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Smart Structures and Materials 1996: Passive Damping and Isolation
Editor(s): Conor D. Johnson
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Volume Number: 2720
Date Published: 1 May 1996
Softcover: 37 papers (408) pages
ISBN: 9780819420954

Table of Contents
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Comparison of damping treatments for gas turbine blades
Author(s): Robert W. Gordon; Joseph J. Hollkamp
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Vibration reduction in advanced composite turbo-fan blades using embedded damping materials
Author(s): John B. Kosmatka; Alex J. Lapid; Oral Mehmed
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Viscoelastic struts for vibration mitigation of FORTE
Author(s): Joseph R. Maly; Thomas A. Butler
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Passive damping investigations for European space applications including possible interface damping in bolted and other connections
Author(s): D. C.G. Eaton
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Investigation of passive and adaptive passive dynamic absorbers applied to an automatic washer suspension design
Author(s): John C. Aldrin; Daniel Carroll Conrad; Werner Soedel
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Constrained layer damping of a tennis racket
Author(s): Michael Robert Harms; H. S. Gopal; Ming-Lai Lai; Po-Jen Cheng
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Application of small panel damping measurements to larger walls
Author(s): Mardi C. Hastings; Richard Godfrey; G. Madison Babcock
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Constrained layer damping system for box beams
Author(s): Michael L. Drake; David M. Hopkins; Christopher Stack
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Damping of vibrations of hollow beams using viscoelastic spheres
Author(s): S. Olutunde Oyadiji
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Transient analysis of controlled flexible structures with viscoelastic damping material
Author(s): Xuqiang Wu; Bingen Yang
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Damage detection of highly damped structures using direct frequency response measurements and residual force vectors
Author(s): Kevin L. Napolitano; John B. Kosmatka
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Viscoelastic damper overview for seismic and wind applications
Author(s): Edmond J. Nielsen; Ming-Lai Lai; T. T. Soong; James M. Kelly
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Control of torsional modes in buildings under seismic excitation by adaptive base isolation
Author(s): Murat Sener; Senol Utku
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Hybrid passive control techniques in earthquake engineering
Author(s): Simon Kim; Enzo D'Amore
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Ball-cup and cylinder-cylinder dampers for structural vibration dissipation
Author(s): Leonard L. Koss; John S. Rusli; Boon T. Lim
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Vibration damping admixtures for cement
Author(s): Xuli Fu; Deborah D. L. Chung
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Comparison of active, passive, and hybrid damping treatments in structural design
Author(s): Duane E. Veley; S. S. Rao
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Experimental investigation of a self-sensing active constrained layer damping treatment
Author(s): Jessica M. Yellin; I. Y. Shen
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Analysis and design of viscoelastic materials for active constrained layer damping treatments
Author(s): Wei-Hsin Liao; Kon-Well Wang
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Robust control of active constrained layer damping
Author(s): Amr M. Baz
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Passive vibration suppression of rotating blades using piezoelectric devices
Author(s): M.-H. Herman Shen
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Nonlinear piezoelectric vibration absorbers
Author(s): Gregory S. Agnes; Daniel J. Inman
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Piezoelectric shunts with a parallel R-L circuit for structural damping and vibration control
Author(s): Shu-yau Wu
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Magnetically damped vibration isolation system for a space shuttle payload
Author(s): David A. Kienholz; Christian A. Smith; William B. Haile
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High-performance passive viscous isolator element for active/passive (hybrid) isolation
Author(s): Torey Davis; L. Porter Davis; Jeanne M. Sullivan; Terry Hoffman; Alok Das
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Comparison of single- and two-degree-of-freedom models for passive and active vibration isolation design
Author(s): Dino Sciulli; Daniel J. Inman
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Design of polymer-based mechanical filters for shock-measurement accelerometers
Author(s): S. Olutunde Oyadiji; K. T. Feroz; Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
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Substructure synthesis method applied to vibration isolation systems
Author(s): Brett J. Pokines; Daniel J. Inman; Ephrahim Garcia
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Analysis and test of a damped composite sandwich structure
Author(s): Ian R. Searle; Thomas Martin; Roy Ikegami
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Direct complex stiffness test system for viscoelastic material properties
Author(s): Bradley R. Allen
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Optimization of intrinsic damping by exploitation of fiber orientation within viscoelastic composites
Author(s): Sandra J. Bell; John Richard House; Mike D. Strode
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Highly damped carbon-fiber polymer-matrix composites
Author(s): Steven W. Hudnut; Deborah D. L. Chung
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Cocured viscoelastic composites
Author(s): Joseph R. Maly; Conor D. Johnson
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Properties of Fe-Al-Si high-damping steel
Author(s): Ilkka Aaltio; Kari Ullakko; Hannu Hanninen
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Identifying damping of a subsystem by two inverse-dynamics methods
Author(s): Daniel J. Segalman; Clark R. Dohrmann; James A. Kearns
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Identification and simulation of a beam with active constrained layer damping using MATAB/SIMULINK
Author(s): Ben Azvine; Colin N. McCormack
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Smart vibration-isolated stage with ultralow resonance frequency
Author(s): Zhuanzhi Jin; Xing-Hua Qu; Boyin Lu; Yan-Xia Song; Jun Chen
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