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Effects of Low-Power Light on Biological Systems
Editor(s): Tiina I. Karu; Anthony R. Young

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Volume Number: 2630
Date Published: 15 January 1996

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Laser methods of caries prophylaxis
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; Elvira I. Dergunova; Svetlana G. Kazmina
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Changes of microbic associations qualitative contents in caries and its complications with the use of low-intensity laser radiation
Author(s): Anatoly A. Kunin; Bogdan R. Shumilovitch; Nicolay N. Stepanov
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Mechanisms of interaction of monochromatic visible light with cells
Author(s): Tiina I. Karu
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Action of pulsed visible and near-IR laser radiation on oxidative metabolism of cells evaluated by chemiluminescence measurement
Author(s): T. P. Ryabykh; Tiina I. Karu
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Changes in calcium transport in mammalian sperm mitochondria and plasma membrane due to 633-nm and 780-nm irradiation
Author(s): Haim Breitbart; T. Levinshal; Natalie Cohen; Harry Friedmann; Rachel Lubart
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He-Ne laser radiation effects on the membrane of human erythrocytes
Author(s): Eugenia Kovacs; Mersini I. Makropoulou; Tudor Savopol; Roxana Pologea-Moraru; Alexander A. Serafetinides
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Effects of the 633-nm laser on the behavior and morphology of primary fibroblast culture
Author(s): Josepa Rigau; Chung-Ho Sun; Mario A. Trelles; Michael W. Berns
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Influence of He-Ne laser irradiation on giant chromosomes
Author(s): Gregory E. Brill; Nadezda P. Panina; Vadim K. Sonin; Svetlana I. Belyanina
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Permeability-increasing effects of low-power light
Author(s): Igor Z. Nemtsev; N. N. Koudryavtsev
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Low-level laser treatment improves longstanding sensory aberrations in the inferior alveolar nerve following surgical trauma
Author(s): Shelley M. Khullar; P. Brodin; P. Barkvoll; H. R. Haanoes
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Semiconductor laser applications in rheumatology
Author(s): Mihail-Lucian Pascu; S. Suteanu
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Low-energy laser action on median and radial nerve post-traumatic lesion after surgical suture
Author(s): Ciprian Antipa; Daniela Bunila; Nicolae Crangulescu; Mihaela Nacu; Adrian Gh. Podoleanu; Viorica Stanciulescu; Virgil V. Vasiliu
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Prevention of stress-induced cardio- and cerebrovascular disturbances by low-power laser irradiation
Author(s): Tatyana P. Romanova; Gregory E. Brill
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Laser-induced fluorescence studies on collagen, cholesterol, and chlorophyll a
Author(s): Mihail-Lucian Pascu; N. Moise; S. Hogiu
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In-vitro effects of UVA-laser radiation on cells
Author(s): Dido M. Yova; Konstantinos N. Halkiotis; Gabriel E. Pantelias
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Lymph-flow diagnostics using speckle microscopy
Author(s): Andrey A. Bednov; Valery V. Tuchin; Sergey S. Ulyanov; Gregory E. Brill; Ekateryna I. Galanzha
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Influence of He-Ne laser blood irradiation on morphofunctional state of monocytes in asthmatic patients
Author(s): N. R. Paleev; O. I. Slinchenko; V. A. Ilchenko; Irina A. Vasilenko; Alexander A. Konradov; Vladimir P. Tychinsky
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Competition between activating and inhibitory processes in photobiology
Author(s): Harry Friedmann; Rachel Lubart
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Treatment of relapse in herpes simplex on labial and facial areas and of primary herpes simplex on genital areas and "area pudenda" with low-power He-Ne laser or Acyclovir administered orally
Author(s): Mariano Velez-Gonzalez; Alejandro Urrea-Arbelaez; M. Nicolas; E. Serra-Baldrich; J. L. Perez; M. Pavesi; J. M.G. Camarasa; Mario A. Trelles
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Cuban experience for therapy in dentistry with light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Esperanza Puron Sopena; Mayra Corbo Serra; Maria de los A. Sopena; Sonnia Maria Lopez Silva
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