev; S. A. Fen
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CO2 laser with frequency doubling in the nonlinear output mirror
Author(s): Vadim A. Gorobets; Vladimir O. Petukhov; Sergei Y. Tochitsky; V. V. Churakov; A. I. Fomin; Vladimir N. Jakimovich
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rf-excited CO2 slab waveguide laser
Author(s): S. B. Chernikov; Alexander I. Karapuzikov; Alex Stoianov
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Influence of replacing He with Ar in working gas mixture on the performance of electric discharge CO laser with liquid nitrogen cooling
Author(s): G. M. Grigor'yan; Y. Z. Ionikh
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Phased array MOPA system using an adaptive mirror
Author(s): Goro Sugizaki; Yasuharu Mine; Katsuhiko Komatsu; Hideaki Saito
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Pulsed HF(DF) ORTL
Author(s): V. I. Mashendzhinov; V. E. Revich; V. V. Sudarikov; A. P. Vorobjev
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Discharge chemical laser with lasant recirculating
Author(s): N. V. Baranov; V. A. Eller; V. I. Mashendzhinov; V. E. Revich
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Frequency discrimination in overtone supersonic chemical HF laser
Author(s): Oleg B. Danilov; V. P. Averjanov; Maria Ivanovskaya; D. O. Leschenko; Stanislav A. Tul'skii; Aleksandr P. Zhevlakov; A. A. Belajev; V. G. Karelsky; P. G. Ljashedko; Ju. P. Maksimov
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Analysis of high-power XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Wilhelmus J. Witteman; John C.M. Timmermans; Frederik A. van Goor
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He-Ne/I2 wavelength standards at 633 nm: a new generation of superstable lasers in the visible range
Author(s): M. Erin; Igor Malinovsky; Alexandre Titov
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Laser action on a weak intercombination transition 4p4S3/2 - 4s2P3/2 in argon laser plasma
Author(s): S. A. Babin; S. I. Kablukov; S. V. Khorev; D. A. Shapiro
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Model of the direct solar-pumped iodine photodissociation laser
Author(s): Boris Sergeevitch Alexandrov; V. P. Fokanov; S. N. Kudryavtsev; A. B. Pavlov
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Broadband tunable Fabry-Perot cavity for infrared range
Author(s): Fedor F. Baryshnikov; G. A. Bogatova; Nikolay V. Cheburkin; Yuri A. Kalinin; I. A. Markov; V. V. Perebeynos
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Fast-axial turbulent flow CO2 laser output characteristics and scaling parameters
Author(s): V. V. Dembovetsky; Valentina Ye. Zavalova; Yuri N. Zavalov
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Measurements of CO2-laser radiation scattering in the atmosphere
Author(s): Vitaly L. Okulov; Jury A. Rezunkov; A. S. Sakjan; Nikolay V. Sidorovsky; Aleksey N. Starchenko; N. I. Scherbakova; Leonid M. Veselov
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Photoacoustic measurements of air pollutant gases with a CO2 waveguide laser
Author(s): G. A. Zalesskaya; D. L. Yakovlev; D. I. Baranovsky; M. V. Khodin; E. G. Sambor
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Optic methods of flow study by selection of the spatial-temporal structure of the scattered light
Author(s): Yuri N. Dubnishchev; V. A. Arbuzov; P. Ya. Beloussov; Vladimir G. Meledin; Vladimir A. Pavlov
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State of the art in CO2 laser Doppler systems at the Institute of Optoelectronics in Romania
Author(s): Nicusor Iftimia; Teodor Necsoiu; Vasile D. Babin; Simion Ersen; Adrian Moldovan; Ioan Spanulescu; Marek Strzelec; Zbigniew Puzewicz; Miroslaw Kopica
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Multipurpose cw CO2 autodyne lidar
Author(s): Eugeni P. Gordov; Gennady S. Khmelnitskii; Alexandre Z. Fazliev
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Some results of the ground-based LITE correlative measurements in September 1994 at the Siberian Lidar Station
Author(s): Vladimir V. Zuev; V. D. Burlakov; Mikhail V. Grishaev; A. V. El'nikov; Valerii N. Marichev; V. L. Pravdin; Sergei V. Smirnov
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COIL for disasters and reverse industries
Author(s): Kenzo Nanri; Katsuhiko Sunako; Shuzaburo Takeda; Tomoo Fujioka
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Laser sounding of upper stratospheric and mesospheric temperatures
Author(s): Vladimir V. Zuev; Svetlana L. Bondarenko; V. D. Burlakov; Valerii N. Marichev; V. L. Pravdin; Sergei V. Smirnov
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Scientific software for numerical simulation of propagation of laser radiation through atmosphere
Author(s): Nikolay A. Kaliteevskij; Victor E. Semenov; V. A. Smirnov; Nina V. Vyssotina
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Application of UV-lasers for investigation of radiation-induced defects in silicate glass
Author(s): A. I. Gusarov; D. O. Leschenko; A. O. Volchek; Aleksandr P. Zhevlakov
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