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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, EUV, and Ion-Beam Submicrometer Lithographies for Manufacturing VI
Editor(s): David E. Seeger

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Volume Number: 2723
Date Published: 27 May 1996

Table of Contents
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Patterning ULSI circuits
Author(s): John R. Carruthers
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University-industry relations: what do we do now?
Author(s): John A. Armstrong
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Optical system for high-throughput EUV lithography
Author(s): Souichi Katagiri; Masaaki Ito; Hiromasa Yamanashi; Eiichi Seya; Tsuneo Terasawa
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Silicon oxide deposition using a gallium-focused ion beam
Author(s): Haruki Komano; Hiroko Nakamura; Mitsuyo Kariya; Munehiro Ogasawara
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Characterization of the alignment system on a laboratory extreme ltraviolet lithography tool
Author(s): Khanh B. Nguyen; Daniel A. Tichenor; Kurt W. Berger; Avijit K. Ray-Chaudhuri; Steven J. Haney; Rodney P. Nissen; Yon E. Perras; Richard William Arling; Richard H. Stulen; Linus A. Fetter; Donald M. Tennant; Donald L. White; Obert R. Wood
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Formation of submicrometer current-blocking layer for high-power GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire array laser
Author(s): Tae-Geun Kim; Sung Min Hwang; Seong-Il Kim; Chang-Sik Son; Eun Kyu Kim; Suk-Ki Min; Jung-Ho Park; Kyung Hyun Park
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Conception of optimal designing of optical column for ion projection lithography
Author(s): Stanislav N. Jatchmenev; Alexander A. Chinenov
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Fast layout data processing and repetitive structure exposure for high-throughput e-beam lithography
Author(s): Juergen Gramss; Hans Eichhorn; Uwe Baetz
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Position measurement of high-energy e-beams for pattern placement improvement
Author(s): F. Keith Perkins; Daniel McCarthy; Christie R. Marrian; Martin C. Peckerar
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New electron-beam mask writing system for 0.25-um lithography
Author(s): Hidetoshi Satoh; Yasuhiro Someda; Norio Saitou; Katsuhiro Kawasaki; Hiroyuki Itoh; Kazui Mizuno
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Development of two new positive DUV photoresists for use with direct-write e-beam lithography
Author(s): David P. Mancini; Douglas J. Resnick; Kevin J. Nordquist; William J. Dauksher; James W. Thackeray; Mark A. McCord
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CD uniformity of photomasks written with high-voltage variable-shaped e beam
Author(s): Noriaki Nakayamada; Shigehiro Hara; Toshiyuki Magoshi; Hideaki Sakurai; Takayuki Abe; Iwao Higashikawa
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Pattern-density-dependent contrast in commonly used dose-equalization schemes
Author(s): Martin C. Peckerar; Christie R. Marrian
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Mark topography for alignment and registration in projection electron lithography
Author(s): Reginald C. Farrow; Masis M. Mkrtchyan; Kevin Bolen; Myrtle I. Blakey; Christopher J. Biddick; Linus A. Fetter; Harold A. Huggins; Regine G. Tarascon-Auriol; Steven D. Berger
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Hierarchical e-beam proximity correction in mask making
Author(s): Ulrich Hofmann; Christian K. Kalus; Anja Rosenbusch; Rik M. Jonckheere; Andrew C. Hourd
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Simulation and modeling of electron-beam lithography for delineating 0.2-um line and space patterns
Author(s): Young-Mog Ham; Changbuhm Lee; Taewon Suh; KukJin Chun; Jong-Duk Lee
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Fine-pitch control in EB lithography for semiconductor laser grating formation
Author(s): Yoshihiro Hisa; Hiroyuki Minami; Kimitaka Shibata; Akira Takemoto; Kazuhiko Sato; Kouki Nagahama; Mutuyuki Otsubo; Masao Aiga
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Mix-and-match lithography processes for 0.1-um MOS transistor device fabrication
Author(s): Jen Yu Yew; Lih Juann Chen; Kazumitsu Nakamura; Tien Sheng Chao; Horng-Chih Lin
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X-ray mask fabrication advancements at the Microlithographic Mask Development Center
Author(s): Kurt R. Kimmel; Patrick J. Hughes
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Development of x-ray mask in Taiwan
Author(s): Jeng Tzong Sheu; Shyang Su
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X-ray mask image-placement studies at the Microlithography Mask Development Center
Author(s): Denise M. Puisto; Mark Lawliss; Thomas B. Faure; Janet M. Rocque; Kurt R. Kimmel; Douglas E. Benoit
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Novel x-ray mask inspection tool based on transmission x-ray conversion microscope
Author(s): Ted Liang; Franco Cerrina; Thomas B. Lucatorto
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Application of SR lithography to 0.14-um device fabrication
Author(s): Hiroaki Sumitani; Kenji Itoga; Hiroki Shimano; Sunao Aya; Hideki Yabe; Takashi Hifumi; Hiroshi Watanabe; Koji Kise; Masami Inoue; Kenji Marumoto; Yasutaka Nishioka; Haruhiko Abe; Nobutoshi Mizusawa; Kenji Saitoh; Yasuaki Fukuda; Shunichi Uzawa
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X-ray exposure in the manufacture of sub-150-nm gate lines
Author(s): Angela C. Lamberti; Paul D. Agnello; Emmanuel F. Crabbe; Ronald DellaGuardia; James M. Oberschmidt; Seshu Subbana; Steve Wu
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Importance of chemistry at the resist-wafer interface for mechanical and lithographic adhesion
Author(s): Paul M. Dentinger; James Welch Taylor
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New application for x-ray lithography: fabrication of blazed diffractive optical elements with a deep-phase profile
Author(s): Oleg A. Makarov; Zheng Chen; Azalia A. Krasnoperova; Franco Cerrina; Vadim V. Cherkashin; Alexander G. Poleshchuk; Voldemar Petrovich Koronkevich
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Application of deep x-ray lithography for fabrication of polymer regular membranes with submicrometer pores
Author(s): G. N. Kulipanov; Oleg A. Makarov; Lubov A. Mezentseva; S. I. Mishnev; Vladimir Nazmov; Valery F. Pindyurin; A. N. Skrinsky; L. D. Artamonova; G. A. Cherkov; V. N. Gashtold; V. S. Prokopenko; Vladimir V. Chesnokov; Elena Fedorovna Reznikova
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Spherical pinch (soft x ray/EUV) and vacuum spark (soft x ray) for microlithography
Author(s): Liyan Zhang; Emilio Panarella; Mariusz Bielawski; Haibo Chen
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Alternative soft x-ray source for step-and-scan lithography
Author(s): Melvin A. Piestrup; Michael W. Powell; Louis W. Lombardo
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Debrisless laser-produced x-ray source with a gas puff target
Author(s): Henryk Fiedorowicz; Andrzej Bartnik; Jerzy Kostecki; Miroslaw Szczurek
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Submicrometer resolution of contact printing by pulsed excimer laser radiation in thin films As2S3
Author(s): Lolita G. Rotkina; N. A. Kaliteevskaia; Ruben P. Seisyan; D. V. Smirnov; S. Babushkin; M. A. Vasilevsky
Damage characterization of SiN x-ray mask membrane caused by electron-beam exposure
Author(s): Sang-Soo Choi; Young Jin Jeon; Jong-Soo Kim; Hai Bin Chung; Sang-Yun Lee; Jong-Hyun Lee; Hyung Joun Yoo
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Geometry of x-ray point source proximity printing, part II: overlay effects
Author(s): Peter A. Hollanda
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Experiment and simulation of e-beam direct writing over topography
Author(s): Ulrich A. Jagdhold; Lothar Bauch; Monika Boettcher
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Enhanced defect inspection method for x-ray masks
Author(s): Misao Sekimoto; Ikuo Okada; Yasunao Saitoh; Tadahito Matsuda
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Thick PMMA layer formation as an x-ray imaging medium for micromachining
Author(s): Olga Vladimirsky; Gina M. Calderon; Yuli Vladimirsky; Harish M. Manohara
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Optimization of electron-beam lithography for super-low-noise HEMTs
Author(s): Sang-Soo Choi; Jin-Hee Lee; Hyung-Sup Yun; Hai Bin Chung; Sang-Yun Lee; Hyung Joun Yoo
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Process latitude for 100-nm dimensions for e-beam lithography in SAL-601
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Dobisz; Christie R. Marrian
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Fabrication of 0.25-um electrode width SAW filters using x-ray lithography with a laser plasma source
Author(s): Romuald Bobkowski; Yunlei Li; Robert Fedosejevs; James N. Broughton
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Nanolithography by scanning probe stimulated development of photoresists
Author(s): Ludwig J. Balk; Paul M. Koschinski; Gero B. M. Fiege; Frank J. Reineke
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Characterization techniques for x-ray lithography sources
Author(s): Juan R. Maldonado; Peter M. Celliers
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