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Gas and Chemical Lasers
Editor(s): Robert C. Sze
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Volume Number: 2702
Date Published: 29 March 1996
Softcover: 43 papers (468) pages
ISBN: 9780819420763

Table of Contents
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CO2 dial transmitter/receiver noise characterization and related correlated noise issues
Author(s): Bradly J. Cooke; Mark J. Schmitt; Roy M. Goeller; Stephen J. Czuchlewski; Kenneth R. Fuller; Nicholas L. Olivas; Bryan E. Laubscher; Robert K. Sander
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Spectroscopic analysis of infrared DIAL measurements
Author(s): John R. Quagliano; Page O. Stoutland; Roger R. Petrin; Robert K. Sander; Robert J. Romero; Michael C. Whitehead; Charles Robert Quick; Joseph J. Tiee; L. John Jolin
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Atmospheric effects on CO2 differential absorption lidar sensitivity
Author(s): Roger R. Petrin; Douglas H. Nelson; Mark J. Schmitt; Charles Robert Quick; Joseph J. Tiee; Michael C. Whitehead
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Theoretical and Monte Carlo analyses of the range-Doppler imaging capabilities of mode-locked CO2 ladars
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans; Francis J. Corbett; Gordon L. Dryden; Mark A. Kovacs
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Preliminary analysis of lidar techniques for regional meteorological studies
Author(s): Stephen J. Czuchlewski; Michael J. Brown; George H. Nickel; Charles Robert Quick; John F. Schultz; Donald E. Casperson; Nigel J. Cockroft; Cheng Ho; Gerard P. Quigley; William C. Priedhorsky
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Laser speckle effects on hard target differential absorption lidar
Author(s): Edward P. MacKerrow; Joseph J. Tiee; Charles B. Fite; Mark J. Schmitt; Michael C. Whitehead; Robert J. Nemzek; George E. Busch; Charles Robert Quick; Dennis K. Remelius; Patrick Schafstall; David C. Thompson
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Phase 1 high-performance CO2 ladar surveillance sensor description and test results
Author(s): Mark A. Kovacs; Subrata Ghoshroy; Victor H. Hasson; Richard H. Pohle; Donald Ruffatto; Stanley R. Czyzak; Richard Wendt
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Comprehensive system model for CO2 DIAL
Author(s): Mark J. Schmitt; Brian D. McVey; Bradly J. Cooke; George E. Busch
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Advanced face-cooled acousto-optic modulator in a high-power, high-fidelity CO2 laser transmitter
Author(s): Hsian Pei Chou; Richard S. Eng; Victor H. Hasson; Francisco Faria-e-Maia; Yu-Lin Wang
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Raman-Nath regime deep-modulation operation of a CO2 laser mode locker
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; Yu-Lin Wang; Hsian Pei Chou; Victor H. Hasson
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Extending spectral coverage of gas lasers using EO and AO modulators: spectral purity issues
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; Victor H. Hasson; Benjamin C. Willman; Francis J. Corbett; Michael E. Trainor; Manhar L. Shah
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Design considerations for a multichannel laser radar receiver/processor
Author(s): Francis J. Corbett; Gerry Nordstrom; Michael Groden
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Effect of geometry and preionization conditions on the performance of atmospheric pressure HF chemical laser
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Karol Waichman; S. Kamin; D. Chuchem
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Investigations of a photo-triggered HF laser
Author(s): F. Doussiet; M. Legentil; S. Pasquiers; C. Postel; Vincent Puech; Laurent Richeboeuf
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Industrial and reverse-industrial applications of COIL
Author(s): Shuzaburo Takeda; Kenzo Nanri; Tomoo Fujioka
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Diode laser-based sensors for chemical oxygen iodine lasers
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; Mark G. Allen; William J. Kessler; Keith R. McManus; Michael F. Miller; Phillip A. Mulhall
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Ultrasensitive gain diagnostic for chemical lasers
Author(s): Steven J. Davis; Karl W. Holtzclaw; William J. Kessler; Charles E. Otis
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Airborne laser
Author(s): Steven E. Lamberson
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Energy transfer processes for I2(Chi) of relevance to COIL
Author(s): W. G. Lawrence; Todd A. Van Marter; M. L. Nowlin; Michael C. Heaven
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COIL performance model
Author(s): Charles W. Clendening
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Influence of KrF radiation on surface properties of alumina
Author(s): Gines Nicolas; Michel L. Autric
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Surface treatment of metallic alloys by ultraviolet laser
Author(s): Thierry Sarnet; Michel L. Autric
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Transmission of high-average-power XeCl laser radiation through fused silica fibers
Author(s): Th. Hofmann; Roderick S. Taylor; Kurt E. Leopold; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Marc L. Sentis; Olivier P. Uteza
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Recent results on long-life 1-kHz excimer laser development
Author(s): Ulrich Rebhan; Igor Bragin; Frank Voss; Uwe Stamm
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Influence of the cathode material on the discharge quality of a high-PRF long-pulse XeCl laser
Author(s): I. Tassy; Marc L. Sentis; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; L. Jaouen; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier; Olivier P. Uteza
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High-power coherent and incoherent UV and VUV sources
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko; Mikhail I. Lomaev; Alexei N. Panchenko; Victor S. Skakun; Edward A. Sosnin; Andrei V. Fedenev
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Buffer gas mixing with active gas on chemical oxygen-iodine laser performance with jet type SOG
Author(s): Marsel V. Zagidullin; Valeri D. Nikolaev; Michael I. Svistun; Vladimir S. Safonov; Nikolay I. Ufimtsev
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COIL-related activities in the Czech Republic
Author(s): Jarmila Kodymova; Otomar Spalek; Karel Rohlena; Jaroslav Beranek
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High-efficiency operation of a 5-cm gain length supersonic chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Tilghman L. Rittenhouse; Steven P. Phipps; Charles A. Helms; Keith A. Truesdell
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Chemical oxygen-iodine laser for high-speed cutting of thick stainless steel
Author(s): Joseph E. Scott; James A. Rothenflue; W. Pete Latham; Aravinda Kar
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Heat effects occurring during the reactions between gaseous chlorine and strong aqueous bases
Author(s): Ernest A. Dorko; Jeffrey L. Moler; Michael A. Lepp
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HF overtone chemical laser technology
Author(s): Bruce Rusty Graves; William Anthony Duncan; Stanley P. Patterson; Gordon N. Yonehara; John Waypa
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Current status of COIL research in Germany
Author(s): Willy L. Bohn
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Industrial 30-kW CO2 laser with fast axial gas flow and rf excitation
Author(s): Uwe Habich; Peter Loosen; Christoph Hertzler; Reinhard Wollermann-Windgasse
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Catalyst selection for a rep-pulsed high-power self-sustained discharge CO2 laser
Author(s): Paul Lewis; John Fortino; Paul F. Gozewski; Francisco Faria-e-Maia; Anthony Doucette; Scott H. Brown
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Sealed-off pulse-periodical TEA-CO2 lasers: physical problems and successes achieved
Author(s): Boris Aleksejevich Kozlov
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Multifunctional CO2 laser with average power up to 3 kW and its modern applications
Author(s): Gennady N. Grachev; Arnold G. Ponomarenko; Alexander L. Smirnov; Victor B. Shulyatyev
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Experimental and numerical studies of single-mode laser operation in unstable resonator with semitransparent output coupler and intracavity astigmatism
Author(s): Pavel Anatolievich Mikheyev; Nikolay V. Kupryaev; Alexander Anatolievich Shepelenko
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Degenerate four-wave mixing and phase conjugation of pulsed CO2 laser radiation on transient gratings inside its own inverted medium
Author(s): L. A. Afanas'ev; Andrei A. Ionin; Andrei A. Kotkov; Leonid V. Seleznev; Michail G. Galushkin; K. V. Mitin
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Cryogenic high-power CO laser pumped by e-beam sustained discharge: theory and experiment
Author(s): Anatoly P. Napartovich; V. A. Gurashvili; Igor Kochetov; Victor N. Kuz'min; Alexander K. Kurnosov; Alexander I. Loboiko; Nikolay G. Turkin
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Frequency-selected Q-switched electron-beam-controlled discharge CO laser
Author(s): L. A. Afanas'ev; Andrei A. Ionin; Yurii M. Klimachev; Andrei A. Kotkov; Leonid V. Seleznev; Dmitrii V. Sinitsyn; Henry Kobsa
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Laser-based probes of chemically induced Raman pumping
Author(s): David R. Grantier; James L. Gole
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Generation of O2(a1vg): a survey update
Author(s): William E. McDermott
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