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Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources
Editor(s): Edwin T. Engman; Gerard Guyot; Carlo M. Marino

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Volume Number: 2585
Date Published: 24 November 1995

Table of Contents
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Characterization of agricultural land using singular value decomposition
Author(s): Graham M. Herries; Sean Danaher; Thomas Selige
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Rectification, calibration, and georeferencing of SAR data for land-use applications
Author(s): Gavin J. Brelstaff; Andy Sowter; Paul Meadows
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Mapping tropical forests: a bottom-up approach
Author(s): France Gerard; Barry K. Wyatt; Andrew K. Millington; Jane Wellens
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Initial assessment of ATRS-2 data for retrieval of forest characteristics
Author(s): Fraser M. Gemmell; Andrew K. Millington; Jane Wellens; Barry K. Wyatt; France Gerard
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Principal vegetation types in a natural area close to the city of Rome as observed by ERS-1 SAR and Landsat TM
Author(s): Fabio Attorre; Fausto Manes; Giulia Abbate; Flavio Borfecchia; Antonio Bruno Della Rocca; Marco Marchetti
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Assessment of ERS SAR data for fallow land monitoring: a radiometric and textural approach
Author(s): H. Yesou; C. Meyer; P. De Fraipont
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Mapping crop coefficients in irrigated areas from Landsat TM images
Author(s): Guido D'Urso; Massimo Menenti
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Fluorescence lidar remote sensing of vegetation
Author(s): Giovanna Cecchi; Marco Bazzani; Luca Pantani; Piero Mazzinghi; Valentina Raimondi
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Laser remote monitoring of plant photosynthetic activity
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Francesco Colao; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo
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Polarization properties of some kinds of foliage covers
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Valeri V. Marienko
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Advanced ground truth for remote sensing of soil moisture
Author(s): Alexander Brandelik; Christof Huebner
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Estimating soil properties from microwave measurements of soil moisture
Author(s): Nandish M. Mattikalli; Edwin T. Engman; Laj Ahuja; Thomas J. Jackson
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Assessment of the future SPOT 4 MIR for wetland monitoring and soil moisture analysis: simulation over the Ried Center Alsace (France)
Author(s): S. Clandillon; P. Fraipont; H. Yesou
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Soil moisture mapping using ERS-1/SAR in the Zwalm catchment
Author(s): Zhongbo Su; Peter A. Troch; F. P. De Troch; Lode Nachtergaele; B. Cosyn
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Microwave brightness temperature measurements over a varying density wheat crop
Author(s): Manfred Owe; Adriaan A. Van de Griend; Jan de Ruiter
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Dual polarization microwave radiometry for large scale surface moisture studies in the savannas of Botswana
Author(s): Adriaan A. Van de Griend; Jan de Ruiter; Ben T. Gouweleeuw; Manfred Owe
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Soil moisture and erosion degree estimation from multichannel microwave remote sensing data
Author(s): Gennady P. Kulemin; Andrei A. Kurekin; Vladimir V. Lukin; Alexander A. Zelensky
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Radiometric measurements of snow and ice surfaces in Antartica
Author(s): Eugenio Zilioli; Anselmo Cagnati
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Snowmelt runoff forecast using satellite data in high mountainous Italian Alps
Author(s): A. Narayana Swamy; Pietro Alessandro Brivio
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Methods of flooding waters mapping using ERS-1 SAR images: the case study of Camargue area (France)
Author(s): Cherif Chalah; Tesfaye Korme; Jean Chorowcz; Catherine Mering; Jean-Paul Rudant
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Analysis of the effect of post-forest-fire vegetation recovery on runoff: case of a Mediterranean basin
Author(s): Pascal Vine; Christian Puech; Jean-Marc Taupiac
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Remote sensing in change detection and study of scale problems in a European mesoscale river basin
Author(s): Zhongbo Su; Peter A. Troch; F. P. De Troch; G. A. Schultz
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Assessment of spatio-temporal variability of lake water color from satellite data
Author(s): Pietro Alessandro Brivio; Eugenio Zilioli
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Ruggedized portable Fourier transform spectrometer for hyperspectral imaging applications
Author(s): Theodore S. Turner Jr.; Michael R. Hawks
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PRISM (processes research by an imaging spaceborne mission): high-resolution hyperspectral imager for scientific land processes monitoring applications
Author(s): Bernd Paul Kunkel; Fritz Blechinger; Reinhold Lutz; Winfried Posselt; Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart; Daniel R. Lobb; Olivier Saint-Pe
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MIVIS evaluation for hyperspectral sensing of the environment
Author(s): Alessandro Barducci; Ivan Pippi
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Hyperspectral instrument modeling: the imaging spectrometer evaluation systems (ISES)
Author(s): Michael I. Flaherty; Charles Capps; William Roark; David Wilcox
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Improved radiometric calibration techniques for multispectral remote sensing satellite instrumentation
Author(s): Nigel P. Fox
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HERCULES/MSI: a multispectral imager with geolocation for STS-70
Author(s): Christopher G. Simi; Randy Kindsfather; Henry Pickard; William Howard III; Mark C. Norton; Roberta Dixon
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PRISM: a hyperspectral imager for a future ESA land observation mission
Author(s): Umberto Del Bello; Peter Merheim Kealy; Roland Meynart; Michael Rast
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Temporal measurement and analysis of high-resolution spectral signatures of plants and relationships to biophysical characteristics
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater Jr.; Jan Rebbman; Carlton Hall; Mark Provancha; David Vieglais
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Inverting a canopy reflectance model using an artificial neural network
Author(s): Peng Gong; Duane X. Wang; Shunlin Liang
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Improving alpine region spectral mixture analysis estimates of snow-covered area
Author(s): Thomas H. Painter; Dar A. Roberts; Robert O. Green; Jeff Dozier
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Integration of multispectral data acquired by aerial and satellite platforms for the study of the phenomena caused by the November 1994 flood in Piedmont (Italy)
Author(s): Piero Boccardo; Giuliano Comoglio
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Preliminary analysis of aerial hyperspectral data on shallow lacustrine waters
Author(s): Remo Bianchi; A. Castagnoli; Rosa Maria Cavalli; Carlo M. Marino; Stefano Pignatti; Eugenio Zilioli
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Use of airborne hyperspectral images to assess the spatial distribution of oil spilled during the Trecate blow-out (Northern Italy)
Author(s): Remo Bianchi; Rosa Maria Cavalli; Carlo M. Marino; Stefano Pignatti; Mautizio Poscolieri
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Passive and active high-spectral resolution systems: competition or cooperation?
Author(s): Luca Pantani; Marco Bazzani; Giovanna Cecchi; Valentina Raimondi
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Image enhancement using signal spectral abundance
Author(s): Andrei A. Kurekin; Vladimir V. Lukin; Irina S. Lukina; Alexander A. Zelensky
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Coordinate MCP photoreceiver with AOF spectral filtering
Author(s): Igor D. Rodionov; M. Yu. Knizhnikov; A. N. Ponomaryov; Irina P. Rodionova
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