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Targets and Backgrounds: Characterization and Representation II
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Volume Number: 2742
Date Published: 17 June 1996
Softcover: 46 papers (484) pages
ISBN: 9780819421234

Table of Contents
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Dynamic infrared scene projector temperature resolution
Author(s): Owen M. Williams
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Output accuracy and resolution limitations in resistor array infrared scene projection systems
Author(s): Alan P. Pritchard; Mark A. Venables; David W. Gough
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Characterization measurements of the wideband infrared scene projector resistor array
Author(s): Lawrence E. Jones; Eric M. Olson; George C. Goldsmith
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Initial test efforts using AEDC's focal plane array test chamber (FPATC)
Author(s): Heard S. Lowry; D. Michael Tripp; Randy A. Nicholson; R. H. Fugerer; Sidney L. Steely; Lanny L. Holt
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Space chamber calibration comparison
Author(s): Clyde A. Randolph; Robert L. Caswell; Charles Lynn Hern; Mark Pickens; Milton J. Triplett; Randy A. Nicholson
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Synthetic scene generation model (SSGM R7.0)
Author(s): Bruce A. Wilcoxen; Harry M. Heckathorn
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Hardware and software developments for a closed-loop infrared mission simulation test capability
Author(s): R. H. Fugerer; D. J. Hervig; Lanny L. Holt
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Joint Navy/Air Force infrared sensor stimulator (IRSS) development program
Author(s): Keem B. Thiem; David B. Blake
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Innovative quick-look technique for the characterization and flight performance evaluation of theater ballistic missile (TBM) and strategic target systems
Author(s): Kent E. Eversmeyer; Stephen R. Hartley; W. Dan Watts; S. Lynn Cash; Jeffery L. King; John R. Troy; William A. Koons
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Reliability of signature and sensor models
Author(s): David B. Chenault; David S. Flynn
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Incorporating the entire modulation transfer function into a target acquisition model
Author(s): Ofer Hadar; Stanley R. Rotman; Norman S. Kopeika
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Atmospheric mirage and distortion modeling for IR target injection simulations
Author(s): Steven R. Church
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Texture generation for use in synthetic infrared scenes
Author(s): Clem Z. Ota; John Michael Rollins; Max P. Bleiweiss
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Methodology for creating three-dimensional terrain databases for use in IR signature modeling
Author(s): Bryan L. Williams; J. Warren Pickard
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Computational models for synthetic marine infrared clutter
Author(s): Kim T. Constantikes; Adam H. Zysnarski
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Modeling of 3D object considering internal heat source
Author(s): Sung-Hyun Han; HyunKi Hong; Gyoung-Pyo Hong; Jong Soo Choi
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Creating a virtual BMDO data center: integrating catalogs, archives, and phenomenology resources via the World Wide Web
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; William A. Snyder; David Armoza; Sarah Conger; David Conklin
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Evaluation for detecting objective distance of night vision system
Author(s): Qingyou Chen
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Infrared detection of low-contrast sea-skimming cruise missiles
Author(s): Eric Branlund; Philip J. Davis; Robert G. Lindgren
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Characteristics of the acquisition of a dim target in clutter
Author(s): Oliver E. Drummond
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Analytic technique to determine an infrared detector's acquisition range to a target against a sky background
Author(s): Ignacio Lujan; Isabel Diaz
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Detection in clutter enhancement
Author(s): Kevin J. McCamey; Ronald A. Marko; Langton Garvin; Tamar Peli
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Novel multiple wide-baseline stereo approach for target ranging
Author(s): Mohan M. Trivedi; Gopalan Ravichandran; Wendell R. Watkins
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Evaluation of infrared-signature suppression of ships
Author(s): H. M. A. Schleijpen
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Maritime infrared background clutter
Author(s): Piet B. W. Schwering
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Multispectral maritime background and clutter effects on small-surface-target detection
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong
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Exploitation of fluctuations to enhance target detection and to reduce clutter and background noise in the marine environment
Author(s): Ronald A. Wagstaff
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Thermal multispectral detection of military vehicles in vegetated and desert backgrounds
Author(s): Craig R. Schwartz; Michael T. Eismann; Jack N. Cederquist; Ray O. Johnson
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Geometrical dart infrared polarization signatures
Author(s): Gareth D. Lewis; David L. Jordan
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Development of a projectile spin counter and orientation sensor
Author(s): Bradford S. Davis; Mark Clymer; Glenn Graves
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Global background characterization in 4.2- to 4.4-um MWIR by using NOAA-12 data
Author(s): Hsiao-hua K. Burke; Peter D. Tennyson; John P. Kerekes; Harry R. Finkle; Edward C. Wack
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Temporal behavior of natural terrain radiance at infrared wavelengths
Author(s): Max P. Bleiweiss; Christopher D. Padilla
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Specifying sources for color-image calibration
Author(s): Glenn A. Rogers
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Advanced SAR system simulations in synthetically generated real-world scenarios
Author(s): Isabelle B. Lozon; Steven M. Kilberg; Juan Roman
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Remote sensing of land scenarios with an airborne 94-GHz synthetic aperture radar
Author(s): Helmut Essen; R. Makaruschka; E. Peter Baars
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Realization of a simulated water surface for RCS measurements at a periscope
Author(s): Heimfrid Gerke; Juergen Kruse; Manfred Hochmann
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Edge-diffraction effects in RCS predictions and their importance in systems analysis
Author(s): W. F. Friess; D. Klement; M. Ruppel; Volker Stein
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Comparison of the computed and measured RCS of a helicopter
Author(s): Isabelle D. De Leeneer; Alain R. F. Barel; Emile J. Schweicher
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Analytical characterization of a Bruderhedral calibration target model
Author(s): Peter M. Cremona-Simmons
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Optical properties measurements, instrumentation, and analytical tools for interactive signature analysis of targets and backgrounds
Author(s): William T. Kreiss; Richard Sam Dummer; James C. Jafolla
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Major corrections to published curves for atmospheric propagation
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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Texture perception in humans and computers: models and psychophysical experiments
Author(s): Anthony C. Copeland; Mohan M. Trivedi
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Wavelet analysis of dynamic effects of atmospheric turbulence on IR digital imagery
Author(s): Jay B. Jordan; Wendell R. Watkins; Fernando R. Palacios; Daniel R. Billingsley
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Dynamics of signature propagation
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Wendell R. Watkins
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Target recognition based on a computational vision model
Author(s): Theodore J. Doll; Katharine L. Schlag; Shane W. McWhorter; David E. Schmieder
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Class of methods for representation and recognition of multiscale objects
Author(s): Guoyou Wang; Wei Li; Tianxu Zhang; Jiaxiong Peng
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