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Sensor Fusion and Networked Robotics VIII

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Volume Number: 2589
Date Published: 15 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Model-based fusion of FLIR, color, and ladar
Author(s): J. Ross Beveridge; Allen R. Hanson; Durga P. Panda
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Site change detection and object recognition using thermophysical affine invariants from infrared imagery
Author(s): Nagaraj Nandhakumar; Johnathan D. Michel; D. Gregory Arnold; Vincent J. Velten
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Comparison of the Hopfield neural network versus optimal control theory for the data association portion of the multitarget tracking problem
Author(s): Ron Abelson
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Tracker fusion for robustness in visual feature tracking
Author(s): Kentaro Toyama; Gregory D. Hager
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Active camera control from compressed image streams
Author(s): W. Brent Seales; Matthew D. Cutts
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Distributed object recognition system
Author(s): Jane You; W. P. Zhu; Edwige E. Pissaloux; Harvey A. Cohen
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Dynamic adjustment of regularization parameters for the fusion of edge features and noisy dense surfaces
Author(s): C. Richardson; Renato A. Salinas Silva; Mongi A. Abidi
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Fusing multiple sources with Bayesian networks to achieve accurate object descriptions
Author(s): Simon J. Davies; A. David Marshall; Ralph R. Martin
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Optimal matching algorithm for multidimensional sensor readings
Author(s): Richard Ree Brooks; S. Sitharama Iyengar
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Performance and competence models for audiovisual data fusion
Author(s): Harouna Kabre
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Distributed multirobot sensing and tracking: a behavior-based approach
Author(s): Lynne E. Parker
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Quality-of-service guarantees for wireless computer vision
Author(s): James Griffioen; W. Brent Seales; Rajendra Yavatkar
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Distributed multisensor integration in a cooperative multirobot system
Author(s): Terrance L. Huntsberger; Michael L. Hilton
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Heterogeneous multisensory integration in robotics: a data representation approach
Author(s): Miguel Angel Garcia; Luis Basanez
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Essential joint properties for nets of cellular robots
Author(s): Martin Nilsson
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Virtual robotics laboratory for research
Author(s): Gerard T. McKee
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Systems tool kit for configuring and integrating intelligent systems
Author(s): Robert D. Palmquist; Fredrick J. Oppel III; Brady R. Davies
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Protective operating system shell environment for robots
Author(s): Joseph R. Cavallaro; Ian David Walker
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Integration of sensor feedback and teleoperation into an open-architecture standard
Author(s): John L. Michaloski; Paul G. Backes; Ronald Lumia
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Cooperative crossing of traffic intersections in a distributed robot system
Author(s): Alexander Rausch; Norbert Oswald; Paul Levi
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Toward the implementation of visual acts for automated viewing during teleoperation
Author(s): Bernard G. Brooks; Gerard T. McKee
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Estimating time available for sensor fusion exception handling
Author(s): Robin R. Murphy; Erika Rogers
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Adaptive algorithm for distributed signal detection system design
Author(s): Matthew C. Deans; Rick S. Blum
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