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Laser-Inflicted Eye Injuries: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Treatment
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Volume Number: 2674
Date Published: 1 April 1996
Softcover: 25 papers (230) pages
ISBN: 9780819420480

Table of Contents
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Ophthalmic manifestations of laser-induced eye injuries
Author(s): Michael Belkin
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Accidental human laser retinal injuries from military laser systems
Author(s): Bruce E. Stuck; Harry Zwick; Jerome W. Molchany; David J. Lund; Donald A. Gagliano
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Permanent blindness from laser exposures in laboratory and industrial accidents
Author(s): Myron Lee Wolbarsht
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Ocular injuries from laser accidents
Author(s): David H. Sliney
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Visual evoked potential measurement of contrast sensitivity in a case of retinal laser injury reveals visual function loss despite normal acuity
Author(s): Randolph D. Glickman; Joseph M. Harrison; Harry Zwick; Harold G. Longbotham; Charles S. Ballentine; Bennie Pierce
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Subthreshold functional additivity occurring at the transition zone between temporary and permanent laser-induced visual loss
Author(s): David O. Robbins; Harry Zwick
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Ocular hazards of tunable continuous-wave near-infrared laser sources
Author(s): David J. Lund; Peter R. Edsall; Douglas F. Fuller; Stephen W. Hoxie
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Features and dosimetry of laser-inflicted retina injuries induced by short laser pulses
Author(s): Victor K. Pustovalov
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Small eye confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and assessment of retinal damage
Author(s): Harry Zwick; David J. Lund; Rowe Elliot; Steven T. Schuschereba; Peter R. Edsall
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Laser-induced retinal nerve fiber layer injury in the nonhuman primate
Author(s): Harry Zwick; Michael Belkin; Joseph A. Zuclich; David J. Lund; Steven T. Schuschereba; David K. Scales
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Glial reactions to argon laser photocoagulation injury in rabbit and rat retinas
Author(s): Martin F. Humphrey; Yi Chu; Claudia Sharp; Stephen Moore; Krishna Mann; Piroska Rakoczy; Ian J. Constable
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Evaluation of retinal laser lesion healing by perimetric electroretinography
Author(s): Elmar T. Schmeisser
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Visual detection following retinal damage: predictions of an inhomogeneous retino-cortical model
Author(s): Thomas L. Arnow; Wilson S. Geisler
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Preferred retinal location induced by macular occlusion in a target recognition task
Author(s): James W. Ness; Harry Zwick; Jerome W. Molchany
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Comparison of artificial and accidental laser-induced macular scotomas on human contrast sensitivity
Author(s): Harry Zwick; James W. Ness; Jerome W. Molchany; Bruce E. Stuck
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Cykotine mRNA expression in mouse retina after laser injury by reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)
Author(s): Steven T. Schuschereba; Phillip D. Bowman; Veronica Ujimore; Stephen W. Hoxie; Jose M. Pizarro; Michael E. Cross; David J. Lund
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Molecular mechanisms of light damage to the eye and its treatment
Author(s): Joan E. Roberts; Patrick A. Bordeaux; Dan-Ning Hu; DeSales Lawless
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Macular hole surgery following accidental laser injury with a military rangefinder
Author(s): Peter H. Custis; Donald A. Gagliano; Harry Zwick; Steven T. Schuschereba; Carl D. Regillo
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Pharmacological treatment of laser eye injuries by neuroprotection
Author(s): Yoram Solberg; Mordechai Rosner; Michael Belkin
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New combat laser and ballistic eye protection goggles
Author(s): Michael Belkin
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New laser protective eyewear
Author(s): Mark McLear
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Human performance decrements associated with the bandwidth of laser protective eyewear concepts
Author(s): Jerome W. Molchany; David J. Lund
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Comparing laser-induced retinal damage from ir wavelengths to that from visible wavelengths
Author(s): Joseph A. Zuclich; Steven T. Schuschereba; Harry Zwick; F. Cheney; Bruce E. Stuck
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Laser-protective technologies and their impact on low-light level visual performance
Author(s): James B. Sheehy; Phyllis E. Morway
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Compact device for laser spectral analysis and direction detection
Author(s): Shlomo Ruschin
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