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Ultrasensitive Biochemical Diagnostics
Editor(s): Gerald E. Cohn; Steven A. Soper; C. H. Winston Chen
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Volume Number: 2680
Date Published: 1 April 1996
Softcover: 43 papers (456) pages
ISBN: 9780819420541

Table of Contents
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Polarized scattered light as a probe for structure and change in bioparticles
Author(s): William S. Bickel; Mary E. Stafford
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Development of a bacteriophage displayed peptide library and biosensor
Author(s): Robert C. Chin; Noe Salazar; Michael W. Mayo; Victor Ivan Villavicencio; Richard B. Taylor; James P. Chambers; James J. Valdes
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Spectrometric microbiological analyzer
Author(s): Kenneth J. Schlager; Ken E. Meissner
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Determination of multiple analytes using a fiber optic biosensor based on fluorescence energy transfer
Author(s): Richard B. Thompson; Zhengfang Ge; Marcia W. Patchan; Carol A. Fierke; Keith A. McCall; Daniel Elbaum; David W. Christianson
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Optical immunoassay systems based upon evanescent wave interactions
Author(s): Douglas A. Christensen; James N. Herron
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Patterning antibodies for a multiple analyte sensor via photodeprotection chemistry
Author(s): Amy S. Blawas; C.-Y. Huang; Michael C. Pirrung; W. Monty Reichert
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Theoretical and practical implications of a new definition of the minimal detectable concentration for immunoassays
Author(s): Emery N. Brown
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Confidence intervals for nonlinear regression procedures
Author(s): Michael L. Johnson; Martin Straume
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Instrument factors influencing the precision of measurement of clinical spectrophotometers
Author(s): Gerald E. Cohn
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Analysis of photon migration for optical diagnosis
Author(s): Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca; Dilip Y. Paithankar; Christina L. Hutchinson; Tamara L. Troy
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Three-dimensional imaging of nucleolin trafficking in normal cells, transfectants, and heterokaryons
Author(s): Byron T. Ballou; Gregory W. Fisher; Jau-Shyong Deng; Thomas R. Hakala; Meera Srivastava; Daniel L. Farkas
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New directions in near-IR fluorescence detection for capillary electrophoresis
Author(s): Steven A. Soper; James H. Flanagan; Benjamin L. Legendre; Daryl C. Williams; Robert P. Hammer
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Near-infrared spectroscopy of lysed blood: pH effects
Author(s): M. Kathleen Alam; James E. Franke; Thomas M. Niemczyk; John D. Maynard; Mark Rohrschieb; M. Ries Robinson; R. Philip Eaton
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AquaLite, a bioluminescent label for immunoassay and nucleic acid detection: quantitative analyses at the attomol level
Author(s): David F. Smith; Nancy L. Stults
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Copalis technology: immunoassay diagnostics using latex microparticles and colloidal gold
Author(s): Manish S. Kochar; Michael J. Benecky; Govindan Sridhar
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Human genome project: revolutionizing biology through leveraging technology
Author(s): Carol A. Dahl; Robert L. Strausberg
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DNA sequencing using four-color capillary array electrophoresis and energy-transfer primers
Author(s): Indu Kheterpal; Jingyue Ju; Arun Radhakrishnan; Gabriel S. Brandt; Charles L. Ginther; Steven M. Clark; James J. Scherer; George F. Sensabaugh; Richard A. Mathies
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Use of capillary electrophoresis to study methylation patterns in DNA
Author(s): Karl Voss; Pieter Roos; Jian Zhong Zhang; Norman J. Dovichi
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Pulsed-field electrophoresis of nucleic acids: ultrafast separations in ultrashort capillaries
Author(s): Michael D. Morris; Yongseong Kim; Richard W. Hammond
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Genetic linkage analysis using pooled DNA and infrared detection of tailed STRP primer patterns
Author(s): William S. Oetting; Scott C. Wildenberg; Richard A. King
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Micro-DNA sequence analysis using capillary electrophoresis and near-IR fluorescence detection
Author(s): Steven A. Soper; Yolanda Y. Davidson; James H. Flanagan; Benjamin L. Legendre; Clyde Owens; Daryl C. Williams; Robert P. Hammer
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Fragmentation mechanisms of oligonucleotides in MALDI mass spectrometry
Author(s): Christine M. Nelson; Lin Zhu; Wei Tang; Lloyd M. Smith; Kevin Crellin; Jamal Berry; Jack L. Beauchamp
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Fluorescence detection applied to nonelectrophoretic DNA diagnostics on oligonucleotide arrays
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Ives; Yu-Hui Rogers; Valery L. Bogdanov; Eric Z. Huang; Michael Boyce-Jacino; Philip Goelet
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Fluorescent DNA base analogs: preparation, incorporation into oligonucleotides, and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Remo A. Hochstrasser
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Fiber optic system for rapid analysis of amplified DNA fragments
Author(s): J. Matthew Mauro; Lynn Kim Cao; Joel P. Golden
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New optical design for automated DNA sequencer
Author(s): Eric S. Nordman; Charles R. Connell
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Design of separation media for DNA sequencing in capillaries
Author(s): Steve Menchen; Ben A. Johnson; Ramki Madabhushi; Mitchell A. Winnik
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Quantitative PCR by real-time detection
Author(s): Timothy M. Woudenberg; J. Stevens
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Scanning fluorescence detector for high-throughput DNA genotyping
Author(s): Terry L. Rusch; Jeremy Petsinger; Carl Christensen; David A. Vaske; Robert L. Brumley; John A. Luckey; James L. Weber
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Dispersion functions and factors that determine resolution for DNA sequencing by gel electrophoresis
Author(s): John Clark Sutherland; Kiley J. Reynolds; David J. Fisk
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High-throughput genotyping: practical considerations concerning the day-to-day application
Author(s): Richard A. McIndoe; R. E. Bumgarner; Russ Welti; Leroy Hood
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Improved high-throughput DNA fragment analyzer employing horizontal ultrathin gel electrophoresis
Author(s): Robert L. Brumley; John A. Luckey
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Peptide sequencing using MALDI on time-of-flight and ion trap mass spectrometers
Author(s): Robert J. Cotter; Timothy J. Cornish; Marcela Cordero; Vladimir M. Doroshenko
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Protein database searching with MSn spectra of polypeptides
Author(s): Jimmy K. Eng; John R. Yates
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Frozen-solution MALDI mass spectrometry studies of DNA
Author(s): Joanna M. Hunter; Hua Lin; Kristin A. Sannes; Christopher H. Becker
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Rapid protein characterization using bioreactive mass spectrometer probe tips
Author(s): Randall W. Nelson; J. Kathleen Lewis; David Dogruel; Jennifer R. Krone; Peter W. Williams
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Glycoprotein analysis using enzymatic digestion and MALDI-TOF MS
Author(s): Rich Kornfeld; James W. Kenny; Scot R. Weinberger; Yi Yang; Ron Orlando
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Utilization of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for structural studies related to biology and disease
Author(s): Catherine E. Costello; Jari Helin; Lambert C. M. Ngoka
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Mass spectrometric immunoassay
Author(s): Jennifer R. Krone; Randall W. Nelson; Peter W. Williams
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Matrix-assisted laser desorption analysis of corticotropin-releasing factor-binding protein and activin by means of immunoprecipitation
Author(s): A. Grey Craig; Steven W. Sutton; Joan Vaughan; Wolfgang H. Fischer
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Laser desorption mass spectrometry for molecular diagnosis
Author(s): C. H. Winston Chen; N. I. Taranenko; Y. F. Zhu; S. L. Allman; K. Tang; K. J. Matteson; L. Y. Chang; C. N. Chung; Steve Martin; Lawrence Haff
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High-speed electronics for the detection of time-resolved fluorescence in a continuous flow system
Author(s): Rainer Erdmann; Uwe Ortmann; Joerg Enderlein; Wolfgang Becker; Michael Wahl; Edgar O. Klose
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High-repetion-rate picosecond diode lasers for potential use in single molecule detection
Author(s): Uwe Ortmann; Rolf Krahl; Gerald Kell; Rainer Erdmann; Joerg Enderlein; Edgar O. Klose
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