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Solid State Lasers V
Editor(s): Richard Scheps

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Volume Number: 2698
Date Published: 25 March 1996

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Pyrromethene-doped xerogels for solid state dye laser systems
Author(s): Mohammed Faloss; Michael Canva; Patrick M. Georges; Alain Brun; Frederic Chaput; Jean-Pierre Boilot
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Recent advances in polymer dye lasers
Author(s): Vladimir S. Nechitailo
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Polymeric solid state dye lasers: new rhodamine 6G copolymers and terpolymers
Author(s): Angel Costela; Inmaculada Garcia-Moreno; Juan Manuel Figuera; Francisco Amat-Guerri; Roberto Sastre
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Energy scaling and beam-quality improvement of a zig zag solid state plastic dye laser
Author(s): Alexander E. Mandl; Anton Zavriyev; Daniel E. Klimek
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Improved longevities and novel wavelength generation from a solid state dye laser
Author(s): Toomas H. Allik; Suresh Chandra; Richard A. Utano; Timothy R. Robinson; Joseph H. Boyer
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Two-photon pumped lasing dyes and their sol-gel glass/polymer composites
Author(s): Chanfeng Zhao; Guang S. He; Jayant D. Bhawalkar; Chi-Kyun Park; Paras N. Prasad
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Performance of some rhodamone dyes designed for high-efficiency broadband lasing output
Author(s): Judith Waidlich; Carol K. Pearce; George R. Bird; Theodore F. Ewanizky
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Performance of a flashlamp-pumped solid state dye laser
Author(s): Stephen W. Minnigh; Dennis P. Pacheco; James G. Burke; Paul J. Dunleavy; Henry R. Aldag; John J. Ehrlich
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Review of the development of compact flashlamp-pumped titanium sapphire laser technology in the UK
Author(s): David H. Titterton; C. Stokoe
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New developments in flashlamp-pumped Ti:sapphire and their applications
Author(s): Andreas Hoffstaedt; Juergen Kolenda; Matthies Ulbricht
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High-efficiency intracavity-doubled diode-end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser
Author(s): Gilles Feugnet; Claude Bussac; Christian Larat; Muriel Schwarz; Jean-Paul Pocholle
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High-efficiency LBO crystal for high-power Q-switched intracavity SHG Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Gordon Gu; Clifford E. Morrow; Shixiong Chen
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Upconversion laser pump processes in Er3+:YAlO3
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Simultaneous dual- and multiple-wavelength operation and laser performance of 1.3 um transition in various Nd3+-doped glasses
Author(s): Shibin Jiang; John D. Myers; Daniel L. Rhonehouse; Michael J. Myers; Scott J. Hamlin; Jacques Lucas
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Cr4+-doped garnets: their properties as laser materials and nonlinear absorbers
Author(s): Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; Andrei Ben-Amar Baranga; Yehoshua Shimony; Zeev Burshtein; S. A. Pollack; Milan R. Kokta
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Diode-pumped, self-Q-switched, independently addressable laser arrays
Author(s): Harvey B. Serreze; Kurt J. Linden; S. Zhou; Ying-Chih Chen
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High-power 2-um diode-pumped Tm:YAG laser
Author(s): Raymond J. Beach; Steven B. Sutton; Eric C. Honea; Jay A. Skidmore; Mark A. Emanuel
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GdVO4 crystals with Nd3+, Tm3+, Ho3+, and Er3+ ions for diode-pumped microchip laser
Author(s): Alexander I. Zagumennyi; Yury D. Zavartsev; Pavel A. Studenikin; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov; Alexander F. Umyskov; Pavel A. Popov; Vsevolod B. Ufimtsev
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Suitable for LD pumping--crystal Nd3+:La2Be2O5
Author(s): Xiurong Zhang; Xinmin Zhang; Rude Zhu; Guangzhao Wu
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High-power neodymium-glass waveguide laser
Author(s): Merab I. Dzhibladze
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Lasing characteristics of tellurite neodymium-doped glass laser
Author(s): Bing Xu; Ning Lei; Jian-Guang Wu; Zhengquan Zhang; Zhizhan Xu
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Research on laser characteristics of low-threshold high-efficiency Nd:Sr5(PO4)3F crystal
Author(s): Qingpu Wang; Shengzhi Zhao; Xingyu Zhang; Lianke Sun; Shaojun Zhang
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Laser demonstration of diode-laser-pumped Nd:Sr5(VO4)3F crystal
Author(s): Shengzhi Zhao; Qingpu Wang; Xingyu Zhang; Lianke Sun; Shaojun Zhang
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Laser on the base LiF:F-LiNbO3 with the temperature tuning of the generation frequency
Author(s): Vitaliy M. Khulugurov; Alexander E. Rgechicky; Eugeniy A. Oleynikov; Ewgene N. Karnauhov
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Novel cavity configurations for solid state Kerr lens mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Igor G. Poloyko; Vladimir L. Kalashnikov; V. P. Kalosha; Victor P. Mikhailov
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Self-imaging rays cavity for polychromatic lasers
Author(s): Alexandre M. Izmailov; Victor A. Ozolov; Peter A. Vorotnev
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Spatial profile of laser beam in antiresonant ring cavity: experimental study
Author(s): Vitaly V. Grabovski; Valentin I. Prokhorenko; Dmytro Y. Yatskiv
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Absorption and luminescence of Cr3+-doped solid solutions of gallium-indium oxides
Author(s): V. I. Vasyltsiv; Y. I. Rym; Y. M. Zakharko
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Fiber optic systems for diode-pumped solid state lasers
Author(s): Valery A. Kozlov; H. R. I. Awad; Oleg A. Vlasenko; Yury D. Zavartsev; Alexander I. Zagumennyi; Pavel A. Studenikin; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov; M. R. Gordova; A. V. Kuznetsov
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Proper choice of Ti3+:Al2O3 crystal length
Author(s): Hongfa Liu; Hairong Lei
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Efficient ultraviolet Ce:LiSrAlF6 laser using antisolarant pump beam
Author(s): Andy J. Bayramian; Christopher D. Marshall; Stephen A. Payne; Gregory J. Quarles
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X-ray-pumped Cr,Nd:GSGG laser
Author(s): Paul J. Brannon; M. A. Hedemann; Louis S. Weichman
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Energy transfer for laser dyes cobound in organic polymers
Author(s): Guilford Jones; Joseph Morais
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