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Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for Fast Board Development and Reconfigurable Computing
Editor(s): John Schewel

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Volume Number: 2607
Date Published: 19 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Reconfigurable computing for multimedia DSP applications
Author(s): Erdogan Simsek; Abdul Wahab; Kishan Jainandunsing
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FPGA implementation of high-order FIR filters by requantizing the input data stream
Author(s): Chris H. Dick; Fred J. Harris
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Programmable real-time FIR-filter logic device
Author(s): Eduardo I. Boemo; F. Barbero; J. Faura; J. Jauregui; J. M. Meneses
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FFT on reconfigurable hardware
Author(s): Steven A. Guccione; Mario J. Gonzalez
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Highly parallel signal processing on the virtual computer
Author(s): Hoi Chow; Ayman Elnaggar; Hussein M. Alnuweiri
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Accelerating image filters using a custom computing machine
Author(s): A. Lynn Abbott; Peter M. Athanas; Adit D. Tarmaster
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ArMenX: a flexible platform for signal and image processing
Author(s): Guy Leonhard; Eric Cousin; Jean-Daniel Laisne; Jo Le Drezen; Gerald Ouvradou; Aymeric Poulain Maubant; Andre Thepaut
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Reconfigurable processor for a data-flow video processing system
Author(s): Edward K. Acosta; V. Michael Bove Jr.; John A. Watlington; Ross A. Yu
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DISC: the dynamic instruction set computer
Author(s): Michael J. Wirthlin; Brad L. Hutchings
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Low-cost hardware acceleration for volume visualization
Author(s): Michael Dao; Todd A. Cook; Deborah E. Silver
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Hardware acceleration of n-body simulations for galactic dynamics
Author(s): Todd A. Cook; Hong-Ryul Kim; Loucas Louca
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Design tips and experiences in using reconfigurable FLEX devices
Author(s): Peter J. Covert
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Circuit development using EPAC technology: an analog FPGA
Author(s): Hans W. Klein
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3.8-ms latency correlation tracker for active mirror control based on a reconfigurable interface to a standard workstation
Author(s): Mark Shand; Wang Wei; Goran B. Scharmer
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Field programmable gate arrays and reconfigurable computing
Author(s): Bradly K. Fawcett
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Hardware object programming on the EVC1: a reconfigurable computer
Author(s): Steve Casselman; Michael Thornburg; John Schewel
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FPGA implementation of polynomial evaluation algorithms
Author(s): Milos D. Ercegovac; Jean-Michel Muller; Arnaud Tisserand
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WILDFIRE custom configurable computer
Author(s): John T. McHenry; Robert L. Donaldson
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Teramac configurable custom computer
Author(s): W. Bruce Culbertson; Rick Amerson; Richard J. Carter; Philip J. Kuekes; Greg Snider
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Designing a partially reconfigured system
Author(s): J. D. Hadley; Brad L. Hutchings
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DSP acceleration using cache logic FPGAs
Author(s): Joel Rosenberg
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