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Thermosense XVIII: An International Conference on Thermal Sensing and Imaging Diagnostic Applications
Editor(s): Douglas D. Burleigh; Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer
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Volume Number: 2766
Date Published: 15 March 1996
Softcover: 39 papers (376) pages
ISBN: 9780819421470

Table of Contents
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IR frequency analysis in paper industry
Author(s): Matti Laehdeniemi; Ari Ekholm; Osmo Santamaki
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Application of thermographic temperature measurements in injection molding and blow molding of plastics
Author(s): Mark Prystay; Hao Wang; Andres Garcia-Rejon
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Optimization of cooling channel design and spray patterns in aluminum die casting using infrared thermography
Author(s): Mark Prystay; Chee Ang Loong; Ky T. Nguyen
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Thermographic inspection of hydraulic systems
Author(s): Therman Eddie Green; John R. Snell
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ASNT certification of thermographers at DuPont Company
Author(s): Lowry G. Eads; Robert W. Spring
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Developing written inspection procedures for thermal/infrared thermography
Author(s): John R. Snell
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Infrared thermography as a diagnostic tool to indicate sick-house-syndrome: a case-study
Author(s): Sven-Ake Ljungberg
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Improvements in new residential construction using infrared thermography and blower door
Author(s): Doug McCleary; Roy Harvey; Sharon A. Semanovich
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Survey of facades based on thermal scanning: Palazzo della Ragione, Milan, Italy
Author(s): Paolo Giulio Bison; Marco Dezzi Bardeschi; Ermanno G. Grinzato; Timo T. Kauppinen; Elisabetta Rosina; Grazia Tucci
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Infrared thermography and global positioning system integration in location-sensitive situations
Author(s): Wayne Ruddock
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Evaluation of internal boiler components and gases using a high-temperature infrared (IR) lens
Author(s): Robert G. Hammaker; Richard J. Colsher; Jonathan J. Miles; Robert P. Madding
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Infrared thermography at EDF: common technique for high-voltage lines but new in monitoring and diagnosis of PWR plant components
Author(s): Daniel Provost
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Using thermography to detect misalignment in coupled equipment
Author(s): Craig K. Kelch; Paul E. Grover
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Usefulness of high-resolution thermography in fault diagnosis of fluid power components and systems
Author(s): Matti Pietola; Jukka P. Varrio
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Field condition limitations for thermography of marine composites
Author(s): Thomas S. Jones
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Practical aspects of thermal nondestructive testing
Author(s): Douglas D. Burleigh
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Nondestructive pulsed infrared quantitative evaluation of metals
Author(s): Arnold Daniels
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Thermal characterization of defects in aircraft structures via spatially controlled heat application
Author(s): K. Elliott Cramer; William P. Winfree
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Forced-diffusion thermography technique and projector design
Author(s): Jon R. Lesniak; Daniel J. Bazile
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Analysis methods for full-field time-resolved infrared radiometry
Author(s): Robert Osiander; Jane W. Maclachlan Spicer; John C. Murphy
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Computational pulse shaping for thermographic inspections
Author(s): William P. Winfree; K. Elliott Cramer
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Measuring defect depths by thermal-wave imaging
Author(s): Lawrence D. Favro; Xiaoyan Han; Pao-Kuang Kuo; Robert L. Thomas
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Estimation of depth, width, and magnitude of material inhomogeneities from photothermal measurements
Author(s): Uwe R. Seidel; Heinz-Guenter Walther
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Determining thermal diffusivity and defect attributes in ceramic matrix composites by infrared imaging
Author(s): Sanjay Ahuja; William A. Ellingson; J. B. Stuckey; E. R. Koehl
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Imaging through the diffusion equation
Author(s): Meir Gershenson
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Infrared thermography: nonplanar inspection
Author(s): Jean-Francois Pelletier; Xavier P. Maldague
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On-the-fly neural network construction for repairing F-16 flight control panel using thermal imaging
Author(s): Lloyd G. Allred; Tom R. Howard; Gursel Serpen
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Experience with an imaging infrared radiometer in a simulated space environment
Author(s): Georg Siebes; Kenneth R. Johnson; Doug McAffee
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Phase measurements of electromagnetic fields using infrared imaging techniques and microwave holography
Author(s): John E. Will; John D. Norgard; Carl Stubenrauch; Katie MacReynolds; Michael F. Seifert; Ronald M. Sega
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Broadband emission factors: temperature variation for nongray samples
Author(s): Oerjan Staaf; Carl-Gustaf Ribbing; Stefan K. Andersson
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Spatial-temporal reconstruction of laser beam intensity distribution from the temperature along surface of the heated target
Author(s): Valerii P. Aksenov; Yusup N. Isaev; Elena V. Zakharova
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Damage inspection of CFRP using resistive-heating thermographic NDT
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Keiji Ogura; Shiro Kubo
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Detection of high-temperature spots on reciprocating interface under dry friction by means of an infrared radiometer
Author(s): Masahiro Sato; Kazuo Kato; Tomonori Watarai; Kazuyuki Miyata; Terumi Inagaki; Yoshizo Okamoto
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Statistical evaluation of thermographic NDT performance applied to CFRP
Author(s): Vladimir P. Vavilov; Paolo Giulio Bison; Ermanno G. Grinzato
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Calibration issues affecting the operation of infrared microscopes over large temperature ranges
Author(s): Gary B. White; Morteza Safai; Geoffrey K. Torrington
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Thermal response measurements of aluminum and graphite epoxy due to irradiation by 256-MeV protons
Author(s): Morteza Safai; Thomas R. King; R. B. Greegor
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