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Laser Optics '95 and ICONO '95: Superintense Laser Fields
Editor(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko
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Volume Number: 2770
Date Published: 12 April 1996
Softcover: 22 papers (200) pages
ISBN: 9780819421555

Table of Contents
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Performance of the beamlet laser, a test bed for the national ignition facility
Author(s): Bruno M. Van Wonterghem; John A. Caird; Charles E. Barker; Jack H. Campbell; John R. Murray; David Ralph Speck
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Pulse-shaping system for the 60-beam, 30-kJ (UV) OMEGA laser
Author(s): Andrey V. Okishev; Mark D. Skeldon; Samuel A. Letzring; William R. Donaldson; Andrei Babushkin; Wolf D. Seka
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Optical system of the laser facility ISKRA-5
Author(s): A. S. Vasiliev; V. A. Gaidash; Gennadi A. Kirillov; T. I. Komissarova; L. M. Lapo; L. V. Lvov; Vasili M. Murugov; M. A. Ozerov; V. T. Punin; A. V. Ryadov; Andrei B. Smirnov; M. N. Sokolsky; A. N. Fedotov
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Modeling of chirped-pulse-amplification laser
Author(s): N. G. Gogoleva; Vladimir A. Gorbunov
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Experimental investigation of ultrashort pulse amplification in a Pr3+-doped fluoride fiber
Author(s): D. S. Peter; Walter J. Hodel; Heinz P. Weber
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Atoms in a superstrong laser field: towards subfemtosecond XUV sources
Author(s): Alexander M. Sergeev; A. V. Kim; Evgeny V. Vanin; D. Farina; M. Lontano; Michael C. Downer
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Tunnel above-threshold ionization of atoms and generation of short-wavelength radiation
Author(s): R. V. Kulyagin; N. Yu. Shubin; Vladimir D. Taranukhin
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Theory of SRS of short laser pulse in underdense plasma
Author(s): Nikolai E. Andreev; S. Yu. Kalmykov
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Scattering of the ultrashort ionizing laser pulse in gas
Author(s): Valerii P. Kandidov; Olga G. Kosareva; Svyatoslav A. Shlenov
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Electron energy spectra in laser-plasma accelerators
Author(s): Nikolai E. Andreev; L. M. Gorbunov; Sergei V. Kuznetsov
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Absorption of ultrashort laser pulses, x-ray and fast-particle generation in superdense plasma
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Valentin I. Bayanov; Alexander B. Vankov; Aleksey A. Kozlov; Vladimir M. Komarov; I. V. Kurnin; Nikita A. Solovyov; Sergey A. Chizhov; Vladimir E. Yashin; Jiri Limpouch
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Generation of ultrashort XUV pulses by harmonic generation from solid surfaces
Author(s): Dietrich von der Linde; T. Engers; G. Jenke; Pietro Agostini; G. Grillon; E. Nibbering; Jean-Paul Chambaret; Andre Mysyrowicz; Andre Antonetti
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X-ray emission from ultrashort UV-laser-pulse-produced plasmas
Author(s): U. Teubner; Ingo Uschmann; Wolfgang Theobald; Eckhart Foerster
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Heating of the solid targets by ultrashort intense laser pulses
Author(s): Nikolai E. Andreev; Vladimir E. Fortov; V. V. Kostin; M. E. Veisman
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Plasmon-polaritons on the surface of femtosecond laser-induced plasma
Author(s): Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; S. A. Magnitskii; T. Yu. Moskalev; V. T. Platonenko
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Stimulated scattering of radiation at interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with dense plasma
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; Alexander N. Sutyagin
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Transparency of an overdense plasma induced by relativistic effects
Author(s): Erik Lefebvre; Guy Bonnaud
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Hot electrons and hard x-ray emission from relativistically strong laser pulses in underdense plasma
Author(s): Alexander A. Andreev; V. N. Novikov; Konstantin Y. Platonov; A. G. Samsonov
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Laser-induced damage of glasses by pulsed radiation in nano-picosecond region
Author(s): Oleg M. Efimov; Leonid B. Glebov; Vladimir S. Popikov; M. J. Soileau
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Amorphous diamond: a unique product of laser ablation
Author(s): Carl B. Collins; Farzin Davanloo
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Ignition criteria in inhomogeneously heated laser target
Author(s): Sergei Yu. Gus'kov; Dmitrij V. Il'in; A. A. Levkovsky; Vladislav B. Rozanov; Vladimir E. Sherman
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Alternative approaches to the laser target design for fusion-fission reactor
Author(s): L. P. Feoktistov; Ivan G. Lebo; Vladislav B. Rozanov; V. F. Tishkin
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