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Optical Interconnects in Broadband Switching Architectures
Editor(s): Thomas J. Cloonan
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Volume Number: 2692
Date Published: 20 March 1996
: 23 papers (244) pages
ISBN: 9780819420664

Table of Contents
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Optical wavelength converters: techniques and system aspects
Author(s): Carsten Joergensen; Soren L. Danielsen; Benny Mikkelsen; Kristian E. Stubkjaer; Nakita Vodjdani; F. Ratovelomanana; Alain Enard; Genevieve Glastre; D. Rondi; Robert R. Blondeau; P. Doussiere; G. Garabedian; C. Graver; Amaury Jourdan; Michael Schilling; Wilfried Idler; K. Wunstel
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Supercomputer Supernet (SSN): a high-speed electro-optic campus and metropolitan network
Author(s): Nicholas Bambos; Joseph A. Bannister; Larry A. Bergman; Jason Cong; Eli Gafni; Mario Gerla; Leonard Kleinrock; Steve Monacos; Po-Chi Hu; B. Kannan; Bruce Kwan; Prasath Palnati; John Peck; Simon Walton
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Resource allocation in circuit-switched all-optical networks
Author(s): Douglas Marquis; Richard A. Barry; Steven G. Finn; Salil A. Parikh; Eric A. Swanson; Robert E. Thomas
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Simple adaptive self-routing algorithm for congestion control in an optical WAN architecture
Author(s): Frank Feng Liu
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Access protocols for photonic WDM multirings with tunable transmitters and fixed receivers
Author(s): Marco Ajmone Marsan; Andrea G. Bianco; Emilio Leonardi; Fabio Neri
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Optical implementation of a parallel out-of-band controller for large broadband ATM switch applications
Author(s): Thomas J. Cloonan; Gaylord W. Richards; Anthony L. Lentine
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Photonic backplane architecture for broadband switching
Author(s): Ted H. Szymanski
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Optoelectronic ATM switch employing hybrid silicon CMOS/GaAs FET-SEEDs
Author(s): Anthony L. Lentine; Daniel J. Reiley; Robert A. Novotny; Rick L. Morrison; Jose M. Sasian; Martin G. Beckman; D. Bruce Buchholz; Stephen J. Hinterlong; Thomas J. Cloonan; Gaylord W. Richards; Frederick B. McCormick
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Beam extractor card for free-space optical backplanes
Author(s): Barrie P. Keyworth; Dino J. Corazza; R. Ian MacDonald
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Massively parallel Kautz and de Bruijn topologies for the free-space optical interconnection of data arrays
Author(s): Josef Giglmayr
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Surface-normal photonic switches for broadband networks at NTT
Author(s): Takashi Kurokawa
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Optical receivers for smart-pixel applications
Author(s): Ted K. Woodward
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Compact and extensible optical interconnect module for a free-space optical backplane
Author(s): Dominic J. Goodwill; Harvard Scott Hinton
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Multichannel optical oscilloscope for sampling broadband free-space optoelectronic circuits
Author(s): Rick L. Morrison; Steven G. Johnson; Anthony L. Lentine; Wayne H. Knox
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Novel digital electro-optic switches for high-speed applications
Author(s): M. N. Khan
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Gigabit per second optical interconnection using picosecond pulses and smart pixels
Author(s): Gabriela Livescu; Leo M. F. Chirovsky
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High-capacity ATM switch: architecture and technologies
Author(s): Ernst A. Munter
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Broadband optoelectronic switch for digital and analog signals
Author(s): Rohit Sharma; R. Ian MacDonald; Dobby Lam; David D. Clegg; Rob Tholl; L. Zmeko
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Programmer-level implications of optical interconnects
Author(s): Alan F. Benner
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Compact bidirectional optical interconnects using arrays of vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): John A. Neff; Ye Chen; Darien G. O'Brien
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Optical test of a photonic FIFO page buffer memory
Author(s): Joseph Earl Ford; Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy; Keith W. Goossen; Jim A. Walker; David A. B. Miller; Rick L. Morrison; Anthony L. Lentine; Sanghee P. Hui; Betty Tseng; Leo M. F. Chirovsky; Ronald E. Leibenguth; D. Kossives; D. Dahringer; L. Arthur D'Asaro; G. F. Aplin; Richard G. Rozier; Fouad E. Kiamilev
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New network structure: cyclic crossbar network
Author(s): Jiun-Shjou Deng; Yang-Tung Huang
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Emitters for optical interconnection
Author(s): Luc Vanwassenhove; Johan Blondelle; Hans De Neve; Frank Vermaerke; Bart Dhoedt; Roel G. Baets; Ingrid Moerman; P. Van Dasele; Piet M. A. Demeester
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